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MS in Cyber Security in Canada

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MS in Cyber Security

Why Study Master's in Cyber Security in Canada?

Canada is one of the top destinations for students willing to study abroad. A particular field that has attracted the attention of students for years is cyber security courses. This two-year course in Canada offers many promising prospects for international students in the future.

Canada is also ranked as one of the leading universities for masters in cyber security in the world. Starting from scholarships and grants to reputable jobs, they have it all.

Today, we will discuss everything related to cyber security to help aspiring students be a master of the field

Top Universities for MS in Cyber Security in Canada

Canada has remarkable universities for getting a degree in cyber security. Here are some of the most popular options to consider:

  • The University of Ontario Institute
  • University of New Brunswick
  • Ontario institute of technology
  • Concordia university
  • University of Windsor

These are the best colleges in demand for a cyber security course. Pursue an MS in cyber from any of these universities in Canada to have a stable life ahead.

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List of Colleges for Masters in Cyber Security in Canada

Although we have listed the top universities for the course of cyber security, here are more recommendations for you:

  • New York Institute of Technology,
  • Centennial college
  • Flemming college
  • Georgian college

These are amongst the top colleges in the world, and studying at them would be a great privilege for students. In addition to the aforementioned top universities, international students who wish to pursue an MS in cybersecurity will strongly like Winnipeg University and the Canadian Institute for Cybersecurity. You can connect with us to get more reliable options by clicking below.

Admission Requirements to Study in Canada for Masters in Cyber Security

Seeking admission to universities in Canada comes with certain obligations. Students must have their scorecard and English proficiency score ready. Proof of degree in the previous field is also necessary. The proof of leaving the earlier school also needs to be shown.

Next comes the letter of recommendation, along with a statement of purpose. In the end, a statement of finances also needs to be presented.

These are a few pre-requirements for a master's in cyber security in Canada. Apart from this, other requirements like student ID, student visa, LOR, and SOP may or may not be needed.

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MS in Cyber Security in Canada: Course Highlights

The demand for this field is growing rapidly, and Canada can be the sure-shot gateway for your dreams to come true. The total cost of studying in Canada does not exceed more than 36,000 CAD. While at the University of Calgary, the fees can be around 16,800 CAD, the fees at the University of Ottawa can be around 35,830 CAD.

The decision to study abroad comes with a price that can be reduced through scholarships, and Canada offers tons of them. The Georgian College entrance scholarship offers 2000 CAD in grants, while the Dr. Richard and Lynee Winter Scholarship offers various benefits.

Students wishing to pursue this course must have a grade above or at least 75%. IELTS score and TOEFL score are also taken into consideration. Academic marks, student visa, and resume are some of the additional documents that may be required.

After completing the course, students can pursue careers in information security and technology. Jobs in computer science can also be a suitable point for students. Since Canada experiences many global students every year, they are hospitable and welcome students with open arms. Press on the button below to know more.

Cost of Studying MS in Cyber Security in Canada for Indian Students

The course of cyber security is going to cost you 9-17 lakhs per year. The accommodation cost, living expenses, food, and recreation can be an additional 10 lakhs per year.

To keep the budget under control, students should live in dorms, avoid impulsive buying, and use second-hand products. Simple budget plans like this can reduce the total cost by a huge margin.

Cost of Living in Canada for MS in Cyber Security

Getting an MS in cyber security in Canada or information security can be quite expensive. For the beginners, here is an estimation of the expenses of living in Canada:

  • Accommodation- 360-1800 CAD
  • Phone bills and internet- 60-70 CAD
  • Food and eating out 550- 1120 CAD
  • Public transport- 300- 600 CAD

The total estimated cost can be around 1300-1400 CAD. However, the prices may fluctuate depending on the student and their needs. To know more in detail, click on the button below.

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Admission Procedure for Cyber Security in Canada

Even though Canada is one of the most popular destinations for this course, the admission procedure is not that relaxed. To be a master of the field, you need to keep the admission process systematic in the following ways:

  • English proficiency should be proven with IELTS/TOEFL scores. The minimum IELTS score required is 6.5-7.0
  • GRE may or may not be needed
  • A GPA of 3 and a grade of B are needed.

This was the general admission procedure. However, the college may conduct their entrance exams and interviews to test the student's abilities.

Cyber Security Jobs in Canada

Here are the top job options in cybersecurity for graduates :

  • information systems security
  • cyber security analyst
  • Information security
  • Cyber security operations

Cyber security jobs in Canada are big and offer a good package. There are many job options in this area, and students can be guaranteed a secure life ahead.

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Placements After You Be a Master in Cyber Security in Canada

The decision to get an MS in cyber security in Canada is a wise one. The government of Canada invests a lot in cybersecurity. They are constantly looking for graduates in cybersecurity to strengthen their national security strategy.

The average salary for cyber security employees is around CAD 42000-45000. Reports suggest that computer science and cyber security courses will grow even more as the probability of them becoming a dominant job sector is quite high. Freshmen with no idea can consult our experts on steps to follow.

Scholarships for Masters in Cyber Security in Canada for International Students

The courses in this area come with numerous scholarships for students from abroad. Here's a glance at scholarships that are provided by top universities in Canada to native and overseas students:

  • QS leadership scholarship
  • Georgian College Entrance scholarship
  • EDC Future Leader scholarship
  • ISC graduate scholarships

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Frequently Asked Questions on MS in Cyber Security in Canada

Canada is one of the most popular educational hubs for information systems and cyber security. They have the leading universities in cyber security and offer good placement opportunities right after completing this course.

The tuition fees for cyber security courses in Canada can be around 1300 CAD annually. The course fees for cyber security in Canada can be around 16,880 CAD- 35,630 CAD based on the college selected by the student.

Some of the best cybersecurity specializations are computer science, information systems, cybersecurity engineering, and information technology.

Undergraduates with a degree in information or computers can pursue this field. Aspirants should have at least a grade B from the previous course; along with this IELTS score of 6.5 should be provided.

Students wishing to pursue information systems and cybersecurity in Canada can enroll at the University of Northern British Columbia, Concordia University, University of Windsor, or Seneca College. These are some of the renowned colleges in cyber security, although you can find plenty of others.

Cybersecurity is a course for undergraduates in computer science and information technology. An IELTS score of 6.0 and a score of 75% is mandatory.

The best place to do a master's in cyber security is Ontario Tech University, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, and Concordia University. Canada has the leading prestigious universities in the world, along with reasonable expenses, which makes it a top pick for this field.

Canada is one of the best spots to study abroad for international students. Their reasonable prices and acceptable admission process have allowed many students to pursue this career and achieve their dreams.

Vancouver and Toronto are some of the finest cities in Canada to study cyber security and information systems.

Ontario Tech University, Concordia University, and Centennial College are among the top universities and colleges to study abroad.

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