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Scholarships Information in UK

Navigating the Maze of UK Scholarships: Your Path to Financial Aid

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Scholarships Information in UK

Introduction to Scholarships in the UK

Studying abroad might be the dream of many students, but it comes with a certain price. To fulfill these dreams, student’s parents seek FAFSA, which stands for free application for federal student aid to determine the help they could receive from schools, and federal and state governments for abroad educational purposes.

Students and parents have to do a lot of financial planning beforehand to make this step possible. One of the ways by which studying abroad in the UK can be possible within a feasible amount is by getting in through scholarships. The UK is one of the hubs for the influx of international students every year, and to encourage this even more, it offers various kinds of scholarships.

Here we will be talking in detail about all kinds of scholarships, eligibility, the documents required, and all the information students need to know about getting into UK colleges through scholarships.

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Types Of Scholarships In The UK

Let's begin by looking at the different kinds of scholarships available:

Government Scholarships

The UK government offers various kinds of scholarships. One of the most infamous ones is the Chevenil scholarship which offers scholarships to students from all over 160 countries. It offers total educational funding and other facilities like free travel from and to the UK, monthly allowance, visa, homeward departure allowance, and more.

Since the UK is quite big, the government offers scholarships that vary from place to place. For example, the government of Massachusetts offers one family scholarship program to students above 18, if the students are the sole bread earner of the family.
The government of California offers scholarships to students who have been under foster care too.

University Scholarships

Most of the colleges in the UK offer University scholarships with different criteria. For example, the University of Cambridge offers the Gates Cambridge scholarship for international students, wherein they pay the full cost of a postgraduate degree. Then we have the University of Birmingham internal scholarships, which pay up to 10,000 GBP. Other prestigious colleges which offer scholarships are Kingston University, Cardiff University, university of the west minister, imperial college of London, etc.

Private Scholarships

Government scholarships can be quite competitive, taking away student's dreams of study abroad. This is when certain organizations, charities, and foundations fund private scholarships. For example, the royal society grants smart castle scholarships.

External Scholarships

Apart from these, one can also avail of scholarships through athletics, identity-based scholarships for specific backgrounds and ethicncitcs, and military and activity-based scholarships.

Eligibility Criteria For Scholarships

Now that we know about different kinds of scholarships let’s see the eligibility criteria for them: 

Academic Merit

One of the most common and known ways of getting into UK colleges and universities is through academic merit. One has to score within 60-80% in their studies with a competitive GMAT to attain scholarships to the UK.

Financial Need

Financial need depicts the amount students would need for their expenses and the amount parents could meet to pay for them. Based on that, various scholarship programs are granted to cover the overall expenditure.

Specific Criteria and Requirements

Students can also get scholarships through specific criteria, which can be due to ethnicity, military, other talents, and more. Numerous colleges in the UK offer scholarships based on unique skillset.

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Application Process For Scholarships

Scholarships are offered to help students make their dreams possible. There is a scholarship for talents, knowledge, special aid, and anything you can think of. Only if you are looking at the right place can you find a scholarship that will fit your needs perfectly.

Here is how you can get a heads up on scholarship:

Researching Available Scholarships

Go to different college websites and apps to garner a plethora of scholarship information. If you find any specific updates on particular college sites, you can go to college websites and find further information there. They constantly update information about college scholarships, eligibility criteria, application dates, etc.

Gathering Required Documents

After you finish your research, it is time to move on to the next step i.e. gathering the required documents. The required documents can be your school, graduation mark sheets, scholarship essays, nationality evidence, etc. There are various kinds of scholarships out there, which is why the documents required differ. Have an idea of the vital documents needed to avoid unnecessary rush and chaos later.

Submitting Applications

Every year tons of students apply for scholarships. If students miss this opportunity due to any silly mistake, it is quickly filled up by other candidates. Once your documents are ready, submit them on time to avoid cancellation issues.

Deadlines and Timelines

Be aware of the deadlines and guidelines in your scholarship criteria. Since so many rules exist, it is quite easy to jumble it up.

Tips For Writing Scholarship Essays And Personal Statements

If you are aware of scholarship criteria, then you are probably aware that one needs to write a scholarship essay and turn it in as a part of the selection criteria. If you are struggling with writing one, then here is how you can do it:

  1. The significant tip for any scholarship essay is to be aware of the topic and write accordingly. If the topic is unassigned, think of unique topics that will showcase your knowledge and writing skills excellently.
  2. State your accomplishments and achievements without sounding like you are bragging about them.
  3. List your financial need and support for which you are applying for the scholarship.
  4. Do not make it overcomplicated; it should be crisp, direct, and concise.
  5. Avoid using unnecessary fillers to fill the page.
  6. Create an outline that reflects your ideas well and makes the paper organized.
  7. Edit and proofread five times before submitting.
  8. Make someone else read it and ask them to give their feedback to see their perspective.

These may sound like general rules, but that is all you must do to write a good scholarship essay. Focus on a good topic with good writing skills. We recommend having a senior or reliable guide who can direct you with the writing steps to make it flawless.

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Selection And Awarding Process

Once you are done, here comes the next process i.e. selection and awarding.

Here is how it goes.

Evaluation and Shortlisting

The recruiters take time to process and review various scholarships submitted, after which they evaluate and shortlist candidates who meet the criteria.

Interviews and Assessments

Those who are selected are called for further assessments and an interview round, which is to get brief about the candidate.

Notification of Results

Finally, the selected candidates get notified about further information on their contacts mentioned. This can be through mail or contact number. This is the generic criteria for the selection of scholarship students. Submitting your form is not the end; you need to be aware of and prepare for these steps to plan accordingly.

Scholarships For Undergraduate Students

Here is a list of scholarships for undergraduate students in the UK:

University of Manchester

The University of Manchester offers scholarships on various courses, disciples, and faculties. They come with various features, like funding for travel, living, etc., so go through all possible scholarships and benefits on their website.

University of Westminster

The University of Westminster offers two scholarships; West minister undergraduate high achievers awards and West minister undergraduate full scholarships. They also have numerous other scholarships; students can explore and select from.

Durham university

Students applying for bachelor's in math and statistics get scholarships automatically for free, but for other courses, one has to apply for a scholarship. They also grant £2000 ff for international students for the first year with incredible academic abilities.

Warwick university

Warwick University has various scholarships based on the country of the students. Hence start by filtering your country to get suitable scholarship information.

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Scholarships For Postgraduate Students

Here is a list of scholarships available for postgraduate students:

Chevening scholarships and fellowships

Chevening offers two kinds of scholarships which include scholarships and fellowships funded by foreign and Commonwealth organizations. (FCO)

Gates scholarship

Students with incredible academic talent can opt for the Gates scholarship, and Bill and Melinda Gates funds which aim to help students who aspire to postgraduation in the UK.


Rotary offers scholarships to students from countries that have rotary clubs to cover post-graduation fees.

Scholarships For International Students

Students who cannot get in through government and private scholarships can opt for particular college and university scholarships too. Several colleges offer this; however, certain criteria have to be met, which is why students should be prepared beforehand.
Here are a few scholarships for international students that might be of interest:

Oxford Pershing Square Scholarship

This is a fully funded scholarship for the course of MBA and master's that covers educational fees along with living expenses.

Imperial College London scholarship

This scholarship covers tuition and maintainers fees of £22,900 every year. It also offers a fully funded Ph.D. in civil engineering scholarship.

Undergraduate global Excellence scholarships

The University of Exter offers this scholarship, which covers the entire first year of study and covers £5000 or £10000 for the course.

The University of Bristol Award for bachelor

Students who get this opportunity will receive £6500 or £15000 per year, which will be counted towards their tuition fees.

GEMS international undergraduate scholarship

The University of Sterling is reducing tuition fees by offering £2000 per year and £8000 towards students' tuition fees. Here we have only stated a few of them. You can always research more and learn about top colleges and the scholarships they offer to prepare beforehand.

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Frequently Asked Questions By Students

The UK has tons of colleges that offer different kinds of scholarships. One can go for private or government scholarships. Other scholarships like military, athletic, special needs, financial aid, and other kinds of scholarships are also available.

Since scholarships vary, the requirements vary too. Those willing for the academic scholarship must have 80% above attendance and average marks from 60-80%. Other scholarships like athletic scholarships, medical aid, and more come with different criteria.

Students can find vast scholarship websites listing all possible scholarships and their criteria. Also, keep on visiting the college's sites to stay updated on any information from the college about scholarships specifically.

Some important documents needed for scholarship applications are completed scholarship forms, academic documents, letters of recommendation, passports, letters of recommendation if any, CVs, standardized test scores, and statements of purpose.

Yes, different scholarships come with different deadlines. Students should carefully check websites and stay aware of these deadlines, or they must wait until next year to apply again.

To make your personal statement strong be honest and ate the purpose without beating round the bush. Keep it concise, add humor, and use strong characters or specific examples to illustrate ideas.

The basic criteria for the selection of scholarships are the same. First, the students have to apply and submit their documents, after which they are scrutinized, and candidates are shortlisted. The selection can be based on merit, financial aid, ethnicity, and more based on which the student is applying. Once selected, the students can be further called down for interviews and assessments.

The results of the selection of the scholarship program will be known through the contact number or email address offered by the students in the application.

There are several scholarships for undergraduate students. The colleges which offer them are Durham University, the University of Leicester.

International students can opt for government or private scholarships in the UK. Apart from this; one can also opt for military, financial aid, and other scholarships. Colleges like Winchester also offer scholarships based on the course. Research well to have diverse scholarship options and apply accordingly.

There are several scholarship options for students planning to visit the UK. However, all scholarship options are quite popular. Only a few options can cover a significant part of your living and education expenses. Students can ask our consultants to find the best scholarships. We can guide students to the best scholarship programs according to their grades and requirements.

To apply for a scholarship in the UK, an Indian student should follow the following steps –

  • Research available scholarships
  • Choose courses and universities
  • Check Eligibility Criteria
  • Prepare Required Documents
  • Have a Valid English Language Proficiency Score
  • Apply to Universities
  • Search for Scholarships
  • Submit Scholarship Applications
  • Prepare a Strong Statement of Purpose
  • Give the Interview
  • Wait for Results

AbroAdvice consultants can guide you through this entire process. From finding scholarships to writing SOPs, we can provide a comprehensive guidance.

To get a MBA scholarship in the UK, you must follow these steps –

  • Visit the official website of the shortlisted universities
  • Understand the eligibility criteria for securing the scholarships
  • Gather all the documents needed
  • Pass the English proficiency tests like IELTS or GMAT
  • Register yourself and apply for the scholarships online
  • Wait for a response from the universities

We can help you with the entire process of getting a MBA scholarship for UK.

The amount of scholarship you can get in the UK varies on various factors. It depends on the student’s profile, the course, and the university they are applying. Usually, the scholarships ranges in between 1,000 GBP to 6,000 GBP. Many of these cover partial expenses of the course fees. However, doctoral degree scholarships mostly fund the entire course fees.

Finding a scholarship that matches your qualifications and interests can be quite difficult. Here are some of the places you can extend your search –

  • Online Scholarship Search Engines
  • University Websites
  • Government Scholarship Portals
  • Corporate and Non-profit Organisations
  • Professional Associations
  • Financial Aid Offices
  • Social Media and Forums
  • Local Community and Newspapers
  • Ask for Recommendations

Alternatively, AbroAdvice can help you find scholarships matching your interests easily.

There are three primary eligibility criteria for getting a scholarship in the UK. They are –

  • The students must be a citizen of India
  • The candidate must complete the tertiary education in English medium
  • They must come from a sound academic background.

If you have further queries regarding the same, you can ask our experts to help you.

Ideally, scholarship plans for distant learning is tough to find. Only a few selected universities and colleges in the UK has the provision for giving scholarship grants to students availing distance learning. We can help you find such programs where you can apply for scholarships even while pursuing a distance education course in the UK.

Getting full scholarship for Indian students in the UK can be tough. However, the country has several scholarship programs to choose from. Students having solid academic history can apply for a fully-funded scholarship. Our consultancy experts can help you secure funding if you meet the necessary criteria.

The right process to get a scholarship in the UK after 12th is –

  • Choosing a course and university of your choice
  • Check the scholarship options
  • Review eligibility criteria
  • Prepare all necessary documents
  • Write a strong statement of purpose
  • Apply for the scholarship
  • Keep track of the application

All these may seem like a lot. If you don’t have the time to do all these, you can hire our consultants instead.

To get a scholarship for MS in the UK, you need to visit the website of UKCISA (UK Council for International Student Affairs). This website can tell students all the details about the available funding, eligibility criteria, and whether you are eligible for the scholarship or not. Alternatively, you can also consult with us to know if you will get the scholarship in MS.

To apply for a scholarship in the UK, you need to arrange all the documents diligently.

  • Copy of passport/visa
  • Academic transcript
  • Certificate of graduation
  • Certificate of English proficiency – IELTS/TOEFL/PTE Test/Other
  • Personal statement
  • Reference letters
  • CV (if applicable)

The UK-based institutions have stringent documentation process. So you must take professional guidance to ensure you don’t miss out any document.

Yes, you must be aware of the scholarship application deadlines in the UK. These deadlines are extremely crucial, when you are applying for scholarships. Missing deadlines can cancel your applications. So, you must track the dates and plan the application process accordingly. The deadlines differ according to the scholarship provider, and study levels. Check the deadlines beforehand and plan your application.

Students can apply for any scholarship programs if they are eligible for the same. If you get qualified for more than one scheme, you should inform the Student Funding Office. It is unethical to avail two scholarships for the same program. So, inform the concerned authority if you are eligible for multiple scholarships.

You can follow these eight tips to increase your chances of securing a scholarship in the UK –

  • Check university websites for scholarships
  • Apply as early as possible
  • Don’t miss the application deadline
  • Personalise the scholarship application
  • Be yourself
  • Check the application thoroughly
  • Check your social footprint
  • Don’t procrastinate

Consult with our experts to increase the chances even more.

To write an impressive scholarship essay, you must include the following elements –

  • Introduction and Hook
  • Background history and goals
  • Reasons for choosing UK as study destination
  • How you can fit to the university and course
  • Academic merit
  • Leadership and extracurricular activities
  • Passion and motivation
  • Financial need
  • Relevance to scholarship criteria
  • Conclusion

The essay must be thoroughly proofread and edited before you submit.

Scholarship applicants must always maintain a minimum GPA to ensure their scholarship is retained. The minimum unweighted GPA should be 4 if the students want to get funding in the consecutive year. But only maintaining the GPA won’t work. Students should also complete the academic scholarship section of the scholarship section of the admission application within the deadline.

No, you cannot use Any scholarship money to study in any college or university in the UK. In the UK, there are specific rules about using scholarship money. You have to check beforehand; which scholarship is applicable in which institution. You must apply for a scholarship accordingly. You can consult with us to know which scholarships are applicable for your desired university.

There are over 800 scholarship plans for graduate and postgraduate courses in the UK. The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission in the UK (CSC) manages all these scholarships and their contribution the CSFP. You must research well before selecting a scholarship plan. You can consult with us to get the exact details about the same.

You cannot use multiple scholarships for one course in the UK. You have to choose any one even if you get qualified for multiple plans. In case, you have multiple offers in hand, you should inform it to the Student Funding Office.

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