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TOEFL Eligibility Criteria for Indian Students

All You Need To Know About TOEFL Eligibility


What is TOEFL Exam Eligibility Criteria for Indian Students?

It should be noted that both tests, which are the TOEFL-IBT test and the TOEFL-PBT, are available for every candidate. Students from every country including India can apply for this exam. The primary criteria for the Indian students to apply for this exam is that the students are required to pass their 10+2 exam from a well-known board of education or any well recognised university. This helps in understanding that the students are ready for their future career.

TOEFL Eligibility Criteria: Age Limit

No specific age limit has been set by ETS for students that have aimed to appear in the TOEFL Test. Although it should be noted that the students must pass their 10+2 examination from a recognised board of education. The presence of no specific age limit helps students of every sector in applying for studying in foreign universities.

TOEFL Exam Eligibility: Education Qualifications

Just like no age limit, ETS have also not set any specific academic qualification for the candidates that have appeared for the examination. Although it has been observed that all the students are required to complete their 10+2 examination from any recognised educational board or Institution. This is the primary and most important criteria for students that have opted for the TOEFL Examination. This helps universities in selecting students that have aimed for a bright future career.

TOEFL Eligibility Criteria: Documents for TOEFL Exam Eligibility

No specific eligibility criteria have been listed by ETS for the candidates that have prepared for the examination. It has been observed that the eligibility criteria for this specific examination is determined by the students that have wished for obtaining admission in different universities, educational institutions and in colleges situated in the United States and other similar English speaking countries.

It has been observed that the primary documents that are required for this examination are the "International Driver's License", International student ID, Mobile driver's license, Notary-prepared letter, credit card, debit card, Draft classification card, Social Security card and Birth certificate. These documents ensure that the students that have applied for the examination have authentic identification proof and are eligible for this examination. Presence of the valid documents helps in maintaining the transparency of the examination and also helps in maintaining the overall authenticity of the exam.

TOEFL iBT Home Edition: Eligibility

The main eligibility criteria of TOEFL iBT home edition can be given by candidates that have an active connection of internet and have a stable computer (desktop or laptop). It should be noted that the exam cannot be given through the help of a mobile or a tablet. Furthermore, the candidates that are giving the exam via home edition version are allowed to use only one monitor. It should be noted that the candidates are not allowed to use multiple (dual monitors) for this examination. Furthermore, the candidates are also not allowed to use dual screens as well. The use of an approved operating system is necessary and the candidates are required to use a licensed operating system. The use of the unlicensed version and test mode version of the operating system must not be used during the examination. This strategy helps ETS in ensuring that proper transparency and fairness is being maintained among both modes of examination and no additional advantages are being provided to the candidates that are giving the exam via home edition.

TOEFL Eligibility for re-attempts

It has been observed that the TOEFL examination can be given repetitively and a candidate can take more than one attempt for this test. However, it should be noted that on the condition a candidate is opting for a re-attempt of the examination, that specific candidate must wait for approximately 3 days before reattempting for the test.

It should be noted that the final score does not depend on the number of attempts that have been taken by the applicants. It has been observed that re-attempts of the test can be given by the candidates until they have achieved their intended target score. In a year, the test is conducted for 60 times and a candidate is eligible for giving the exam in all of these attempts.

What is TOEFL Eligibility Score?

The overall eligibility of the students are assessed effectively through the help of a  score of 120. This eligibility criteria has been fixed by different institutions and different organizations. It has been observed that in order to get admission in the schools and universities of the United States, a candidate must have a  TOEFL score of 100 that consists of a score of 25 in each of the sections such as in the reading section, in speaking section, in listening section and in writing section.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No restriction of age limit has been provided by ETS for appearing in the TOEFL exam and every candidate is eligible for giving the examination. No specific lower age limit or upper age limit has been set by ETS.

Any candidate that has successfully passed the board examination of 10+2 from any recognised educational board is eligible to appear in the test exam of TOEFL.

No specific eligibility criteria has been mentioned for the TOEFL test and the individuals that have passed the 10+2 examination can give the TOEFL test.

On the condition a candidate has a desktop or laptop with a proper operating system, the ETS test browser can be effectively installed and the ProctorU extension can be added to the browser. Through this extension, the human proctor would monitor the candidate during the time of the exam.

The exam can be taken from home through the help of TOEFL iBT Home Edition. 

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