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MBA in Canada

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MBA in Canada

Overview of MBA in Canada

In Canada, the most challenging two-year program of study is an MBA. In Canada, there are roughly 47 MBA schools that provide good courses in marketing, branding, finance, HR, and other areas. The goal of Canada's best MBA schools is to help applicants advance their careers by giving them a variety of job options.

Candidates must submit IELTS or TOEFL scores that fulfill minimum requirements in order to be considered for admission to the best universities. Applying to the top MBA schools in Canada requires candidates to fulfill the entrance requirements.

The top MBA schools in Canada charge between 21,457 and 1,40,385 CAD (about 12,87,851 to 84,26,535) in tuition. Top employers, including EY, Facebook, HSBC, and many more, hire candidates who are enrolled in an MBA in Canada. In Canada, the average pay for an MBA graduate is 86,000 CAD (INR 51,52,190).

Why Pursue a Master's in Business Administration in Canada?

Top Canadian institutions for MBA Programs for Indian Students

In Canada, there are several motivations for pursuing MBA degrees. The following are the main justifications for enrolling in an MBA degree at the best schools in Canada:

  • Canada is home to some of the best MBA colleges in the world, with rankings in the top 250.
  • Recruitment agencies in Canada provide excellent work possibilities at extraordinarily high salaries.
  • A number of top MBA universities offer the least expensive MBA in Canada to overseas students. Indian students can attend MBA in Canada for significantly less money than they would pay elsewhere.
  • Canada has top recruiting firms that support the professional development of MBA graduates. A few MBA graduates may also get employment with different Canadian government ministries.
  • Canadian higher education institutions provide effective, high-quality education at every academic level. Every course's curriculum is designed to help students achieve their academic and professional goals.
  • As a Canadian business graduate, you will have a wide range of employment options, depending on whether you want to pursue professional opportunities domestically or overseas.
  • While studying business in Canada, you will get to know people from many nations, cultures, and customs. You will make many friends both domestically and study abroad because Canada's higher education institutions are home to over 500,000 international students.

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Types of MBA in Canada for International Students

Top universities to study MBA in Canada assist international students by meeting the criteria, offering several workshops and meeting the needs of diverse international students. Following is a list of a few of them:

  • Part-time MBA:The part-time MBA lasts from three to six years. When compared to a full-time MBA, this program is somewhat lengthier. Professionals who intend to finish their degree while working part-time are better suited for it. Typically, students attend classes on the weekends or in the evenings after work.
  • Full-Time MBA:A full-time MBA lasts between one and two years. Understanding the diversity of the Canadian workforce is necessary to enable the student to enter the workforce as a leader. Because they must give their courses their whole attention, students choose not to work while enrolled in their degree.
  • Executive MBA: Senior management and upper-level professionals with substantial industry experience are eligible to apply for this program. Additionally, it is intended for business owners who wish to expand their knowledge base. Students who intend to work while they are pursuing MBA and who wish to combine classroom experience with real-world corporate expertise should also take this course. The goal of this training is to provide leadership skills and practical corporate dealing knowledge. The program typically lasts about 13 months and produces several opportunities for both professional and personal improvement.
  • International MBA:The International MBA offers the chance to collaborate with leaders in the global sector while gaining business insights from some of the best professors in the world. Through international field study, integrated curricula, international courses, and several other means, international students are exposed to global experiences in this context. Additionally, it assists students in creating a broad global network that may prove advantageous in the future. The training imparts knowledge of several managerial disciplines as well as how to handle real-world scenarios. It creates fascinating global job options. Typically, the curriculum lasts between 20 and 28 months.

Top MBA specializations in Canada

  • MBA in Finance in Canada
  • MBA in Human Resource
  • MBA in Business Analytics
  • MBA in Marketing in Canada
  • MBA in International Business
  • MBA in Supply Chain
  • MBA in Entrepreneurship
  • MBA in Economics

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Top MBA Colleges in Canada and Their Fees

International students can enroll in an MBA at several Canadian colleges. The top MBA schools in Canada offer their students challenging coursework and a wide range of career options. According to the QS Global MBA Rankings in Canada, the top 10 MBA courses in Canada are listed below, along with the associated tuition costs.

Top Canadian institutions for MBA Program for Indian Students

Name of University

Annual Tuition Fees

McGill University

99,500 CAD (INR 59,71,996)

Carleton University

60,000 CAD (INR 36,01,204)

University of Alberta

30,578 CAD (INR 18,35,293)

Dalhousie University

27,108 CAD (INR 16,27,024)

University of Toronto

67,532 CAD (INR 40,53,275): 1st academic year 70,909 CAD (INR 42,56,458): 2nd academic year

Brock University

35,886 CAD (INR 21,54,131)

University of Ottawa

68,000 CAD (INR 40,81,840)

McMaster University

21,457 CAD (INR 12,87,851)

Queen’s University

55,332 CAD (INR 33,21,032)

York University

1,40,385 CAD (INR 84,26,535)

Top Canadian institutions for MBA Programs for Indian Students

Are you trying to find the top Canadian MBA course? The names of a few of Canada's best management schools are listed according to QS World University Rankings. Additionally, the page includes information on Canada MBA fees. To meet the requirements for admission to any university, students must verify their GMAT results. Now let's review the specifics of the best MBA programs in Canada for students from India:

Toronto (School of Management)

Toronto University's school is known as The Rotman School of Management. Its goal is to rank among the top ten business schools in the world. International students can enrol in a full-time or executive MBA in Canada.

  • Course Duration:20 months
  • 1st-Year Tuition Fees:CAD 67,532
  • MBA Ranking:1 (by QS)

 McGill (Desautels Faculty of Management)

The Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University offers one of the most renowned, dynamic, and globally recognized canadian MBA programs in the world. The foundation of the DFM curriculum is an integrated, multidisciplinary model that blends instruction, practice, and research. 127 Rhodes Scholars and six Nobel Prize winners have graduated from the school, along with its teachers.

  • Course Duration:12 months
  • 1st-Year Tuition Fees:CAD 99,500
  • MBA Ranking:2 (by QS)

 Western (Ivey Business School)

Ivey School is renowned worldwide for its exceptional management program instruction. With more than 23,000 graduates from more than 98 countries, it has an excellent alumni network. To be admitted, you must pass the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). For international students, it is among the best schools for MBA in Canada.

  • Course Duration: 12 months
  • 1st-Year Tuition Fees: CAD 126,600
  • MBA Ranking: 3 (by QS)

 UBC (Sauder School)

At the University of British Columbia, there is a school called the Sauder School. It is among the top academic business schools in the world. Sauder gives students a quality education to prepare them for leadership roles in the corporate world. By 2022, it will hold 35th place globally in the business and economics domain. Subject-specific World University Rankings by Times Higher Education

  • Course Duration: 16 months
  • Total Program Fees: CAD 94,559
  • MBA Ranking: 4 (by QS)

 Queen's (Smith School)

Smith is Queen's University's school. It is Canada's top-ranked MBA course for overseas students. The university accepts students for its full-time MBA in January and September each year.

  • Course Duration: 12 months
  • Total Program Fees: CAD 105,100
  • MBA Ranking: 5 (by QS)

York (Schulich School)

The Schulich School is situated in Toronto, Canada's commercial center. This university creates cutting-edge courses for aspiring corporate executives and provides students with a range of management degrees in marketing and finance. Additionally, this university offers Canada scholarships up to CA$85,000. It is among the top short-term MBAs in Canada for foreign students.

  • Course Duration: 12 months
  • Total Program Fees: CAD 112,250
  • MBA Ranking: 6 (by QS)

 Alberta School

The well-known Alberta University in Canada has a school called Alberta School. ABS is well-known for its graduate and undergraduate courses. It provides students with an internship program in addition to a traditional MBA.

  • Course Duration: 20 months
  • Total Program Fees: CAD 65,000
  • MBA Ranking: 7 (by QS)

 Concordia (John Molson)

One of the best schools in Canada to study for an MBA is Concordia's John Molson School. John Molson has been continuously placed by QS World University Ranking 2024 by subjects among Canada's top 10 MBA courses.

  • Course Duration: 20 months
  • Total Program Fees: CAD 47,900
  • MBA Ranking: 8 (by QS)

HEC Montréal

Founded in 1907, HEC Montréal was the first school in Canada. Research in economics, operations research, and finance is well-known in Montréal. The quality education component of the HEC Montréal MBA is its strongest suit. Students are ready to use their organizational management skills thanks to its innovative teaching methods.

  • Course Duration: 12 months
  • Total Program Fees: CAD 59,000
  • MBA Ranking: 9 (by QS)

DeGroote School of Business

Operating under McMaster University is the DeGroote School. It is among Canada's top universities for both undergraduate and graduate studies. Students are drawn to DeGroote School because it offers the best MBA in Canada combined with appropriate real-world experience. It provides students with online and full-time MBA programs.

  • Course Duration: 20 months
  • Total Program Fees: CAD 67,014
  • MBA Ranking: 10 (by QS)

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Eligibility Criteria to Pursue MBA in Canada

International students studying in Canada for MBA must provide a few specific documents. In order to enroll in Canadian universities that offer MBA, international students must submit and validate the following documentation:

Bachelor's Degree:

Generally, a bachelor's degree from a recognized university is required. The field of study may vary depending on the program, but the most commonly accepted degrees include business, economics, engineering, or related fields.

Work Experience:

Many MBA courses in Canada prefer candidates with some work experience, typically 2 to 5 years. However, some programs may also accept fresh graduates.

GMAT/GRE Scores:

Most Canadian MBAs require applicants to submit scores from either the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). However, some programs may waive this requirement based on certain criteria or offer alternative tests.

English Proficiency:

International applicants are usually required to demonstrate proficiency in English by submitting scores from standardized tests such as IELTS or TOEFL unless they have completed a degree in an English-speaking country or meet other specified criteria.

Letters of Recommendation:

Applicants may need to provide letters of recommendation from academic or professional sources that speak to their abilities, character, and potential for success in an MBA.

Statement of Purpose/Personal Essays:

Many programs require applicants to submit a statement of purpose or personal essays outlining their career goals, motivations for pursuing an MBA, and how the program aligns with their aspirations.

Application Process to Study an MBA in Canada

The application process to study an MBA in Canada typically involves several steps:

  • Research Programs:Explore MBA courses offered by Canadian universities to find the ones that best align with your career goals, interests, and eligibility criteria.
  • Prepare Application Materials:Gather required documents, including transcripts, letters of recommendation, standardized test scores (GMAT/GRE, TOEFL/IELTS for international students), resume/CV, and a statement of purpose or personal essays.
  • Take Standardized Tests:If required by your chosen programs, register for and take standardized tests such as the GMAT, GRE, TOEFL, or IELTS. Ensure you allow enough time for your scores to reach the universities before the application deadlines.
  • Complete Online Applications:Fill out the online application forms for the MBA you wish to apply to. Provide accurate personal and academic information and upload all required documents.
  • Pay Application Fees:You must pay the application fees for each program you are applying to. Fees may vary between universities.
  • Submit Transcripts:Arrange for official transcripts from all previous educational institutions to be sent directly to the universities you are applying to.
  • Attend Interviews (if required):Some universities may require applicants to participate in interviews as part of the admissions process. Prepare for these interviews by researching the program and practising common interview questions.
  • Monitor Application Status:Regularly check the application portals or contact the admissions offices to ensure that all required materials have been received and your application is complete.
  • Receive Admission Decision:Once the application deadlines have passed, wait for admission decisions from the universities. Decision timelines may vary, but most schools aim to notify applicants within a few months of the application deadline.
  • Accept Offer and Prepare for Enrolment:If accepted, carefully review your offer letters, acceptances, and any financial aid or scholarship offers. Follow the instructions provided by the university to confirm your enrolment and prepare for your MBA studies in Canada.

Cost of studying MBA in Canada

When it comes to affordable MBA programs in Canada, there are a number of reputable universities that provide this degree program to students. You can choose from them. For Indian students, the cost of an MBA in Canada can vary from ₹11 to 59 lakh. For overseas students, the average cost of studying in Canada for MBA is between CAD 30,000 and 40,000. Scholarships can considerably lower these expenses, and it should be noted that Canada is home to more than 100 prestigious universities and that employment rates for graduates from the country have increased. It goes without saying that there are prerequisites in order to be admitted into a prestigious MBA program in Canada.

-Fees Structure of MBA Courses in Canada

Here is a closer look at some of Canada's top colleges and the average tuition fee associated with them:

University Name

Business School/Duration of Program

Tuition Fee (CAD)

University of Toronto

Rotman School of Management (2 years)

66,210 (for year 1)

McGill University

Desautels Faculty of Management (1 year to 20 months)


Queen’s University

Smith School of Business (1 year)


University of Western Ontario

Ivey Business School (1 year)


York University

Schulich School of Business (16-20 months)


University of British Columbia

Sauder School of Business (16 months)


Concordia University

John Molson School of Business (16-24 months)


HEC Montreal

Department of Business (1 year)

54 000 until summer 2022

59 000 from fall 2022

Dalhousie University

Rowe School of Business (23 months or longer)


McMaster University

DeGroote School of Business (20-28 months)


Brock University

Goodman School of Business (2 years)

34,175 (per year for 10 courses)

Simon Fraser University

Beedie School of Business (16 months)

962.40 per unit

University of Ottawa

Telfer School of Management (2-year)


Saint Mary’s University

Sobey School of Business (16 months)


University of Victoria

Gustavson School of Business (2 years)


University of Calgary

Haskayne School of Business (2 years)

25,042.80 (for year 1)

University of Saskatchewan

Edwards School of Business (2 years)


University of Manitoba

Asper School of Business (2 years)

765.26 per credit hour

-Cost of Living for MBA Students in Canada

The annual cost of living in Canada ranges from CAD 18,000 to 20,000. Here’s the monthly breakdown of the same:


Cost (in CAD)

Accommodation with utilities 




Phone & Internet 






Navigate MBA Costs & Scholarships

MBA Scholarships in Canada for Indian Students

Indian students can apply for a variety of MBA scholarships in Canada. The following table lists the most well-known scholarships along with the advantages they offer:

The Rotman School of Management

The University of Toronto's School is called the Rotman School of Management. This two-year MBA offers international students more than 100 elective courses. Below is a discussion of MBA scholarships offered by the University of Toronto.




Forte Fellowship Awards

For women wishing to pursue business studies

10,000 to 25,000 CAD

Morning Awards

Morning MBA students

10,000 CAD

Women in Business

Academic excellence

10,000 CAD

Leadership & Strategy Award

Academic excellence | Leadership skills

20,000 CAD

Schulich School of Business

York University's school is called the Schulich School. There are about 17 different specializations available to MBA students.




International Global Scholars Award

Entrance Award

10,000 CAD

Dean's International Scholarship

Entrance Award

6,000 CAD

International Student Award

Entrance Award

5,000 CAD

The Yuen Tse International Scholarship

Entrance Award

5,000 CAD

Robert Krembil Scholarship of Merit

Highest academic standing, communication skills, leadership ability, 2 years of work experience and community contributions

80,000 CAD

Goldberg Leadership Award of Excellence

GPA of 6.0 or B+ on a 10.0 scale, leadership quality, innovative thinking, financial need, community involvement

40,000 CAD

Ivey Business School

The University of Western Ontario's school is called Ivey School. For overseas students, it provides an MBA curriculum lasting one year. Bloomberg Businessweek has ranked the MBA as the best for the previous eight years.




Ivey Admission Scholarships

Completed scholarship section in MBA application form, 80% students are selected based on academic merit

10,000 to 70,000 CAD


School of Business in Alberta

The MBA at Alberta Business School can be finished in about 20 months. It is available as a regular program or as a combined degree. Most overseas students at the University of Alberta receive scholarships each year to pursue MBAs.




Entrance Awards

Automatic consideration

15,000 CAD

Alberta Graduate Excellence Scholarship

Academic excellence | GPA of over 3.3

12,000 CAD

Michael Lang MBA Award (All Tracks)

Full-time MBA student with a specialisation, Excellent academic records, prior work experience, competitive GMAT score

10,000 CAD

Claude Winspear MBA Award

Leadership skills | Extracurricular activities (sports) | Community involvement

10,000 CAD

Sauder School of Business

The University of British Columbia's School is called the Sauder School of Business. It holds the top ranking in Canada for its MBA and business courses.




Women in Business Leadership Scholarships

Top applicants with demonstrated passion and commitment towards achieving gender equality

10,000 to 60,000 CAD

Responsible Business & Community Spirit Scholarship

Meritorious students with strong background in social entrepreneurship, sustainability, and commitment

10,000 to 60,000 CAD

Hoegg Family MBA Scholarship

Top female international applicant entering MBA program

25,000 CAD

Hari Varshney MBA Entrance Scholarship | Madhu Varshney MBA Entrance Scholarship

International applicant with exceptional aptitude and academic excellence

Up to 50% tuition fee

International Talent Scholarships

Talented international students with highest academic standards

10,000 to 60,000 CAD

Haskayne School of Business

The University of Calgary's Haskayne is its school. It provides Haskayne Business MBA Entrance Scholarships for MBA candidates, which are awarded based on academic achievement and competitive test results. The scholarships range from 1,500 to 20,000 CAD.

Graduate Scholarship Program in Ontario

Numerous scholarships to study MBA in Canada are available through the Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program in a range of subject areas and academic levels. Many rewards are available to international students studying in Canada, but only a few are eligible for them. This scholarship can be used for two or three terms but not for more than one year.

Eligibility Criteria: The following qualifications are required to be eligible for the Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program for an MBA in Canada:

  • Enroll in a full-time MBA that is registered.
  • In the last two years of study, demonstrate at least an A- or comparable.

Pursuing an MBA in Canada without GMAT

Most of Canada's leading colleges offer MBA programs without requiring a GMAT. In Canada, an MBA is a postgraduate program that lasts one to two years and offers a variety of specializations, including marketing, finance, and business analytics. Candidates are deemed eligible to apply for an MBA in Canada without taking the GMAT if they have finished a three- or four-year undergraduate degree in a relevant field from an accredited university with at least a 3.0 out of four GPA (83-86%).

Additionally, candidates must demonstrate that they have at least one to five years of professional experience in order to be eligible for a GMAT waiver at some MBA schools in Canada. The average tuition fee for attending Canada's best MBA schools without a GMAT score ranges from CAD 36,700 to CAD 112,250, or INR 22.2 Lakhs to INR 67.8 Lakhs. Candidates may earn a compensation of up to INR 93.2 lakhs (CAD 154,400) in exchange.

Top MBA Colleges in Canada without GMAT


Program Offered

Application Deadline

Tuition Fee (CAD)

York University

2-year MBA

January 17, 2024


Queen’s University

1-Year MBA

September 1, 2023 (closed)


Western University

Executive MBA

October 16, 2023


McMaster University

MBA with Co-op, MBA, Executive MBA, Blended Learning Part-time MBA

August 1, 2023 (closed)


HEC Montreal

Executive MBA

January 15, 2024


 Cheapest MBA in Canada for International Students without GMAT


Tuition Fee (CAD)

Tuition Fee (INR)

Wilfrid Laurier University


30 lakhs

Lakehead University


25 lakhs

New York Institute of Technology


28 lakhs

Thompson River University


9 lakhs

Vancouver Island University


31 lakhs

Process of Admission to MBA in Canada without GMAT

The MBA admissions process in Canada begins with multiple rounds sans the GMAT. Consequently, candidates are encouraged to pay attention to the application deadlines, particularly those who are applying to study abroad. It should also be mentioned that in order to receive a GMAT waiver, candidates must submit a compelling application outlining their professional background and outstanding academic record.

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Jobs and Salaries After MBA in Canada

Top Paying Canadian MBA Industries

  1. Finance: Financial services are among the highest-paying businesses in Canada jobs for MBA graduates. Less than one MBA out of every five Sauder graduates has chosen to pursue career prospects in finance. For MBA graduates, the finance sector reports an average salary ranging from approximately CAD 80,000 to 85,000 (INR 46,95,440 to 49,90,422).
  2. Consulting: The consulting sector has been acknowledged as one of the best industries in Canada to get an MBA. In Canada, between 25 and 30% of MBA graduates decide to work for consulting businesses. The job opportunities record an average salary of approximately CAD 90,000 (INR 52,82,370) for MBA graduates.
  3. Technology: The biggest employers in the industry in Canada were technology giants. The average salary for an MBA in Canada is approximately CAD 93,000 (54,61,981 INR).

One of the greatest destinations in the world to get an MBA is Canada. The nation has first-rate educational facilities, but it also has outstanding scholarship programs that help many talented kids. At AbroAdvice, we assist students in assessing their chances of being accepted into Canada's top MBA programs. Our team of professionals is always searching for new ways to assist students in advancing in their academic careers.

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FAQs on MBA in Canada

Canada is often regarded as the best destination for pursuing an MBA degree due to its renowned educational institutions, diverse student body, extensive networking opportunities, and strong industry connections. These provide students with a well-rounded and enriching educational experience that prepares them for global leadership roles.

The total cost of an MBA in Canada for Indian students encompasses various expenses, including tuition fees, accommodation, living expenses, textbooks, health insurance, and other miscellaneous costs, which typically range from CAD 30,000 to CAD 120,000, depending on the university, program duration, location, and lifestyle choices of the student.

Many Canadian universities understand the diverse backgrounds and experiences of prospective MBA students and offer alternative pathways to admission that do not require the GMAT exam. These pathways may include assessing applicants based on their work experience, academic achievements, professional certifications, and personal interviews.

The program fee for an MBA in Canada varies significantly across different universities and programs, reflecting factors such as reputation, accreditation, faculty expertise, study abroad opportunities, career prospects, and alumni networks. While some programs may have lower average tuition fees starting from CAD 20,000, others may have higher fees exceeding CAD 120,000,

The duration required to complete an MBA in Canada depends on various factors, such as the program structure, delivery format, specialization options, co-op/internship opportunities, and individual student pace. While most traditional full-time MBA programs are designed to be completed within 12 to 24 months, the majority of students graduate within 16 to 20 months.

Admission requirements for MBA in Canada typically include a bachelor's degree from a recognized institution, a competitive GMAT or GRE score, relevant work experience, letters of recommendation, a statement of purpose or essay, and proof of English language proficiency test for international students.

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