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GRE Practice Papers

How Can GRE Practice Papers Help You?

As an aspiring candidate wishing to study abroad in the USA or Canada, you must have several requirements to impress the admission department. One of such requirements is a score between 200 -and 340 on your GRE. Now, to ace such a competitive test, you cannot simply rely on tutorials or preliminary grammar exercises.

You need advanced training and it's only possible when preparing with GRE Practice Papers. Doing so will give a better preparation scope and the question papers won’t feel like strangers!

Read on to find out more about GRE Practice Papers.

What Is The Importance Of GRE Practice Papers?

GRE practice papers will help you gain a complete understanding of the format of the exam, the types of questions, and more, boosting your confidence to take the actual one.

The papers also give you an idea of how well you comprehend the subjects covered on the GRE syllabus.

You will also be able to estimate how long it will take you to fully understand all of the topics in the GRE quant and the GRE verbal sections after you receive your GRE practice test results.

Moreover, with access to GRE practice test papers, you get informed of the following factors:

  • Format of the GRE Practice Test
  • Questions in the GRE Practice Exam
  • Computer Interface in the GRE Practice Test
  • Answers to GRE Practice Question

How to Find Reliable GRE Practice Papers?

The scope of availing GRE practice papers is available both online and offline. The easiest hack is to simply Google it!

But to save you time, we offer you the information regarding the top GRE preparation books you need to know about the test's structure, questions, previous years' papers, and more.

Here are the ETS GRE Official Guide Books available on the ETS official site.

Master the GRE – Practice Now!

What Types Of GRE Practice Papers Are Available?

The GRE practice papers that you will solve will be based on three types of question sections -

  • Verbal Reasoning Section
  • Analytical Writing
  • Quantitative Reasoning Section

Verbal Reasoning Section

There are numerous formats available for verbal reasoning problems. You must read passages and respond to questions on existing sentences, paragraphs, or groups of sentences for the remaining portion.

You will find three subsections in the verbal reasoning section -

  • Reading Comprehension,
  • Sentence Equivalence, and
  • Text Completion.

Analytical Writing

In the analytical writing portion, there are two different types of tasks -

  • The task of analyzing a problem
  • The task of analyzing an argument

In both these sections, you will need to solve questions based on data, logic, numeral solutions, etc.

Quantitative Reasoning Section

There are four different sorts of questions in the GRE Quantitative Reasoning section:

  • Questions of Quantitative Comparison
  • Multiple-choice questions with only one possible response
  • selecting one or more answers from a list of options in multiple-choice questions
  • entrance questions in numbers

The aforementioned GRE inquiries can be found separately or as part of a group of inquiries referred to as data interpretation. The same data that is shown in graphs, tables, or other forms is the basis for the issues about data interpretation.

How To Use GRE Practice Papers Effectively?

Here are the detailed strategies for using the GRE practice papers -

Use the format of the real GRE

 Keep the format of your practice papers the same as you enrolled to sit for your real exam. This means if your exam is in the online mode, you need to practise the online papers and vice versa.

Complete the exam all at once

The approximately 4-hour test is one of the challenges of taking the GRE. You'll need endurance, and the only way to gauge how much the test's length will impact you is to take actual practice exams.

Keep the timing strict for each section

While taking a GRE practice exam that is not computer-based, if you run out of time, answer the remaining questions but note them as having been answered with extra time (perhaps by writing “ET” or an asterisk next to them).

If your raw score differs by more than 3 points, you need to focus on time management. You may then compare how many questions you properly answered with extra time vs. in the timed part to see if you have time management issues.

Ace the GRE – Practice Makes Perfect!

What Are The Best Timing And Pacing Strategies For GRE Practice Papers?

Here are the tips that help you improve your time management strategies for GRE practice papers -

Be aware of your essay templates

You must check that the Revised GRE contains two essays: the Issue, and the Argument. This is also the easiest section since you can review essay prompts before time and plan your essay structure. This also benefits in improving your scores in AWA.

Mark and review the more difficult questions

The GRE gives you complete freedom to move between sections, so make use of it to skip the difficult questions and return to them after finishing the simpler ones.

Predict when answering challenging verbal questions

Don't just jump to the answer options. It will assist you in eliminating, and the top graduate programs seek out candidates who can think critically and have confidence in their judgments.

Know the number of questions in each segment

Always keep track of the remaining questions! Twenty questions are asked in the GRE Quantitative section that you have to answer in 25 minutes. And there are twenty in the Verbal section that you must answer in 30 minutes.

Use the elimination process

Don't give up on difficult GRE test questions if you don't know how to solve them. Try to guess the correct option on a few GRE test problems. You'll probably have a very strong gut feeling that one or two of your options are incorrect. Increase your chances of passing the GRE by using POE.

Note down the instructions

You should already be very familiar with the directions for each question type if you have thoroughly prepared for the GRE. On test day, avoid wasting time by reading them again.

How To Score And Evaluate Your Performance On GRE Practice Papers?

When you sit to understand your performance in GRE practice papers, you must know based on which areas your scores will appear.

Here the following is a list of the numerous elements that you must take into account when determining your Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative GRE scores depending on your ability to respond to questions:   

  • How many questions did you respond to
  • Speed taken to answer
  • Level of difficulty of the questions
  • Comprehension of passages and ability to respond to verbal reasoning questions.
  • Mathematical issues and statistics

You must also note that the scores for Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative GRE may vary from 130 to 170.

What Does Your Score Mean?

The first thing you must know is the ‘scaled score’ that is provided is derived from your raw score on the GRE. It is equal to the percentage of questions you answered correctly minus one-fourth of the questions you answered incorrectly.

This conversion makes sure that any scaled score that is recorded for any Subject Test edition is similar to any scaled score that is earned for any other edition of the same test.

Therefore, regardless of the test version taken, equal-scaled scores on a single-subject test indicate comparable levels of performance.

Excel on the GRE – Begin Practicing Today!

How Can You Evaluate Your Score?

Below are the sections that will guide you as to how to understand the value of your score and determine your performance -

GRE Total Scores Calculated per Section

By adding the scores obtained in each of these three sections—

  • Verbal Reasoning,
  • Quantitative Reasoning, and
  • Analytical Writing—you may get your overall GRE marks or score.

Now, the breakdown of how the results of each section affect the final GRE score is provided below:


Minimum GRE Score

Maximum GRE Score

Verbal Reasoning



Quantitative Reasoning



Analytical Writing



Total GRE Score



Note - The Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning sections of the GRE have a score scale of 130-170, with 1-point increments, while the Analytical Writing section has a score scale of 0-6, with half-point increments. You receive an overall score after adding the scores. One can obtain a maximum GRE score of 340.

As an example, the GRE's overall score is determined on a scale from 260 to 340. since the verbal and quantitative reasoning portions are scored on a scale of 130 to 170, respectively.

Therefore, if you receive a verbal reasoning score of 145 and a quantitative score of 150, your overall score is 295.

Here is the table that will help understand the score value of a particular section -



Score Level 0

The responses try to imitate the assignments, are in a foreign language, or only display unintelligible material. Therefore, it is impossible to assess the examinee's analytical writing abilities under these circumstances.

Scores 0.5 and 1

Extremely flawed: very illogical or mostly unrelated to the tasks at hand content; little to no development; severe, pervasive mistakes that lead to incoherence.

Scores 1.5 and 2

You have severe writing flaws when being analytical. a serious lack of analysis or development; improper language or structural use

Scores 2.5 and 3

Little analysis or growth; poor sentence management or language usage; mistakes that frequently lead to ambiguity or lack of clarity.

Scores 3.5 and 4

Exhibits satisfactory command of sentence form and language usage, provides competent analysis of ideas, and is appropriately organized, but may contain some faults that reduce clarity

Scores 4.5 and 5

Generally offers a serious study of complex concepts; develops and supports primary arguments with logically sound justifications and/or well-chosen examples; and is generally organized and focused.

Scores 5.5 and 6

Maintains a thoughtful, in-depth investigation of complicated concepts; develops and supports primary points with logically sound arguments and/or powerful illustrations; and deftly employs a variety of language structures and precise vocabulary to effectively convey information.

Ace the GRE: Start Practicing!

How to Review Mistakes and Learn from GRE Practice Papers?

To review your mistakes and learn from the GRE practice papers, here's what you can do -

  1. You'll see a list of the sections that were on your GRE practice exam when you click "review results." A list of all the issues you encountered can be shown when you click on a certain section.
  2. However, some inquiries are more significant than others. The easiest questions you missed, not the most difficult ones, are the ones you should review. A high GRE score is not obtained by correctly answering the most difficult questions, but rather by answering as many questions as you can. Each question in a particular segment has the same value.
  3. Invest your time in studying the toughest subjects to increase your chance of answering those extremely difficult questions correctly.
  4. Examine the questions based on the material you have already learned. However, you don't need to go over each geometry question on your GRE if you haven't yet mastered the rules of geometry.
  5. Review all of the problems you had to give some final thought to, and not just the ones you missed answering. Even if you answered a question incorrectly, go through a problem again if it seemed more difficult. There's always a chance that you made a mistake or that you were just lucky enough to get it right.

How many of the answers are correct and incorrect?

Find out how many questions you've answered incorrectly. If you have incorrectly answered more than five or six questions in a row, consider that as a major flaw and practice again.

Since you have less time, choose a random option instead of reading the questions and providing logical answers. You can rectify it when you review the incorrect answers.

Are the errors logical or careless?

Focus on the questions that you were unable to correctly answer and try to understand why you were unable to respond.

Did you calculate the answer wrongly, made a reckless choice out of stress, or did you truly believe it was the correct response? Ask yourself these questions when you take a closer look at each of the incorrect responses.

Have you taken too much time?

The amount of time you spend on average on each question is another crucial metric that you measure. So, keep in mind that your goal should be 1 minute and 40 seconds, or roughly 100 seconds for each question.

You can create a grid similar to the one below and the process of reviewing your time management will be better -


Easy Wrong

Easy Right

Medium Wrong

Medium Right

Hard Wrong

Hard Right

< 1 Minute







< 2 Minutes







< 3 Minutes







> 3 Minutes







This grid will show you whether you are taking too much time and making mistakes or moving too quickly and making mistakes.

Evaluate the overall performance

When you are finished, review the overall performance report. Check your total, verbal, and maths scores to determine your progress so far and the distance you still have to travel to attain your objective. Keep track of your progress by recording all of these statistics - preferably in an Excel document.

Make pertinent notes as you review -

Taking notes will compel you to approach the issue methodically. Moreover, it will help you to recall what you have learned later on. Three items to put in your notes are as follows:

  • What broad steps did you need to take to solve this problem?
  • How did you know to approach the issue that way?
  • Do you wish to attempt the issue once more?

Unleash Your Potential: Practice for the GRE!

What Are The Benefits Of Simulating Test Conditions With GRE Practice Papers?

  1. Before the official exam, the GRE practice papers will help you determine which areas of your knowledge require improvement. You can evaluate your grasp of the subject and spot any gaps by taking a practice test.
  2. With the help of such practice papers, you can build confidence and reduce test anxiety.
  3. With analytical and numerical tests, you can improve your information memory and retention.
  4. Through the multiple practice exams, you can get accustomed to the structure of the test.
  5. Taking practice tests also assists you in improving your time management abilities.
  6. Lastly, with the help of practice papers, you can evaluate your test scores. This makes you prepared for your goal and automatically helps you score better on the actual test.

Online vs. Printed GRE Practice Papers: Pros and Cons

There are always two sides to everything. The same goes for the GRE practice papers which come in online and printed format. So let's find out the pros and cons of each of them -

A. Online GRE Practice Papers


  • Access to comprehensive computer-based tests
  • Get instant official products with various price ranges
  • Evaluate your performance live with an online practice test
  • The abundance of 2000+ questions from previous years


  • Technical glitches may interrupt test timing
  • The cost of tutoring packages may vary
  • Access is limited to only a few devices like Desktop, personal laptops, and tablets

B. Printed GRE Practice Papers


  • You get officially suggested books by the ETS that you can follow without a doubt
  • Printed versions of the test papers give you a feel of what can happen in the test centres
  • Free from the Internet connections that help you focus on text
  • You can follow the printed version as per your wish, i.e., the flexibility of time in solving each set of questions


  • The printed version of GRE practice papers has limited space for vocabulary
  • It is a waste of investment to buy multiple books when you can get access to several years of questions on an online portal
  • The flexibility of exercising with test papers makes a test taker lazy
  • The questions and answers do not have a detailed explanation

That was all about….

Preparing for a globally accepted test like the GRE is not a one-day job. That’s where you need the aid of GRE practice papers. The set of practice papers will give you advanced preparation for all the upcoming questions and keep you away from exam anxiety. But, the best part is the GRE practice test provides you with the scope of self-evaluation. This means, that if you perform poorly on your first attempt in the practice test, by reviewing your mistakes you can take the test again; thus, you can improve your confidence.

Hence, to make the best of your GRE test scores, say yes to GRE Practice Papers!

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Frequently Asked Questions on GRE Practice Papers

GRE practice papers are an important preparation tool that you must not skip when appearing for the GRE test. The set of questions in the practice papers will give you a reality check of your preparation level which you can improve as per the review of the scores.

You must use the GRE practice tests because it helps you in learning the format, content, time limit, and difficulty level of the upcoming GRE test.

Here are some of the top GRE practice papers you can easily find both offline and online -

  1. ETS GRE Official Guide Book
  2. Magoosh GRE Prep
  3. ETS Official Practice

Yes, there are a lot of verified free GRE practice papers available. Two of them are -

  • Manhattan Prep Free GRE Practice Test
  • McGraw Hill Free GRE Practice Test

Here are steps to use your GRE practice papers effectively -

  1. Fix your estimated GRE score
  2. Plan to recover the gap in the answers
  3. Review each section of the test
  4. Build your GRE vocabulary
  5. Practice without a calculator as much as possible

Student Reviews on GRE Practice Papers

  • Helpful Insights: GRE Practice Papers provided valuable guidance on GRE Practice Papers. Highly recommended for test preparation!

    Deepa, Delhi
  • Acing the GRE

    Precise breakdown of verbal reasoning, analytical writing, and quantitative reasoning sections. Essential tool for focused preparation and performance evaluation.

    Himanshu, Delhi
  • Unleashing Potential

    Seamless integration of challenging questions and detailed explanations. Fundamental aid for mastering concepts and refining test-taking skills.

    Kanika, Delhi
  • Empowering Excellence

    Insightful guidance on time management, question-solving techniques, and score evaluation. An integral component for attaining peak performance and surpassing goals.

    Jivika, Delhi
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