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GMAT Preparation Tips

Master the GMAT with these essential strategies.

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GMAT Preparation Tips

Top GMAT Preparation Tips For 2024

Strategy for preparing for GMAT

Applicants must use the right technique if they want to score an 800 on the GMAT 2024 Exam. Before beginning the study abroad plan, the student must decide what they consider to be a good GMAT score and then organize their study time appropriately.

To prepare for the GMAT exam in 2024, candidates can also examine the GMAT Sample Paper. Additionally, there are some excellent study resources available from The Princeton Review, Manhattan Prep, Veritas, Khan Academy, and Kaplan Books.

GMAT Question Paper 2024

The GMAT exam question paper 2024 will evaluate the student's writing, reading, analytical, and verbal, abilities in the English language and quantitative skills.

GMAT Scores for Top Business Schools

The top business schools are listed here, along with the average GMAT score they require:

Business Schools

Average GMAT Score

University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)


Stanford University (CA)


Yale University (CT)


Harvard University (MA)


Columbia University (NY)


University of California—Berkeley (Haas)


University of Chicago (Booth)


Northwestern University (Kellogg) (IL)


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan)


Dartmouth College (Tuck) (NH)


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GMAT Scholarship 2024

Most often, individuals who want to enroll in a professional degree like an MBA receive scholarships and grants from business schools. The scholarships that are given to them may be need- or merit-based, although there are no clear guidelines for selecting recipients of GMAT study scholarships in 2024.

Every school has a different application procedure, so the applicant must always inquire directly with the institution to learn whether they provide scholarships. Moreover, full and partial scholarships are offered. In contrast to partial scholarships, which only cover a portion of the GMAT course fee, full scholarships cover the entire cost of the program.

GMAT Study Material

If the candidate wants to pursue independent study, they will require Selected Books and Resources for GMAT Exam Preparation. Furthermore, enrolling in a GMAT coaching program and getting expert advice guarantees a competitive edge.

Latest updates in GMAT

According to GMAC, the most recent modification to the GMAT Online Test is that participants will no longer be limited to two attempts. The online efforts will count against the GMAT's eight total attempts and five attempts each rolling 12-month period. The GMAT online test will include five free score reports, and students can have 48 hours to use them after the official online exam results are announced. Additional score reports are also available to students for US$35 each.

GMAT Time Management Strategy

The following can be part of the ideal time management plan for the GMAT:

  • By keeping a record of practice pace, candidates can monitor their progress.
  • Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses.
  • Each question should not be answered for longer than three minutes.
  • follow all the requirements
  • Maintain equilibrium: Do not go too quickly or slowly.
  • Be flexible

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Section-wise Preparation Tips For GMAT

Integrated Reasoning section

  1. The time restriction for this section is 30 minutes, and there are 12 questions. 
  2. The ideal test-taker should finish the section in 25 minutes, rereading it carefully in the final five and paying close attention to any unanswered questions.
  3. Be sure to cover every topic, whether it involves visual interpretation or table analysis, to take the GMAT test with confidence.
  4. To get ready for the test, review the books and study resources.

Quantitative section

  1. This section has 31 questions, and students have 62 minutes to answer them.
  2. Go over the questions on Data Sufficiency and Problem Solving while practicing.
  3. The ideal time to complete the questions is 55 minutes, with the extra time being used to review the unsolved questions.
  4. By memorizing the mathematical formulas used in these topics, learning can proceed more quickly.
  5. Practice both simple and challenging questions to cover the entire GMAT course.

Verbal section

  1. 65 minutes are allotted for the GMAT Verbal Section, during which time students must answer 36 questions.
  2. English language proficiency and usage are evaluated in this section. To strengthen their grammar for the verbal exam, students must study newspaper editorials and grammar books.
  3. Questions in this area will cover a range of topics, such as reading passages, synonyms, antonyms, words, and idioms.
  4. Each of these topics must be mastered by the student, and they can also consult other reference sources.

Analytical Writing Assessment

  1. The overall duration allotted for the analytical writing section is 30 minutes.
  2. Make reading a habit, and attempt to read about a wide range of topics.
  3. Read the newspapers daily which would be very helpful for the writing section.
  4. Maintain a practise routine and make an effort to recall important details to employ them when writing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Candidates who want to raise their GMAT scores must begin preparing at least six months before the test results are expected. Candidates generally require six to eight weeks to prepare for the GMAT exam. When studying, students must attempt to concentrate on one chapter at a time, become familiar with the questions that are asked in each part, and also try to constantly speed up, take the GMAT practice exams available on the GMAC website (, as well identify any weaknesses.

Depending on practice and ability, students can prepare for the GMAT exam in 6 to 8 months or 3 to 4 months.

Both GRE and GMAT scores are accepted by Harvard for admission, depending on the program a student intends to pursue. Hence, before making an application, verify that the degree program requires GRE or GMAT results. They do not explicitly favor one exam over the other.

Yes, it is tough because it is estimated that only a small number of pupils achieve a score higher than 720. Therefore, it can be stated that applicants must improve their skills to acquire a decent score and to get into their ideal business school.

Candidates must cultivate a winning attitude, strengthen their skills to obtain 100% accuracy, and practise a lot to get a perfect GMAT score.

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