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Why Study Marketing In The Canada?

Marketing is an important course in the development of companies and businesses. This is one of the primary courses that are taken up by international students, especially Indians. This subject has a huge demand in Canada a great economic development has happened in the country with the development of various industries and business centres. There are high employment opportunities in Canada after completion of this course.

After completing the course in marketing, the various job prospects that are available in the country include Sales Representatives, Brand Managers, Digital Marketers, Marketing Coordinators, Marketing Managers and Marketing Analysts. Apart from that they are also hired as financial advisors in various multinational companies which is one of the highest-paid services in the country. the average salary that Canada provides to skilled graduates ranges from 30,000 to 60,000 dollars based on their skills and position.

The top universities in Canada that provide world-class education in Marketing are:

  • Ontario Tech University
  • University of Prince Edward Island
  • Saskatchewan Polytechnic
  • University of the Fraser Valley
  • LaSalle College Vancouver
  • University of Windsor
  • Conestoga College
  • Mohawk College
  • Western University (Ontario)
  • Wilfrid Laurier University

The country also provides broad academic discipline from where the students can choose the specialization which they want to pursue. Some of the common marketing skills include;

  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Offline marketing
  • Influencer marketing

Recently digital marketing has become more widespread worldwide compared to offline modes of marketing. Indian students are highly inclined towards Canada for this course since the country provides high academic knowledge and also provides the platform for experience on this course. After completion, getting a job with a high salary is also easier in that country.

Popular Marketing Courses In The Canada

The most popular sales and marketing courses in Canada include:



Total fees (in INR)

Ontario College Graduate Certificate in Marketing Management

Fanshawe College


Ontario Graduate Certificate in Marketing management

Humber Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning


Master of Business Administration - Marketing

Brock University

3,712, 254

Bachelor of Business Administration in marketing

York University


Master of Science in Management (Marketing)

Queen’s University


Master of Science in Marketing

Concordia University


Duration Of Marketing Courses In The Canada

Undergraduate Students: Diploma and certificate posts in Canada usually take from one to two years. These courses are shorter than graduation courses. In marketing, there are various job-oriented courses that are quite popular among international and Indian students which are covered within one year.

Graduate Students: Graduation in Marketing takes three to four years in Canada. 

Post-Graduate Students: A master’s degree in marketing is a two years program. This course is available in the form of a diploma, degree or certificate course. All total MS in Marketing is a two years course in most universities in Canada. It includes training students for their careers along with providing education regarding the subject.

Cost Of Studying Marketing Degree In The Canada

Undergraduate Students: the average cost of a diploma course in marketing study in Canada is around 10,000 to 22,000 CAD per year. 

Graduate Students: to get a bachelor’s degree, every year, students need to pay around 15,000 to 32,000 CAD. This amount varies depending on whether the course is full time or part time and also the tuition fees are higher for international students than the residential students.

Post-Graduate Students: tuition fees for an international student is higher than that of a residential student. For international students (like Indians), the tuition fees for a master’s degree ranges from 15,000 to 40,000 CAD each year. The range varies based on whether the course is part-time or full-time. 

Cost Of Living In The Canada

Canada is ranked as the 24th most expensive country in the world to live in. It is less costly compared to countries like the UK, the USA or Australia. The cost of living is 7.2 per cent lower than in the United States. For Indian students, the cost of accommodation shall be 197.3 per cent higher compared to India. Rent in Canada is also 511.3 per cent higher than in India. For an international student, about CAD 20,000 to 30,000 is required to cover the tuition fees and other living expenses like food, rent, and other basic requirements.

Students require to get their medical and health insurance before going to Canada since healthcare is very expensive in this country. This should be done within a few weeks of reaching Canada. The average monthly student food expenses in Canada are around 200 - 600 CAD per month. Students should also try to limit their food intake from cafes and restaurants on a daily basis since it is expensive and can affect their health. They should try to cook their own food which is economic and beneficial for health. In this manner, the students can save money.

International students also require a minimum bank balance to get a visa to Canada. The citizen and immigration Canada need proof stating that the students have sufficient money and funds to manage their lives in Canada. In case a college does not provide living expenses, the students need to prove that they have 10000 dollars for 12 months of living expenses. In case the spouse is here, additional 4000 dollars are required and 3000 dollars for any dependent.

In order to manage their expense, students can take various measures. Deciding the location of residence is an important factor that contributes to the monthly expense. Cities like Vancouver and Toronto are very expensive to stay and it is difficult to find affordable housing. If possible the students can try to find residents in the suburban areas where the rent is lower than in the cities. In case the college provides reasonable on-campus boarding options, opting for them can be financially beneficial. It can also save the amount that is required for transportation which is about 80 to 120 CAD per month.

However, there are some cities that provide abolished fares for students. All these factors should be considered. Flight fares are also high for international travellers. In case students wish to fly to other counties like their own country during holidays, they should plan their trip earlier and buy flight tickets as early as possible since with time, the plane fare also increases especially during holiday time like Christmas.

To become independent, students can also take up part-time jobs in restaurants and certain organisations that allow students to work and earn their living. This would help them to pay their rent and meet up their daily expenses. Any universities also allow online courses or evening classes where working students can take admission. Overall, Canada is a good option to pursue higher education for Indian students. since they get residential and working visas easily, many students aim to get admission to the renowned universities of Canada rather than other countries. 

Marketing Courses In The Canada With Scholarships

Although the living expense and education fees are comparatively cheaper in Canada compared to some countries, all international students should try to opt for scholarships that cover at least the tuition fees before travelling to Canada. This is because the tuition fee range is much higher for Indian students compared to that of students belonging to Canada. All students who may have high academic skills may face difficulty in bearing the cost of fees without a scholarship.

These are some of the scholarship programs that are discussed that international students can apply to study marketing in Canada. Apart from these, there are various other scholarship programs that are provided by different universities, and information regarding them can be obtained during the admission process. The minimum score that is required is that of the IELTS or the TOEFL. Studying in Canada is costly for Indian students.

However, every year many students opt for Canadian universities due to future prospects. Since a lot of applications come every year, and many students apply for the scholarship, the students who excel academically are usually selected for the scholarship. The universities aim to take students and give scholarships to only those students who have the ability to prove themselves with their skills and be able to bring changes in their respective fields during their career life.



Advertising Club of Edmonton Scholarship

University of Alberta

Advertising Standards Canada’s Robert E. Oliver Award

All Universities

Arthur Paulin Automotive Aftermarket Scholarship Award

All Universities

Associated Canadian Travellers and Auxillary Bursary

University of Northern British Columbia

ATCO Gas Award in Marketing

University of Lethbridge

Avison Young Commercial Real Estate Graduating Scholarship in Marketing

University of Alberta

Baker Award

University of Calgary

Apart from these, there are multiple other scholarship programmes that are provided by various universities. Further information regarding the scholarships can be attained from the websites of the universities where the students are interested to study. In this way, eligible students can fulfil their dream of studying abroad without having financial issues.

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