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Masters in Computer Science in UK

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Masters in Computer Science in UK

An Introduction to Masters in Computer Science in UK

In today's fast-paced landscape of advancement and technology, computer science is the subject that drives the creation of computer infrastructure. It's interesting to consider how theoretical and applied knowledge relate to one another. In the last few years, the main objective of computer science has transformed into acquiring fundamental skills with long-term benefits. This is why pursuing a master's in computer science can lead you toward a brighter future abroad.

MS in Computer Science in UK: Course Highlights

If you want to study in UK, here is what you need to know.

The computer science course focuses on the theoretical foundation of practical approaches and computation. There are so many relevant courses available related to computer science that help students to find a high-income job abroad. There are few courses like advanced computer science that offer a duration of 9 months -1 year, whereas software engineering, software, and system security take 2-4 years. After completing such courses, you will get specialist knowledge in computer science theories, methods, practices and strategies. A deep understanding of subjects like programming language, machine learning, data science, and software engineering will be developed along with computing architecture, construction, engineering, and design. You can enhance the skills like:

  1. Understanding complex numerical data
  2. Building a strong foundation in physics
  3. Great critical thinking abilities with analytical approaches
  4. Excellent teamwork and leadership abilities
  5. Understanding the significance of commercial awareness
  6. Exceptional problem-solving and decision-making skills

Apart from that, these courses enhance the verbal and written communication skills. You will be able to build strong negotiation skills with well-presented arguments. All these skills will help you to build a professional approach towards the future.

Have a look on to get more details about computer science masters programs uk. Here, we will discuss the top universities for international students along with computer science courses in the UK. You will get to know the eligibility criteria, admission requirements, fee structure, and cost of living. Studying MS in the UK provides scholarship opportunities. The students who are going abroad are looking for job and placement opportunities. If you will get an in-depth understanding of MS in computer science in UK universities, read on:

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Top 10 Universities in UK for Masters In Computer Science

The first thing to decide while thinking about a Master's abroad is university. You need top universities in UK for a master's in computer science to complete your preparation for abroad. As we all know, top-level universities offer high-quality opportunities for graduates.

Let's check the top 10 universities in the UK for masters in computer science:

  1. University of Oxford
  2. University of Cambridge
  3. Imperial College London
  4. University College London
  5. University of St. Andrews
  6. University of Edinburgh
  7. Liverpool Hope University
  8. Lancaster University
  9. University of Dundee
  10. University of Sheffield

Top MS in Computer Science Universities in UK by Times Higher Education (THE) Rankings

Pursuing a master's degree in the UK is a great choice to get a job abroad. Discover the best universities in the UK for computer science programs in 2024 for international applicants. The data is taken from Times Higher Education (THE).

Top 10 Universities in the UK for high demand computer science degrees:



Computer science rank 2024

UK Computer science rank 2024


University of Oxford




University of Cambridge




Imperial College London





University of Edinburgh








University Of Manchester




King’s College London




Queen Mary University Of London




University of Bristol




University of Warwick




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Computer Science Courses in the UK for International Students

Needless to say, a master's in computer science in the UK provides amazing job opportunities. There are also huge opportunities for students who are interested in working in their native countries. Students are becoming interested in the UK because of its quality of education and learning environment.

Let's check the best courses for a master's in the UK for computer science:

University Course Name Duration
University of Oxford Master of Computer Science 1 year
Master of Science Software & Security 2-4 years
Master of Science Mathematical Modelling and Scientific Computing 1 year
University College London Master of Engineering in Computer Science 4 year
Master in Science in Computer Science 1 year
The University of Edinburgh Master in Science in Computer Science 1 year
Master of Engineering  ( Electronics & Computer Science) 5 year
University Of Cambridge Master of Philosophy in Advanced Computer Science 9 Months
Master of Science in Scientific Computing 1 year
Imperial College London Master of Science in Visual Computing and Robotics 1 year
Master of Science in Advanced Computing 1 year
Master of Science in Applied Computational Science and Engineering 1 year
King's College London Master of Philosophy in Computer Science- 2 years 2 year
Master of Science in Computer Science- 4 years 4 year
Master of Science in Cybersecurity- 1 year 1 year

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Eligibility Criteria & Admission Requirements for Masters in Computer Science in UK

The eligibility criteria and admission requirement depends on universities. Before you delve into the course in computer science, you need to have a look at the admission requirements for a computer science program.

The following are a few generalistic points to check:

  • Bachelor's degree in Computer science or related discipline.
  • LOR for the UK (It depends on universities)
  • Evidence of English proficient test
  • Updated resume/CV
  • English translation of the non-English transcript
  • Basic mathematical knowledge
  • Phil programs Project Proposal

Here are a few examples from top universities:

The most prestigious UK universities require a good score along with a proficiency level in English. You can see a few university details written below:

University of Oxford

Oxford is considered a top university college in London. To pursue a computer science MSc the eligibility criteria for Indian students:

  • IELTS score- 7.5
  • TOEFL iBT score- 110
  • First-class degree in Computer Science or Mathematics
  • Knowledge of Mathematics and Programming
  • 60-70% of undergraduate degrees

University of Cambridge

Cambridge is considered one of the top 10 universities in the world ranking. To study computer science, the eligibility criteria for Indian students:

  • IELTS score- 7.5
  • TOEFL score- 107
  • Personal Statement
  • First Class Degree from well ranked institution
  • Knowledge of Programming
  • 70-75% in an undergraduate course with Mathematics

Imperial College London:

Imperial College London's rank is 11 as per world university rankings. To study computer science, the eligibility criteria for Indian students:

  • IELTS score- 6.5-7.0
  • TOEFL score- 92-100
  • First Class Degree from an Indian University in any specialization 
  • 60-70% in an undergraduate course 

University College London:

It is one of the top universities. Students are option courses from this institution because of its exceptional modules, which include: Computer Architecture & Operating Systems, Algorithmics, App Engineering and Database and Information Management Systems. To pursue a master's degree in computer science, the admission requirements for an MS degree are:

  • IELTS score-6.5-7.0
  • TOEFL score-92-109
  • A Bachelor’s degree with a minimum overall CGPA of 7.75/10, 5.75/7.0, 6.25/8.0, 4.25/6.0, 3.3/4.0, or 60% where a GPA scale is not used.

University of Edinburgh:

The University of Edinburgh demands exceptional two-taught semesters with projects and written assignments. The modules for pursuing a masters include Cyber Security, Advanced Databases, Computational Complexity and Computational Complexity. To pursue a master's degree, the admission requirements for pursuing masters:

University of Manchester:

The University of Manchester demands an undergraduate degree in Computer science with a strong foundation in mathematics. To pursue a master's degree, the admission requirements for pursuing masters:

  • First or Upper Second Class degree with at least 50% Computer Science content.
  • IELTS score-7.0

To know more about the admission requirements, visit the AbroAdvice page.

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Cost of Studying Masters in Computer Science in UK for Indian Students

The cost of studying Master in Computer Science in the UK depends on institutions and their requirements. Apart from that, there are tuition fees, living costs and travel costs along with travel expenses.

Fee Structure of Masters in Computer Science in UK

Pursuing a master's in Computer science ranges between 24600 GBP. The average annual range is between 265,000-250,000 UK pounds.

Cost of Living for Masters in Computer Science in UK

As an international student coming to the UK without dependents, you can expect to pay roughly £1300-£1400 per month in London or £900-£1300 in the rest of the UK for other living expenses while studying MS in computer science. The average expenses of living include:

  • student halls,
  • tuition fees,
  • private accommodation,
  • groceries,
  • household bills,
  • public transport,
  • mobile bills
  • gym membership (optional).

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Scholarship Opportunities for Masters in Computer Science in UK

Studying overseas can be very expensive. However, UK universities offer different computer science scholarships for international students, which reduces the financial burden for these students. Let's check a list of scholarships which UK universities are providing:

  • International Excellence scholarship
  • Global Postgraduate scholarship
  • Commonwealth scholarships
  • Progression scholarships
  • International Achievement scholarship

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MSc in Computer Science in UK: Jobs and Placement Opportunities

Pursuing an MSc in computer science can help you get jobs in the International industry. The annual salary depends on the job profile as well as the employer. Following are a few jobs and positions listed below, along with average salary in Indian currency:

Jobs and Positions Salary Range
DevOps Engineer  INR 45,463 To 70000
Chief Information Officer  INR 138,000 To 154000
Enterprise Architect  INR 78,000 To 111000
Database Administrator  INR 35,987 To 60000
Business Intelligence Developer  INR 52,000 To 112000
Java Developer  INR 42,476 To 63000
Linux Administrator  INR 51,179 To 58000
Data Security Manager  INR 33,000 To 43000
Software Architect  INR 64,990 To 87000
Information Technology Administrator  INR 36,000 To 96200
System Administrator  INR 49,955 To 78000
SAS Programmer  INR 30,390 To 43000
Android Developer  INR 58,897 To 75000
Software Developer  INR 36,183 To 60000

Signing Off

More than 75% of UK graduates go directly into employment. UK universities provide a wide range of work experience from different industries. During this course, you will develop a large contact network. UK universities are providing world-class teaching with guidance and encouragement. You will definitely be able to achieve success in this job market. Good luck!

we have covered all about masters in computer science in the UK. If you want to know more about a Master's in computer science in the UK, you can look at Wish you good luck for your future endeavours!

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FAQs on Masters in Computer Science in UK

The total tuition expenses of resulting UK colleges offering MSc in Computer Science range from 27,000 to 40,000 GBP (27-40 lakh INR). The cost of living in the UK is 14,000 GBP (14 lakh INR).

Multiple courses are available in the UK. The above-mentioned blog provides the top universities, their programs, and their fee structures. Students can choose the courses that best suit their requirements.

MSC is a two-year postgraduate computer science education that provides students with full information about computer science, whereas MCA is another course that provides similar expertise to MSC but in higher positions within the business.

The UK provides a wide range of opportunities to create and implement technology by pursuing a master's degree in computer science. So, it is a great option to pursue an MSc and then engage in computer science research.

The course structure of MS in computer science contains a full-time course with 1- 4 years of duration. Basically, it depends on the universities and countries.

The most suitable time to pursue a Master's degree in computer science is after the bachelor's degree. You can also pursue it after two years of work experience.

Student Reviews on Masters in Computer Science in UK

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    encapsulates the journey of discovery and achievement, revealing the remarkable standards of quality, innovation, and success achieved within a given context or domain

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    Journey through tailored guidance and expert support, unlocking academic excellence and career prospects.

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