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Top Law Colleges in USA

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Top Law Colleges in USA

Why Study Law In The USA?

A degree in law will provide you several options for your future career. Learning the law prepares you for a career as a lawyer or for other fields where legal knowledge is valuable, such as government, international relations, business, and teaching. The obvious first question on the mind of any international student considering a law degree in the United States is why the United States.

First, we'll discuss the wide variety of job prospects available to those who get a law degree in the United States. Second, the American judicial system is both open and difficult to navigate. As a result, pupils have a chance to develop their abilities. Also, law study in the United States provides students with an excellent chance to launch a successful professional career, and is often regarded as one of the most honourable professions.

The study of law encompasses much more than just the codified set of laws that every society is expected to follow. It's not always the case, but someone who studies law isn't always interested in becoming a lawyer. Learning law may provide a student with several career opportunities. The legislation may be useful in many different settings, including the news media, political campaigns, and corporate dealings. Law is one of the oldest professions, yet its importance and relevance have only grown since Aristotle's day. At least once in their life, the vast majority of individuals will have to consult with a lawyer. This guarantees that there will always be a need for legal representation. The introduction of robot lawyers into the legal system is likewise exceedingly improbable.

The field of law also has the potential to be very profitable. It's true that certain attorneys, especially those who work for the government, get a regular pay check every month. However, most attorneys will either bill you by the hour or take a cut of your settlement. If the matter is followed for a long period until a settlement is reached, this figure might reach several hundred thousand dollars. The thrill of serving one's country is enough motivation for some people to pursue a career in law. The pull toward a career in law may be great for those who place a premium on doing what's right. Those from less fortunate socioeconomic backgrounds may not be able to afford legal representation due to the high cost of doing so. If lawyers are paid a living wage by the government, they may choose to represent indigent clients without charging a fee.

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Popular Law Courses In The USA

The Juris Doctor (JD) is by far the most sought-after credential among graduates of the world's many law schools. You may get your Juris Doctor degree in three years if you enrol in a full-time programme at an ABA-approved law school. In the United States, the three tiers of government—the federal, state, and local—share responsibility for and responsibility for paying public education. Admissions essays (sometimes called statements of purpose or personal statements), transcripts, letters of recommendation/reference, and language tests are among the most often requested materials for U.S. higher education applications. Universities and top colleges all around the globe offer courses in the law because of the enriching experiences they may provide students. This kind of study is ideal if you want to learn more about significant fields like intellectual property and commercial law.

Duration Of Law Courses In The USA

In the United States, students may get a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree from one of many different law schools affiliated with both public and private colleges. Full-time students may expect the J.D. programme to take three years, while part-time students can plan on spending four. For many would-be attorneys, the mere fact that they were able to complete law school is itself an extraordinary feat. At least three years of your life will be devoted to studying law. Students who attend school full-time usually graduate in three years, while those who study part-time might take up to five. Time spent studying for and taking the Law School Admission Test (LSAT), which is usually required for admission to law school, might add or subtract significantly from this estimate.

Full-time study for the Juris Doctor takes 3 years, whereas part-time study takes 4 years. In other cases, the combined degree programme will take much more time to complete. It takes 6 years to complete the BA in Geography/JD programme at DePaul University. Several other classes have a more flexible schedule. Putting off submitting your application until the last minute might backfire. Most American law schools have a rolling admissions policy, so it's best to apply early. If the applicant submits their application materials early, then the evaluation procedure may go quickly. Consequently, the applicant's chances of being accepted are raised.

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Cost of Studying Law MS Degree In The US

Colleges and institutions in the United States typically charge between $20,000 and $70,000 for the Master of Law degree. Throughout the United States, LLM may be earned at one of the two hundred or more universities. Foreign students applying to these top universities must have earned a bachelor's degree with a minimum grade point average of 83–86% in the required subjects.

The annual cost of certain dual-degree programmes might reach 14,000,000 Indian rupees. On average, a Bachelor of Arts in Law degree would cost you 10 Lakh each year. There are certain interdisciplinary legal studies programmes that cost approximately 22 lakhs per year, while other Bachelor of Science degrees that include a Juris Doctor degree cost over 41 lakhs per year.
You probably already know that the cost of attending a certain school might vary widely depending on the programme and degree you want to study. Legal education in the United States may be prohibitively costly for students from India. Only citizens and permanent residents of the United States are eligible for federal loans. In order to finance their education, international students must turn to the business sector.

Find out if any financial aid is offered, such as scholarships. If you're interested in doing a BA or BS in Law from Suffolk University, you may apply for financial aid. In order to learn more about the financial aid opportunities, please review the programme information.

Cost Of Living In The US

A rough estimate of monthly living expenses in the United States would be roughly $1,500, putting the annual cost of living there at around $10,000. Everything from lodging to meals to transportation to literature to weather-appropriate attire to leisure activities is included here. International students flock to the United States for higher education because of its welcoming culture, thriving student community, academic brilliance, rich cultural offerings, and plenty of employment options upon graduation. Yet despite this, 1.67 lakh Indian students enrolled in US higher education institutions in 2020–21, according to the most recent Open Doors Report.

This is a decline of 13% compared to the number of Indian students studying in the USA in 2019–20. Higher costs of living or the tightening of immigration policies on V.I.P.s known as COVID-19 may be to blame for this trend. International students studying in the United States will face a greater cost of living than their counterparts in countries such as Canada, France, Malaysia, etc. Where will they live? Is the budget prepared enough to cover food, insurance, and school bills? How much money should be set aside for unexpected costs? These are just some of the issues that might occupy the thoughts of foreign students. Here, we break down how much it will cost you to study in the United States if you're an international student.

The following expenses are typical for students studying in the United States. Inflation and other external variables might cause annual cost increases of 6% to 9%. According to Education Data.

“College Org's Tuition Inflation Rate" study, the yearly inflation rate in the United States (in higher education) was 8% in 2012. The United States government recommends setting aside $2,000. The following are examples of what can constitute extra costs of living in the United States:

Large expenditures like a personal computer, new furniture, or a vehicle rental; Medical costs not covered by health insurance, such as dental work, vision correction, or cosmetic surgery; Vacation travel between India and the United States.

Spending money for things like off-campus transportation, entertainment, social events, weekend getaways, and housing and board over the summer months if you decide to extend your stay in the United States during the months when courses are not in session.

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Law Courses In The US With Scholarships

International students who want to study abroad in the United States often rely on financial aid in the form of scholarships to cover the substantial cost of tuition. Although the LLM programme in the United States only takes 9-10 months to complete, students still need financial aid to do so. In the 1990s, NYU Law was one of the first in the country to provide full scholarships to LLM students with the establishment of the Hauser Global Law School Program. The Law School has continued this dedication throughout the years by offering several scholarships to students from the United States and across the world.

  • Graduate students may apply for the Hauser, Podell, Vanderbilt, and Dean's Graduate Awards.
  • Scholarships in the Field of Taxation

Your application for admission to Law School also serves as your financial assistance application. Applying for the LLM by the scholarship priority deadline is recommended for US JDs. After acceptance into the programme has been confirmed, the application for a scholarship will be evaluated. The Podell Global Graduate Legal Scholarship is the only LLM scholarship that takes need into account when making awards, although all other LLM awards are given solely on the basis of merit. Should you be awarded a scholarship, you'll get an email with details on how to take the grant. A scholarship committee's judgement on an applicant is final and cannot be appealed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of top law colleges in the United States-

  1. University of South Caroline School of Law
  2. Harvard Law School
  3. Florida State University – Law College
  4. Charleston School of Law
  5. Penn State Law School
  6. University of Minnesota Law School
  7. Stetson University College of Law
  8. Vermont Law and Graduate School

Visit their official websites and learn all details about law courses.

The admission criteria for securing admission at top US law colleges are as follows –

  1. You require a bachelor’s degree or something 4-year equivalent degree in any discipline
  2. The LSAC (Law School Admission Council) application form.
  3. Relevant academic transcripts for every education institution attended.
  4. Most recent GRE scores
  5. English language proficiency test marks
  6. A fresh resume with updated information
  7. A letter of recommendation
  8. Finally, paying the admission fee (non-refundable)

Set up a consult and learn more about US law school admission criteria from our professionals.

It is possible to study Law course degree in the US without IELTS. However, certain T&Cs apply. You must complete your secondary education or graduate with English, the medium of learning, and instructions for the specific tenure.

Not all colleges/universities require IELTS score parameters. Search for those colleges, enquire more from their official website, or speak to their student help center.

The vital documents for admission into a top-rated US law school include as follows –

  1. Letter of recommendation
  2. An updated resume and the latest information
  3. IELTS scores (not mandatory for all US law colleges)
  4. Educational transcripts of all academic institutions attended.
  5. LSAC completed application
  6. GRE or LSAT scores

Speak to us today if you have a specific US law college in mind. We will help you transition smoothly.

Law School Admission Test (LSAT) is the preferred English language proficiency test for admission into a top US law college. Book a free session if you need test preparation test or other study abroad-related information.

The acceptable LSAT score for securing admission to a top-tier law college in the USA is 157. Alternatively, they must have a GPA of 3.5/3.8 to become a top enrolment contender. Book an appointment today and learn more about acceptable scores in US law colleges.

A 4-year UG degree in any subject stream or Graduate degree

  1. Academic transcripts
  2. LSAT necessary scores
  3. UGPA (Undergraduate Grade Point Average) minimum score 
  4. Letters of recommendation
  5. TOEFL scores
  6. Personal statement

Check with the sorted law college’s representative or browse their official website for precise documentation details.

Study costs vary from one Law school/college to the next. Hence, it’s best to learn about the cost range from the college website. You can also speak to one of their agents to clarify details before committing.

Still, the average cost estimate is $42 823 for a full-time course. Our specialists will help boost your admission possibilities to study Law in the USA. Speak to them whenever you see fit.

There are scholarship possibilities for students aspiring to study Law in the USA. Such prospects are excellent news for Indian learners.

  1. International Academic Award courtesy the Washington State University
  2. International Freshman Scholarship courtesy the Northern Kentucky University
  3. Presidential scholarship courtesy of the University of Alabama
  4. Provost’s Scholarship for Excellence courtesy of Oregon State University
  5. International Student Scholarship courtesy of the University of Delaware
  6. International Achievement Freshman Scholarship courtesy Oklahoma State University (Stillwater)

You can practice Law without a law degree. Of course, you must sit for the Bar Council exam. Some US states permit this approach. Those states include as follows –

  1. Washington
  2. California
  3. Virginia
  4. Vermont

Enquire more about institutions in these states that permit you to take the bar test without a previous law degree.

The top-tier US law colleges offer students quality campus life.

The chief highlights include

  1. Quality on-campus food
  2. Clean and organized campus dorms
  3. Ease getting around and accessing the campus’ every nook and corner
  4. Healthy interactions with students from multicultural backgrounds
  5. Friendly administration
  6. Beautiful spaces to unwind and chit-chat with fellow peers

And lots more!

Studying Law in the US is difficult and competitive. But it is not impossible for those with strong determination and will to succeed. Challenges will frequently come about.

  1. Vast and diverse law course works
  2. Comprehensive curriculum
  3. Frequent law assignments
  4. An intricate term and main exams

The admission process can be complicated and extensive- especially in demanding law schools. However, the education quality is good, and professional prospects are lucrative.

It takes 3 years to study Law in the USA (full-time). However, if you choose part-time course completion, it could take 5 years. The student split is even for both options. It all depends on which medium you are comfortable with.

The study costs will vary from one school to the next. The estimated cost of studying Law is $88 830 (for in-state public law schools) and around $206,180 (for private law colleges). Either way, the costs will cover living expenses and tuition. Sort your preferred Law school/college in the US and enquire more about its pricing from its official website.

Indeed. Most top US law schools/colleges offer several areas of specialized legal study. Some of the popular ones are indexed below.

  1. Health care law
  2. Criminal Law
  3. 1st amendment law
  4. Intellectual property law
  5. Patent law
  6. Environmental Law
  7. Joint degree programs


While finding suitable student accommodations in the USA is always challenging, there is no shortage of options. Several top law schools in the US offer accommodations to their fellow apprentices. On-campus options include – dormitories, suites, apartments, etc.

Besides these, plenty of off-campus and temporary accommodation options are available for respective law students. Consult our experts for adequate accommodation needs and other study-abroad necessities.

When applying for VISA to get admission into top US law colleges, they must possess a J1 or F1 visa. Additionally, the VISA processing will also require an LSAT score sheet. Sign up with us and learn all about VISA processing and other study abroad details. Additionally, you can know details here!

Top law colleges in the USA provide quality job placements to top performers. To name those top colleges –

  1. University of Wisconsin, Madison
  2. University of Nebraska, Lincoln
  3. George Mason University
  4. Boston College
  5. Ohio State University
  6. Arizona State University
  7. George Washington University
  8. Washington and Lee University

Check their official website whenever convenient and learn more!

You can get permanent residence after earning a law MS degree from a top US college. One can apply for PR in these ways.

  1. Getting sponsorship from a US citizen
  2. Recommendation from a PR holding relative
  3. An offer from some permanent employer

Processing takes 7 to 33 months to secure a green card approval. Of course, the duration may vary depending on your VISA type. Ask our specialists for more VISA and PR in USA-related questions.

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