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Affordable air tickets

Why do you need help with air tickets?

Once you have secured admission to your desired college and have obtained your student visa, it's time to book an air ticket and finalize your journey abroad. However, rising fuel costs and decreased competition has resulted in skyrocketing ticket prices, making it highly challenging for students to find good deals on air tickets

Fortunately, has partnered with several airlines to offer affordable air tickets to students traveling internationally for academic purposes. We compare thousands of ticket prices online and shortlist flights that offer student discounts. So, when you hire our services, you're guaranteed to receive a confirmed ticket at an extremely pocket-friendly price.

How can provide you with air ticket booking services?

Choose the best air ticket from hundreds of options within minutes

Pick the best flight compares hundreds of flights and picks the one with the best route and most affordable option. So avoid the confusion of multiple choices and leave it to our experts to book you the most comfortable flight.

Get exclusive student discounts

We're always up-to-date on the latest student discounts that airlines offer. Therefore, when you use our services to book your air tickets, rest assured that you'll enjoy the best offers.

Guaranteed flight date

Want to book a flight ticket but can't find any available seats for a particular date? will always guarantee a confirmed ticket for a specific date.

Additional perks

When you hire to book your flight tickets, you can unlock additional perks like extra baggage space and automatic upgrades. Additionally, you can enjoy slashed cancellation charges.

No cancellation charges

Sometimes, unexpected situations might force you to change your flight date. Many airlines would deny you a refund if you were to cancel your flight at the last minute. However, you won't face such issues at

Instant flight tickets

It’s best to book your flight ticket at least a month or two before your departure date to avoid price surges. However, can book your ticket within 24 hours of your departure date at the best price.

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When booking international flights tickets, there are several challenges you have to overcome, such as:

  • Abundant choices
  • Inability to determine the best flight
  • Lack of a strong internet connection
  • Confusing refund and cancellation policies
  • Coordination issues with booking websites

Fortunately, you can avoid all these challenges when you book your air tickets via

At, we have teamed up with several airlines that provide international flights to 160+ countries. Some of the top student destinations include the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, France, Ireland, etc. So, rest assured that our team can help you book an international flight to any country in the world.

Once you visit, you can fill out the form on the website or send us an email highlighting:

  • The country where you wish to travel
  • The date of your departure

As soon as you pay the service fees, we assign an expert to compare all available flight tickets on that day and find you the best deal. Once you confirm the choice and pay for the ticket, we will book your slot ASAP.

At, we understand the expenses you must bear to study abroad. That's why we offer the most affordable air tickets and additional bonuses while maintaining 100% transparency. So when you hire our services, you're bound to get the best student deals and slashed prices at every airline. is the #1 trusted educational consultancy service for students who wish to study abroad. Our dedicated experts have helped hundreds of students reach their goals. Furthermore, we always prioritize transparency and honesty with our clients. So, there is no risk associated with using our services to buy air tickets.

While our team at always tries to provide you with the best services and additional perks, there is no guarantee that you can upgrade to business class from economy. However, you can send in your request, and we'll try to accommodate it to the best of our abilities.

There is a minimal service fee that we charge for providing our services. But rest assured that it's a small one-time payment without hidden charges. This fee enables us to serve you better.

If your flight is canceled at the last minute due to unforeseeable circumstances, will help you secure another air ticket, preferably for the same departure date. You can contact us immediately when your flight is canceled, and our experts will do their best to lend you a helping hand.

When flying internationally, it is crucial to have a valid passport, a valid visa/entry permit, an air ticket, health certificates, and photo ID proof. At, we always provide a list of documents you must keep close by.

At, we always expect unexpected schedule changes. That's why we provide flight cancellation or rescheduling services. Depending on the time of cancellation, you won’t be charged any cancellation or rescheduling fees.

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