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Why Study MBA In The UK?

One of the most highly regarded degrees in the world, an MBA from a UK business school is appreciated by businesses, both domestic and international, in almost every industry. Graduates holding MBA degrees from UK universities are also highly sought after by research institutions and universities internationally. The decision to study for something like an MBA in the UK can revolutionise a person's career. Universities and economic organisations in the UK will train the students with the skills for critical thinking, which the students will need to thrive in their future jobs.

There are many reasons to MBA study in the UK. One of the reasons is the course is of one year in the UK. Students are able to save both time and money, and they become graduates sooner and pursue their respective jobs very early in their careers. UK universities have very close links with corporate companies and industries, and students from these universities have an added advantage when applying for a job in these industries. Many universities and business institutions in the UK have strong connections with key players in the sector, giving students a chance to network with potential future employers. A UK MBA will prepare students for the demands of 21st-century business, and schools take pride in their close collaboration with many of the top professional organisations in the globe. This is why students opt for a degree in the UK.

Students will meet a significant number of individuals at special events, lectures, and seminars because all UK business schools have strong ties to business and industry. Maintaining these connections will help their career going forward. This is one of the reasons behind many students choose to study MBA in the UK.

The UK is home to 16 of the top 100 universities in the world, including four of the top ten. These universities include Cambridge, Oxford, University College London, and London's Imperial College. Due to its history, reputation as a common language, and reputation for offering courses of exceptional quality at affordable prices, the UK is a popular choice among international students. One's resume will stand out from the competition with an MBA certificate from the UK.

Another reason is the cost of getting an MBA degree in the UK is a cheap alternative to other costly competition from all around the world. International students can enrol in affordable MBA programmes at a wide range of small, private universities, particularly those in the London area. With tuition fees starting at around £7,000, several of these institutes offer international students a low-cost alternative to university-affiliated MBA degree programmes.

Best MBA Colleges In The UK For Indian Students

Here are some best MBA college names mentioned below in the UK for Indian students.

The esteemed University of Oxford is among some of the top MBA colleges in the UK is not a surprise. The integrated courses offer a broad range of coursework to extend the student's knowledge and understanding while also fostering optimum skill development. The second-best MBA school in the UK is Cambridge University. Indian students frequently choose it because of the personalised attention each candidate gets. Cambridge University places a high value on each student's involvement, resulting in a more meaningful college experience.

London Business School, which is more popularly known as LBS, has cemented its place as one of the best MBA programmes in the UK. Their courses are designed to assist students in assuming leadership roles and smoothly moving up the corporate ladder. The fast-paced curriculum at Warwick university, which is one of the top 5 MBA schools in the UK, helps students become ready for the demanding world of business management. Their courses are highly successful and aggressively encourage students to gain a thorough understanding of the international business landscape.

Bristol University is a prestigious institution that is rated as one of the top five MBA programmes in the UK. It is renowned for its targeted, pragmatic approach. The institution offers a thorough academic curriculum together with useful skills training to equip students for the actual problems in business.

The fact that Bath University's curriculum includes a unique programme of a multi-project package to prepare students for real-life settings makes it one of the top ten MBA colleges in the UK. In addition to offering the knowledge needed to successfully run a firm, a business degree also includes exercises that force you to solve problems in the present.
One of the top MBA schools in the UK, the University of Edinburgh offers an intensive programme to students who want to advance their careers in management. They offer a comprehensive and integrated programme for professional development and training as well as personal coaching.

MBA Courses In The UK For Indian Students

With more than 395 universities, the United Kingdom is the second-largest educational hub in the world and a model for overseas students seeking top-notch education. Internationally recognised UK qualifications have helped many seekers obtain dream professions or establish their own businesses. One of the most prestigious and sought-after programmes in the world, the MBA in the UK has become one of the most desirable study abroad locations for many foreign students. 

Eligibility For MBA In The UK For Indian Students

For consideration for enrollment to a business administration program in the United Kingdom, applicants must fulfil the crucial eligibility standards listed below:

Applicants must have completed secondary education at a level equivalent to that offered by the United Kingdom.

In order to prove English language proficiency, students are requested to obtain the necessary IELTS, TOEFL, or equivalent ELP Test scores. A relevant, three-year bachelor's degree from an accredited university, which is comparable to a bachelor's degree earned in the UK. Some universities in the UK could demand a bare minimum of two years of working experience. On the basis of applicants' GMAT/GRE evaluations or scores, certain universities also consider applicants.

Application Process For MBA In The UK

There is a clear standard for documentation and a standard methodology to finish the application process followed in the UK, similar to any other university in the world. The following is a step-by-step instruction on how to finish the application process for Indian candidates to pursue MBA in the UK.

Students are required to initially research the university to which they want to apply for the course, and students should visit the university web page for all the information, eligibility criterion and so on. If they fulfil all the criteria, they should proceed with the application process by submitting all the required necessary documentation. Students are required to write a statement of purpose of their study in the specified university and attach it to the application form. 

Popular Scholarships For MBA In The UK For Indian Students

Here are some famous scholarships for Indian students for MBAs in the UK. These are;

The Inlaks Scholarship:

The Shivdasani Foundation's Inlaks Scholarship for MBA students pays for tuition, living expenses, and outgoing travel fees. The organisation includes combined scholarship possibilities with Imperial College, the Royal College of Art (RCA), London, and the University of Cambridge and offers up to USD 100,000 (about GBP 73,000).

Chevening Scholarships

For Indian candidates with strong academic records seeking MBA fellowships, Chevening Scholarships is an international scholarship programme. It is an entirely financed merit-based scholarship for MBA programmes in the UK.

Felix Scholarship

Underprivileged MBA students from India are given a chance to study overseas in nations like the USA, the UK, and Australia, and the credit goes to the Felix Scholarship. The Felix Scholarship is available from the Universities of Oxford, Reading, and the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), which is a division of the University of London. It includes living expenses, one round-trip ticket, and the full cost of tuition.

GREAT Scholarships

MBA applicants from India and 17 other countries spanning Africa, Asia, and Europe are eligible for GREAT Scholarships, which are jointly financed by the GREAT Britain Campaign and the British Council with support from many UK universities (EU).

Commonwealth Masters Scholarships

The UK Foreign Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) provides funding for the Commonwealth Masters Scholarships, which are open to qualified candidates from lower- and middle-income Commonwealth nations.

Scholarships offered by the Charles Wallace India Trust

Following a 1981 agreement between the governments of India and the UK, the Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships were established. It was first founded as an English charity, and four trustees currently oversee its operations. The foundation has paid out over 3,000 scholarships as of right now, covering living costs, airfare for international travel, tuition, and housing for all qualified scholarship applications.

MBA In The UK For Indian Students Without GMAT

Numerous universities allow Indian students who do not have GMAT or IELTS exam to pursue an MBA in the UK. To be accepted without taking the GMAT into the top MBA programmes in the UK, applicants must meet extra prerequisites. Essays, interviews, work experience, and academic aptitude are a few examples of them. LORs (letters of recommendation) are another. One can study part-time executive MBA programmes in the UK even without GMAT if they have more than five years of professional experience. There are also full-time alternatives in some circumstances. Lancaster University, the University of Reading, the University of Lancashire, Birmingham City University, and Middlesex University are some examples of such universities which offer MBA programmes without GMAT exam.

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Frequently Asked Questions

MBA programs in the UK last 12 to 21 months and range in price from 27,500 to 87,900 GBP (approximately 29 Lakhs to 81 Lakhs INR).

The UK is recognised by all the major international league tables as having some of the most reputed MBA programs in the world. The UK performs marvellously in the Financial Times Global MBA Ranking 2018, with 14 of its business schools ranking among the top 100 institutions.

In order to enrol in a full-time MBA program in the UK, an Indian student needs a Tier 4 (General) Student Visa.

One of the most expensive courses to study in the UK is the MBA. Aspirants must pay expensive fees to complete the two-year program. In the UK, it is comparatively simpler to get into an MBA institute. Nowadays, employers seek out applicants with degrees from reputable institutions.

Numerous programs include the costs of extracurricular activities, real-world consulting assignments, and international business trips in their tuition. Additionally, setting up workshops, career fairs, and mentoring makes offering an MBA an expensive venture for schools.

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