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Why Study Data Sciences In The UK?

Data science helps us obtain a thorough understanding of cutting-edge technologies, statistical analysis, and computational approaches. It also teaches us how to apply technology to real-world data science challenges. The course will address the skills needed by data scientists to drive improvements in organisational performance, give students the option to study abroad one of the specialist pathways in Artificial Intelligence or Financial Technology, give students the chance to create their own data analysis projects, and allow students to earn a prestigious degree that is highly valued around the world. The demand for a master's in data science in the UK is increasing.

The UK now become one of the best destinations which provide opportunities to study data science. It acknowledges the role of data scientists more than other positions. From various reports, it is concluded that approximately 80% of the companies in the UK plan to hire more data scientists. There are various advantages to data sciences study in the UK. They are unlimited assistance, advanced facilities, high demand and opportunities for employment. Unlimited assistance to international students is provided to pursue data science courses in the UK. The students get the independence to express their creative ideas. They get the accessibility to the right academic support that is needed to improve their knowledge regarding the course better. The Universities deliver facilities of advanced laboratories and modern software that assists in improving the learning experience of the offered course.

In the UK, there is a high demand for graduates of Data science. Therefore, this opportunity attracts international students to pursue courses in the UK. The employment rate of the students pursuing the Master’s program in data science is higher. The opportunities in the job are diverse as there is a high demand for the graduates of the course in the country. There are various data science jobs in the UK. The average base salary of the job for the post of a data analyst is EUR 36,535 annually; for the post of data administrator, the average base salary of the candidate per year is  EUR 25, 198. Data Architect gets an average base salary of EUR 75,158 each year, while statistician gets EUR 40,597 each year.

The postgraduate degree in data science assists to reach high education standards, a degree that is valued worldwide with improved graduate employability. The University of Warwick is the top-ranking university in the UK for data science. The university delivers its specialised master’s in data science through its Behavioural and Data Science. Other technical courses that are offered by the Universities in the  UK are the MSc in Statistical Data Science which is offered by the Imperial College London, MSc in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science provided by the University of  Liverpool.  Therefore, the students who are curious about data and willing to learn the methods that will assist to improve their careers and be part of the development taking place in the industry. The course 

Popular Data Science Courses In The UK

The popular data science course in the UK is MSc in Data Science. There are various requirements to apply for the course in the universities in the UK. The common requirements are a Bachelor’s degree, prior work experience and the requirement of language. To apply for the Master’s level data science course at a university in the UK, the international student must get a first-class or upper second-class in the Bachelor’s program in the stream of computer science or other relevant streams. For certain universities, the students must achieve a good score in statistics, calculus, probability and linear algebra. Experience of work is another major selection criterion of the students applying for masters in data science at the Universities in the UK. If the student has lower scores, then work experience increases the chance of selection of the candidates. The language requirement is there to successfully apply for the courses.

The minimum scores in a test like IELTS-7.5 are required for Indian students to pursue the course. There are also some requirements regarding computers to apply for courses in Data Science at universities in the UK. Various documents are required to apply for the MSc Data Science in the UK. The documents that are required in the process of application are transcripts of the Bachelor’s degree, SOP, references of the experience of work, results of the English Proficiency Exam, LOR, Resume and others.

The application process to enrol in the data science at a university in the UK is searching for the university that offers MS in Data Science Courses; after visiting the official website, it is recommended for the students fill out and submit the form of application along with all the supporting documents. Various universities offer master's degree courses in data science in the top universities in the UK. They are MSc Data Science from King’s College London, MSc Data Science from the University of Southampton, MSc Data Science from the University of Edinburgh, MSc Data Science from the London School of Economics and Political Sciences, MSc Data Science in the University College London, MSc Data Science and Analytics in the University of Leeds. Big data management and analysis are now fundamental components of contemporary finance, retail, marketing, social science, development and research, healthcare, and government.

The program's benefits are adaptable, addressing the need for data scientists with the necessary skills to use data to boost organisational performance. Through the specialised routes, one will be able to acquire the following very useful skills. MSc Data science assists employers to engage in various sectors like technology firms, charitable and voluntary sectors, and biomedical and public research sectors. MSc in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence delivers scope in sectors like robotics, firms of the technology, academia, military and public research sector. Students who are pursuing MSc in Data Science and Financial Technology can have the opportunities to engage in sectors like insurance, investment banking, financial planning and marketing.

Duration Of The Data Science Courses In The UK

The duration of the full-time Masters in the Data Science program at the University in the UK is 1 year. However, in a few universities, the duration of the program is 2 years and it is for part-time students.

Cost Of Studying MS Degree In The UK

Several factors determine the cost of studying a Data science course in the UK. They are the cost of living and tuition fees. The tuition fee varies among the universities in the UK that offers a course in data science. The tuition fee ranges from EUR 25,750 to EUR 35,900 at the top universities in the UK. 

Cost Of Living In The UK

There is also variability in the range of cost of living in the UK. The maximum cost can be up to EUR 12,500 in a year. The cost of living depends on the lifestyle and area that is preferred by the student. The common expenses of a student consist of transport, accommodation expenses, personal expenses and others.

Data Science Courses In The UK With Scholarships

An individual's ability to follow his or her dream of attending one of the best universities in the world to study a desired course may be limited by the rising expense of education. Scholarships provide financial support in this situation, allowing students to pursue their hobbies and advance their careers. Access to high-quality education, providing a diversified learning environment, aiding in goal-focused attention, and building a professional network are other advantages of scholarship programmes. Scholarship programmes allow students to enrol in reputable universities that would otherwise be out of their reach.

The scholarship programme helps students grow in terms of their strong personalities and intellectual prowess. Various scholarship programs are specified for students pursuing a master's in data science. John Fisher High-Performance Scholarship is provided to students who have 60% above in the Bachelor or enrolment in the school of informatics in the Master's courses. The stipend of this scholarship program is 50% or a complete tuition fee waiver. Students who are enrolled in the postgraduate courses can apply for the Kings International Scholarship where students are awarded a stipend of EUR 29,428. The GREAT scholarship is delivered to the students of masters from India, China or Malaysia and the value of the stipend varies significantly.

In Think Bog Post Graduate Scholarship, the students must be enrolled in the post-graduate course and they are awarded a stipend that ranges from EUR 8,85 to EUR 11,171, EUR 23,542. Another scholarship for students who are enrolled in postgraduate courses is the College of Science and Engineering scholarship where the amount of stipend is EUR 11,771. For enrolment in the Master's course, the scholarship programs available for the students are the Birmingham Masters Scholarship Scheme which awards a stipend of EUR 2,354 and the Sheffield Post Graduate Scholarship program which is a full waiver of the tuition fee.

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There are some of the top-ranking universities offering MS in Data Science in UK.

  1. The University of Edinburgh
  2. Kings College of London
  3. University of Manchester
  4. University of Bristol
  5. University of Glasgow

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