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Duolingo English Test Pattern

All about Duolingo English Test Pattern

Duolingo English Test Pattern

Duolingo Test Pattern Highlights

The Duolingo Test is a bit different from other English language tests because it both convenient and affordable in comparison to the others. It is convenient because it can be taken by a candidate online from anywhere at any time. This test is accepted by more than 3000 institutions all over the globe as an English language proficiency test. It is an hour online test. The test is primarily divided into two parts. One part is a 45-minutes adaptive test that has a series of questions designed to evaluate a candidate’s English language skills.

The other is a 10 minute writing and speaking test that consists of open-ended prompts that are shared with the educational institutions along with a candidate’s test score. The first five minutes of that will have an introduction that will allow the test takers through the test rules and requirements. The test is scored on a 10 to 160 scale, with four parts to monitor the English language proficiency in all aspects.

Duolingo Exam Pattern

The test pattern is being divided into two broad parts. The first is the 45-minutes adaptive test that consists of a sequence of questions that are used to evaluate the candidate’s English skills. The second part is a 10 minute writing and speaking test that comprises open-ended prompts that are shared with the candidate’s score to the selected institutions.

Duolingo is an Adaptive test

Duolingo English Test is an adaptive test that is backed by extensive research that produces results having high correlation with other important assessments of the English language such as TOEFL and IELTS. It offers English proficiency score along with video interview and writing sample in an accessible, efficient and secure testing experience. The questions in this test are adapted according to the answers provided by the test taker. Thus, the difficulty level is set accordingly. The test is AI-driven and therefore, the questions are generated by Duolingo by using a grading system. 

Duolingo English Test - Video Interview

This section of the test examines the candidate’s writing and speaking proficiency. For this interview, candidates are required to speak for about three minutes on any one of the topics that will be provided by the Duolingo Test examiners. This is to help the examiners understand the candidate’s fluency, speed, enunciation skills as well as confidence. Candidates can speak for a longer time period if they wish to. Candidates are advised not to be concerned with the timer because it can distract them and cause them to stammer, which will lead to their rejection. 

Duolingo English Test Syllabus

There is no specific syllabus designed for this test. It is designed in a way that it can be used to analyse a candidate’s English language skills in writing, reading, listening, and speaking all at the same time. 


This section comprises of 5 minutes. This is used to walk the candidates through all the rules and requirements of the test. 

Adaptive test (Graded)

This section comprises the majority of the test and is given 45 minutes. This section is also a graded section that analyses a candidate’s skills of listening, reading, writing as well as speaking. 

Video Writing and speaking sample (Ungraded)

This section has a limit of 10 minutes. Candidates have to speak about any situation, topic or image as provided by the examiner. They are required to answer the questions through recording. 

Types of questions in the Duolingo English Test Adaptive section

As this is a graded section this is the most important section for the candidates. Thus, it is important that candidates effectively prepare for the type of questions that are usually encountred in this section. This section may consist of questions such as filling the missing letters to complete sentences; describing images in words; hearing and identifying the correct words; reading and identifying the real English words; Speaking answers for a spoken question; recording themselves while repeating a given sentence; and typing the sentence they hear among other such types.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, a candidate can give the test thrice by purchasing three tests in a 30 day period. However, once they complete and submit their test, they are needed to wait for their results before taking a new test. In addition, it is also advised that they first effectively prepare and then take the second exam to improve their scores.

It is important that candidates focus on improving their English language skills in all the four aspects that will be analysed in the test. To do that, candidates need to learn and practice new vocabulary. This they can do by listening or watching something in the English language. They must also increase their English reading to understand the use of grammar. The test uses American accent, thus, candidates should focus on listening American English and understanding that accent to properly answer the questions. Moreover, they must practice speak about various topics and situations for one to two minutes.

The total score for the Duolingo English test is 160. Candidates’ scores are aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). The candidates are scored out of 160 with a 5 point increment. 

Yes. Any candidate who secures a score of 110 and above is considered to have a good score in the test. This also means that they have a good proficiency in the English language. Many universities accept students who have a Duolingo English test score of 145.

To take this test, students are required to register for the test. A fee of $49 is needed to complete the registration. Once the registration is completed, the candidate can select any date and time as per their convenience within 21 days. If a candidate is ready for the test, they have to visit the official website for the Duolingo English test. Then they will have to login as the user and fill all the necessary details. They can then proceed to take the exam by clicking on “start the test”. 

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