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Masters in Business Analytics in Canada

Exploring Masters in Business Analytics Opportunities in Canada

Masters in Business Analytics in Canada

Why Study Business Analytics Courses In The Canada?

Business analytics is a subject that provides a data-driven perspective to the business world by the use of statistics and data modeling that will help to create new business insights. It is often considered a less stressful job compared to other high-demand jobs in finance field and provides flexible options of work. A Master of Science in Business Analytics from Canada will be great for Indian students because this course will open up a wide variety of job opportunities for graduates. In addition, the average salary of a graduate student with Business Analytics degree will be around CAD 73,588 per year. This is a huge amount of money and will help the Indian students build a successful career in this field.

Canada is considered one of the top destinations for higher studies for the students who want to pursue science and analytics from a foreign country. Moreover, there is a high demand for business analysts in Canada. In addition, the country has some of the top universities listed by Times Higher Education that offer courses in Business Analytics. Apart from that, study in Canada is a very immigrant-friendly country and a majority of the international student population studying in the Canadian university is Indian. Thus, students who find data analysis and business interesting and want to pursue a career in this field from a foreign country should consider Canada.

Popular Business Analytics Courses In The Canada  

Among several universities and higher education institutes that are present in Canada, there are 19 universities that offer Business Analytics courses. They top 10 universities are listed below: 

  • Toronto Rotman School of Management: This institute offers an 11 month course in Business Analytics and costs 67000CAD. It is second most prestigious university in Canada.  
  • HEC Montreal: It provides a course that combines business analytics and data analysis. The course here last for 16 to 24 months and costs 30,000 CAD.
  • McGill Desautels Faculty of Management: This is the topmost university in Canada that offers master’s program in Business Analytics. It is a one year course and requires a fee of 9000 CAD.
  • UBC Sauder School of Business: The fee for this university’s course is 60000 CAD and it is unique because it does not require any previous work experience that is required for other Business Analytics programs in the country.
  • Western Ivey Business School: They offer courses at a fee of 72000 CAD. 
  • Alberta School of Business, University of Alberta: The course fee here is 57,909 CAD but it requires a minimum of 2 years of work experience. 
  • York Schulich School of Business: This institute offers a Business Analysis course with a fee of 26,730 CAD. 
  • Queen’s Smith School of Business: This school offers a choice between classroom module and a blended learning pattern. The cost for the master’s program is 79,900 CAD. 
  • Carleton University: It offers a 12 month course with a fee of 16,856 CAD. 
  • McMaster DeGroote School of Business: It offers a 20 months course with a fee of 86000 CAD. 

Thus, students who are interested in pursuing business analytics courses can pursue these universities. Apart from these universities there are colleges and universities that offer part-time and full time courses that can be availed by students interested in this field.

Duration Of Business Analytics Courses In The Canada 

Graduate Students

Usually a graduate program requires 12 to 24 months in Canada. Thus, a master’s course in Business Analytics will also require a period of one to two years in the country. This course will help the students develop basic knowledge and skillsets required for analyzing various business related data and thereby increase their career prospects. This degree can be used by the candidates as a stepping stone in their professional career that will help them to get higher salary and secured jobs in well-established companies. 

Post-graduate Students

Post graduate diploma in Business analytics in Canada is usually a one or two year long program. The postgraduate diploma will enable the students to acquire various problem-solving skills and knowledge by analyzing data that are necessary for a successful career in the Business Analytics field. Such skills will help the students to develop their thinking abilities to find ways that will help to reduce the overall costs and thereby enhance the quality and production of the company’s services and goods.

This degree will help the students to pursue a career in other related services as well such as logistics, customer service management, operations and other such opportunities. It is also beneficial for those students who want to work part time because this course will allow about 20 hours per week of time for students to do a part time job. 

Cost Of studying Business Analytics Courses Degree In The Canada

Graduate Students

Various colleges and universities have various amount of money that a student will require to complete their Business Analytics course from Canada. On an average, this amount can range anywhere from 20000 to 50000 Canadian dollar. This is approximately 12 lakh to 30 lakh INR for an Indian student. However, in addition to the tuition fee a student will also have to additional charges such as cost of living and transportation charges when they pursue the course in Canada.

Post-graduate Students

The average annual cost for postgraduate diploma courses in Business Analytics in Canada can vary anywhere between 7, 304 to 37,500 Canadian dollar. This will cost about 4.40 to 22.59 lakh INR for an Indian student who wants to pursue this course from Canada. This is a comparatively cheaper price for this course from many other foreign countries such as the USA and UK. Thus, students who are interested in pursuing Business Analytics courses abroad should consider Canada. 

Cost of Living in Canada

As Canada is one of the top destinations for pursuing higher education, it is important that students have a proper estimate and evaluation regarding the cost of living along with their course expenses. Indian students like all other international students will have to meet the cost of studies and the cost of living in Canada. The cost will vary on the basis of location and university for each student. Apart from that, students who do not live residency services provided by the university will have additional daily transportation charges which will vary on the basis of distance of the place of accommodation from the university

There is a requirement for having a minimum amount of bank balance for getting a Canadian student visa. Presently, the cost of a student visa for Canada is roughly around 150 CAD, that is, approximately 9000 INR. Students need to provide some form of evidence that they have sufficient funds in their bank accounts to complete their courses. The university often provides an estimated cost of living that the immigration officer verifies. However, if the college does not provide that, a minimum of 10,000 CAD for a 12 month period for the usual living expenses in Canada as a student. If the student has a spouse, an additional 4,000 CAD will be required and for other dependents the sum is 3000 CAD each. This amount includes accommodation charges, food expenses, medical insurance, transportation costs, books and clothing, mobile services and other personal needs as well. Apart from that, there are additional charges for Canadian University fees.

Moreover, it is advised that students get compulsory healthcare insurance in the country because healthcare is quite expensive in the country. Each province in Canada has an independent public health insurance plan. Some of the universities require a mandatory insurance coverage within the first week of arrival. 

In addition, living costs are higher in the urban areas like any other place in the world in comparison to the suburban areas. While on-campus housing can be convenient they are not always the cheapest cost option. Thus, students must decide according to their preferences. The two most expensive cities are Toronto and Vancouver. There is also shortage of housing facilities in the city of Toronto which further raises the housing prices.

Business Analytics Courses In The Canada With Scholarships

Scholarships are a great aid for students who want to study abroad but might have financial restraints. Getting a financial aid helps the students to get rid of additional student loans and debts and thereby reduces their financial stress. It also encourages better focus in studies. Apart from the financial help, it also helps to improve the career prospect of a student because many of the competitive scholarships can be used achievement on their resume. Many universities in Canada offer scholarship programs for international students who are pursuing various higher education courses from there. The courses in Business Analytics that offer scholarships in Canada are:  

  • Vector institute scholarships offered by Schulich School of Business. This scholarship provides a sum of 17,500 CAD.
  • Smith’s School of Business also helps to waiver tuition fee with the help of Vector Institute Scholarship for selected students. 
  • The Albert School of Business also offers scholarships to selected candidates on the basis of their academic performance. 

Apart from these scholarships, students can also visit the official site of their selected universities and see what scholarships are available for Indian students

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, of course. Pursuing MS in Business Analytics is always beneficial, especially when it is in Canada. Take a look below to know why it is worth doing MS in Business Analytics in Canada.

  • Business Analytics in Canada opens up a plethora of professional avenues.
  • Do you know a postgraduate in Business Analytics can earn up to 42.52 lacs to 60.74 lacs INR per year?
  • More importantly, pursuing MS in Business Analytics in Canada comes with a wide array of other perks in the form of high living standard, better job prospects, access to global markets and more.

Studying Business Analytics in Canada is always rewarding. Here’s why.

  • Since the pay scale of a Business Analyst is high, the person can definitely expect to have a high living standard.
  • As you have a high living standard, you will automatically feel motivated to work and earn more.
  • As you start earning more, you will be able explore new opportunities and career scopes in your field of professional expertise.

Each of these aspects and beneficial dimensions will collectively make a good impact on your health and mind. Reason, as you will find yourself growing as successful man, things will gradually start falling into the right place.

The duration for a master’s degree in Business Analytics in Canada can range from 1-2 years. So, plan your steps well, keep ambitions high and sign up for a rewarding journey as a successful Business Analyst ahead.

In Canada, GMAT is considered as a compulsory requirement for students aspiring to pursue Business Analytics. So, make sure to prepare for the exam well, and make it a point to secure the top grade for successful college admissions in and around Canada.

Yes, it is. According to reports and recent surveys, there is a high demand for Business Analytics courses in and around Canada. As a matter of fact, 78% of Canadian companies rely on the essentials of business analytics in order to acquire deeper insights into markets and their trends. Also, they get to extract in-depth knowledge across other key aspects such as target audience, demographics and the likes. 
So, now that you know Business Analytics is in high demand in Canada, pull up your socks, fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a rewardingly successful journey ahead. 

Take note, Masters in Business Analytics is offered across all post graduate levels. Admissions can be both entrance and merit-based. So, choose your cards well, create a career outline and know what you want to do. Once done, look for the best universities in Canada offering masters in Business Analytics and prepare for the big day. Voila! You are winning in life.

Here is an exhaustive list of the top universities in Canada that offer master’s in Business Analytics.

  • Schulich School of Business
  • Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University
  • University of Alberta
  • Ivey Business School
  • Western University
  • UBC Sauder School of Business
  • Carleton University
  • Rotman School of Management

So, pick the best one for you and advance towards embracing an academically promising tomorrow.

Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University is said to be one of the best colleges for MS in Business Analytics in Canada. 

Please note, a prior work experience is not always a necessity for students looking for admissions in MS in Business Analytics. However, some programs and courses may consider factors such as exam scores, qualifications, personal statements across admission pages and the likes.

Having said that, if you have a prior work experience, then it will definitely prove to be major advantage in the long run.

On an average, the salary after MS in Business Analytics in Canada is $133,666 per year or $68.55 per hour. Take note, as a fresher, you can start earning around $97,600 per year.

It is said, the average tuition fee for MS in Business Analytics in Canada is around 20,000 to 50,000 CAD.

Yes, there are various entrance scholarships available for MS in Business Analytics in Canada. The Scotiabank Fellowship and scholarship programs offered by McMaster University are some of the notable names in this context of the discussion.

Take note of the following points to know about the curriculum structure of the program.

  • 6 Semesters
  • Focuses on key business and economic concepts
  • These include organizational behavior, strategy and financial management.

International students in Canada need around C$30,000 to C$50,000 per year, depending on the course, lifestyle and other essentialities.

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