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GMAT Eligibility

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GMAT Eligibility

GMAT Documents Required

The documents needed to appear for GMAT are:

  • The name of the applicant with proper spelling as it is mentioned on the passport. 
  • Contact details such as email and phone number
  • Demographic information such as gender, ethnicity, date of birth, citizenship
  • Details of payment
  • Identification of data verified or collected at the GMAT test center like government-issued identification, digital photography, palm vein pattern, and signature. 

The documents that can be used as ID proof for the GMAT exam are:

  • Driving license
  • Passport
  • Military ID cards
  • National, state, or provisional ID cards

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates of at least 18 years can apply and they should have a graduation degree. No minimum or maximum marks is needed and the exam can be taken 5 times in a year with a gap of 16 days in every attempt. 


The GMAT exam is open to candidates all around the world. In this exam, there is no partiality based on religion, sex, background history, educational qualification, etc. Thus, there is no barricade of nationality for the GMAT exam. The rules and regulations of the GMAT exam are the same for all aspirants regardless of country of origin.

Educational Qualification:

The candidate who has completed a bachelor’s degree from a renowned institute or university can apply for the GMAT exam. No maximum or minimum academic qualification limit is needed for the test taker to take the GMAT.

Age limit:

Candidates should be at least 18 years old. Candidates who are of the 13-17 age limit can also apply for the GMAT exam but a consent letter is needed from the parents or Guardian.

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Minimum cut-off:

The cut-off GMAT exam will vary in different institutes and colleges. Based on the previous year’s trend the expected cut-off for GMAT 2023 is shown in the table below:

Management Institution

GMAT Score

Indian Institute Of Management, Calcutta


Xlri, Jamshedpur


Indian Institute Of Management, Indore


Indian Institute Of Management, Bengaluru


Indian School Of Business, Hyderabad


Indian Institute Of Management, Ahmedabad


S.P.Jain Institute Of Management, Mumbai


Indian Institute Of Foreign Trade, Delhi


Institute Of Management Technology, Ghaziabad


Birla Institute Of Technology And Science, Pilani


Indian Institute Of Technology, Madras


K.J.Somaiya Institute Of Management And Studies And Research, Mumbai


Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar


Fore School Of Management, Delhi


Shailesh J Mehta School Of Management, Mumbai


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Work experience:

The eligibility for the GMAT is dependent on the number of years of experience that the candidate has in that industry before applying for it. The candidate can either be a fresher or an industry expert as the test has to be taken. For ranking the application, the B-school admission teams will compile the work experience as well as the academic performance. Multiple factors such as certificates, profiles, work experience, and achievements are examined. 

Attempting limit for GMAT:

The GMAT exam can be given 5 times in a consecutive 12-month period. A gap of 16 days is needed between each attempt. 

Medium of instruction:

The mode of the GMAT exam is computer-based and it is in the English language. The candidates whose medium of instruction was not in English are also eligible for sitting in the GMAT exam that is a candidate who belongs to another nation that has a native language other than English can also take the GMAT exam. It has also been seen that candidates with non-English academic backgrounds have cleared the GMAT exam by following the correct approach and dedication in the GMAT exam preparation

Palm vein identification:

In the GMAT test, the palm vein is recorded by using the palm secure sensor. The palm secure sensor that is used to verify the palm is made by Fujitsu. For recording the palm, we have to hold the palm a couple of inches above the square sensor for several seconds. The palm vein will be scanned by infrared light and then it will be converted to a secured digital template. The palm vein identification is taken when the candidate enters the test center. This is done to prevent forgery during the exam and also to maintain the fairness of the exam. The Palm vein identification also prevents anyone from taking the GMAT exam on behalf of others. 

GMAT reservation criteria:

A candidate who has psychological disabilities, attention deficit hyperactive disorder, physical and systematic disabilities, and learning and cognitive disorders are eligible for the reservation criteria for GMAT. The candidate just needs to provide proof of disability and then he/she can sit for the GMAT exam. Thus, special provisions are provided to people with special needs. 

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GMAT eligibility for people with disabilities:

The candidates with disability are provided certain provisions such as they are given extra time for the GMAT, one additional rest break, medical devices allowed in the testing rooms, a trackball mouse, and a reader is also allowed who can read the items of the test to the test taker and can also record test taker responses, a recorder to record to test taker responses, the font is also enlarged on the PC monitor and a sign language interpreter. 

Things needed on the day of your test:

The rules and regulations of the test takers are very strict so it is very important to know what things the candidates need to bring to the test center. The number of items that are important for the candidate to bring to the test center is a valid GMAT-approved photo ID, an appointment confirmation letter or email, a passport is compulsory, and a water bottle. Some snacks and energy drinks can also be taken to the test center but the candidate can have them during the lunch breaks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is a standardized test used by many business schools as part of the admissions process for their MBA (Master of Business Administration) programs. The eligibility criteria for the GMAT are as follows:

  • Age: There is no age limit for taking the GMAT.
  • Educational Qualification: The candidate must have completed an undergraduate degree from a recognized university or college.
  • Citizenship: The GMAT can be taken by citizens of any country.
  • Frequency of attempts: The candidate can take the GMAT once every 16 days, up to five times in a rolling 12-month period.
  • Validity of scores: GMAT scores are valid for five years from the date of the GMAT test.
  • Identification: The candidate must present a valid and original government-issued photo identification document, such as a passport or a driver's license, on the day of the test.

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  • GMAT Palm Vein Identification

    Thanks to, I comprehended the significance of palm vein identification in GMAT security. Their explanation of the process reassured me of a fair and fraud-free testing environment.

    Kriti, Delhi
  • GMAT Accessibility for People with Disabilities enlightened me on GMAT provisions for candidates with disabilities. Their detailed explanation of accommodations, from extra time to sign language interpreters, assured me of equal opportunities.

    Divya, Delhi
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