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MS in Computer Science in USA

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MS in Computer Science in USA

Why Study Computer Science In The USA? 

Computer science at the moment is considerably important as the need of computer devices and their applications through various portable devices have been arising and dominating the world. The computer science and its applications have led to the development of a range of study disciplines which is primarily the reason for students to study this subject. The organisations in the information technology sector have been looking for knowledgeable candidates who have been successfully gathering the required knowledge in the field of computer science.

The computer science degrees and courses available in USA universities provides better opportunities and information about the algorithms and computations which is the primary basis for the storing and functioning of the information. Studying in USA allows the learners to learn about the various cultures as well as while studying for their computer science programs. The students will be able to gain globally recognised education and degrees which would enable them to obtain better employment opportunities. On an average, more than 100, 000 international students are opting to study in USA.

Through learning about computer science at the universities of USA, candidates will be able to obtain skills or problem solving which is an important sector in the computer science milieu. The students will also be able to learn about the techniques to develop, design and test the hardware and software which might be used to solve the problems in a variety of the social situations, business as well as scientific issues. The computer science sector possesses a significant human component considering computers solve various problems to assist the humans. Among the many reasons to study computer science in USA, the primary reasons usually encompass the various employment opportunities which arise and are going to arise due to the various computer based jobs. The computer science jobs are specifically expected to expands by a minimum of 15% between the years of 2018 and 2028, according to the Bureau of Labour Statistics.

The computer science graduates have a lower employment rate of 5% and thus having a career in computer science will ensure that the computer science graduates have better career opportunities in USA and abroad. The survey conducted by the United Sates Bureau of Labour Statistics revealed that there is going to be 200,000 job vacancies for the computer science graduates in the year 2021. The computer science specialists within the United State can expect a salary increment of at least 10% every 15 months. The foundational qualification which a candidate develops in computer science is held approximately at least 45% of the present employees within the computer science sector.   

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Popular Computer Science Courses In The USA 

The various popular computer science courses in the USA are as follows: 

  • Master of Science in Computer Science at Rivier University, Massachusetts, California 
  • Master’s in Computer Science at Columbia University (which has been ranked as the best online course in engineering by the World Report ranking) 
  • Master of Computer science at the University of Illinois 
  • Master of Computer science at Arizona State University 
  • Master of Computer science at Stanford University  
  • Master of Computer science at the Purdue University  
  • Masters of Science in Computer Science by Georgia Institute of Technology 
  • Computer Science Course by Carnegie Mellon University 
  • Master of Digital Science at Kent State University  

Duration Of Computer Science Courses In The USA 

The undergraduate degree in the Bachelor of Computer Science in the USA top universities is of a duration of 4 years and the post graduate degree in the Masters in Computer Science in the USA universities is of a duration of approximately two years. 

Cost Of Studying Computer Science Degree In The US

The cost of pursuing the bachelor in computer science in the USA is around 80,000 USD for the total program cost, which thus ranges between 25,138 USD to 67,000 USD per year dependent upon the course and the university. The cost of studying master’s degree in computer science in USA is also dependent on the course and the university and the particular course that is being opted for. The cost on average, for studying Masters i9n computer science ranges from 40,000 to 60,000 USD. 

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Cost Of Living In The US 

The living expenses in the USA is estimated to be around $10,000 to $18,000 per year. The expected cost of living includes the accommodation, boarding and room costs, food, travelling expenses, entertainment expenses, study materials and weather appropriate attire. According to some general estimates, the accommodation cost is $9,800 - $11,100 per year, $900 - $2,000 per year for the books and study material costs, $100 - $150 per month for electricity, $300 - $700 per year for travelling expenses, food accommodation cost on campus is $250 per month and food cost off-campus is $400 - $600 per month. The phone subscription cost is $50 per month approximately, health insurance costs ranging from $700 - $1,100 per year and clothing and washing costs being $500 per year and $50 - $75 per month, respectively. The living expenses usually differs from one state to another and the average monthly expenses in bigger cities such as New York, Boston, California, and San Francisco are $3300, $3316, $4000 and $4000, respectively. For other smaller cities, the average living expenses is usually $1300 to $2000 per month. For the private top colleges, the in-campus stay costs $1100 yearly and for public colleges the same is $9,800 yearly.

There are certain additional living expenses which should be considered while planning to live and study in the USA. The students should be able to meet the costs while planning to study and should also consider the cost increase by abut 6% to 9% every year due to external factors and inflation. Thus, it is advised that students keep $2000 for the additional living expenses while living in USA. The additional living expenses hence includes the travel expended between USA and the home country for the students during the vacation time and medical expenses which are usually not covered by the health insurance, for instance eye care, dental care and cosmetic treatments.

Additional expenses also include large purchases such as rental cars, furniture, electronic devices, other additional costs which the student might have. Expenses for entertainment, weekend trips, social outings, off-campus transportation, etc. should also be considered. The additional summer expenses, in the gap between the end of one session year and the beginning of another, would include room and board, and the grocery costs for the summer months, as the classes would be suspended. 

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Computer Science Courses In The US With Scholarships

The need for exceptionally qualified computer science graduates is on the rise and many students often need financial assistance to complete their college courses. As a result, many organisations and institutions and funding programs provide scholarships to the students wishing to pursue their computer science degrees in USA. The cost of earning a degree, especially in computer science is steep and hence financial aid in the form of scholarships allows students to focus on their academics and reduce their upfront costs. The scholarships are mostly awarded based on the various variable such as academic performance, financial need of the students, and community or volunteer involvement. The various scholarships which are applicable for the students pursuing or wishing to pursue their computer science degrees include: 

  • NSHSS STEAM Scholarship, which is applicable for students planning to study abroad for computer science and the award amount is $1000.  
  • SMART scholarship for service, which is applicable for the full tuition undergraduate and graduate students in the STEM fields, also including the computer science fields and the award amount is $22,000 - $38,000 per year 
  • IEEE President’s scholarship which is provided to students for outstanding project related to the computer science and the award amount is $10,000.  
  • AFCEA STEM Majors scholarship which is provided to eligible candidates who maintain a specific interest in cyber security and well as homeland security related disciplines. The scholarship amount is $2500-$5000.  
  • AAAS Mass Media Science and Engineering Fellows Program which is eligible for those candidates who have been enrolled in a full time college or university degree course at any level and should be majoring in computer science. This scholarship provides an amount of $6000 stipend to the eligible candidates.   
  • Adobe Research Women in Technology scholarship which is designated with the specific aim of promoting gender diversity within the workforce and thus the scholarship is exceptionally awarded to the women who are studying computer science worldwide. The students are expected to be enrolled at the undergraduate level study full time and the award amount is $10,000.  
  • The Robotics Education and Competition Foundation scholarship which encourages the students to pursues their careers in computer science by partnering with various universities.  
  • ISC Foundation undergraduate cybersecurity scholarship which is intended for the students who have been demonstrating financial need and are intending to pursue their undergraduate degree program with special focus in information assurance or cybersecurity. The award amount is $1000-$5000.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Master in Science in Computer Science degree (MSCS) is an advanced/PG course for aspirants wanting to learn the field skills and knowledge. The curriculum covers software development, cybersecurity, data analysis, and mechatronics. Moreover, those wanting to further progress in the field study can pursue Ph.D. in Computer Science.

Pursuing MS in Computer Science in the USA opens up several career options in various tech industries. It provides invaluable lessons and real-time research opportunities via top US colleges to increase competence and high-earning potential.

Furthermore, top US colleges also provide several CS curriculums for aspirants to specialize in and establish their name in the respective discipline. Schedule a consult with us to learn more about studying Computer Science in the USA.

  1. Properly filled admission form with payment receipt
  2. Educational transcripts
  3. IELTS/TOEFL recommended scores
  4. Bachelor's degree certificate from a reputed institution
  5. Recommendation letters
  6. US Student Visa photocopy
  7. SOPs – 1-2 Statement of Purposes

Some US Computer Science institutes typically require an IELTS score of 6.0 -6.5. Stay within this acceptable score. Check score criteria and related information from the University site or help desk.

it takes 1.5 years to complete a Master's in Computer Science from a top US university. The course is popular and offered across 400+ US universities. Consult with our experts on your study plan and traveling arrangements.

There are scholarships available for MS Computer Science apprentices in the USA. Refer below-

  1. Aga Foundation Scholarship.
  2. Generation Google Scholarship.
  3. AAUW International Fellowship.
  4. Global Study Awards

Enquire more about them through a web search. Also, learn about acceptable scores and other eligibility parameters.

You can work 20 hours a week part-time during MS in Computer Science- per American Student Visa. Furthermore, students can function 40 hours a week full-time during breaks and holidays. Learn more about working while studying prospects from our study abroad agents.

Computer Science Masters in the USA costs for Indian/International students is US$40,000 – 60,0000 in top institutions. Clarity from the chosen university website about specific pricing details.

Several Job opportunities for MS in Computer Science in the US are as follows –

  1. DevOps Engineer
  2. Software architect
  3. Software Developer
  4. Computer Scientist
  5. Security Engineers
  6. Android software/mobile application developer
  7. UNIX system administrator

And several others.

Indeed. International/Indian students can stay and work in the USA post-Computer Science graduation. They must have a USA F1 Student visa for OPT (Operation Practical Training). They work 20 hours a week and 40 hours during breaks and holidays.

MS in CS means Master in Computer Science. It is for students wanting to specialize in a field of expertise from the same UG stream or another subject discipline.

MS in IT means Masters in Information Technology. It is for students wanting to learn to design, manage, and implement fresh IT innovations and value-added services. Both are different study fields. But they have equally valuable to respective students in their specific fields.

What's required?

  1. Show a valid passport for 6 months beyond your stay period.
  2. Recent passport-sized photo.
  3. Securing a form 1-20 and paying the application fee
  4. Application as non-immigrant

Steps to Follow!

  1. Apply to a US college
  2. Secure the 1-20 form or DS 2019 form
  3. Pay the SEVIS 1-901 fee
  4. Correctly fill out the DS-160 form online and pick a US embassy for a VISA application interview
  5. Complete the application fee payment (US$ 160) and appear for the interview
  6. Secure your ready US Study VISA.

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After you complete the MS in Computer Science, you will become eligible for several high-paying job offers. Typically, you can expect to earn $70,000-98,000 per year. For Indian students, it equates to 40,00,000-60,00,000 INR (annually). Of course, this is an estimate. Depending on the location, position, and skills, the salary can also increase or be negotiated to your liking.

Studying MS in Computer Science in the US can be expensive for international students from medium-earning families. Also, the cost of living may be costly depending on the city you choose. Hence, picking the institution carefully and reviewing the total expenses (study + living costs) beforehand is important.

Students with MS in CS are valued throughout the US (and worldwide). The nation offers lots of lucrative job prospects for skilled candidates. The average salary in the USA post-Masters is AU$ 97,000. Speaking specifically, Data Scientists earn AU$ 98, 602 and Full-Stack developers make AU$ 119 828 (yearly). Besides these, there are other top-paying positions across the USA. So, study hard and become eligible for these wonderful job opportunities.

It depends on your aspirations and plans. If you wish to gather business knowledge and become a part of a leading corporate network, go for MBA from top US colleges. But, if you wish to specialize in some field discipline like, for example, Computer Science, go for an MS degree.

The valid age for securing Student Visa in the USA is 17-19 years. However, the application process can be confusing to first-timers. It's best to take professional help to make the process easier. Our VISA experts can help you with your application process and ensure you transition smoothly to your chosen country. Sign up immediately and secure a free consultation.

Students must secure over 60% in the Bachelor's degree to study MS in Computer Science in the USA. They must also acquire a 2.5 -3.0 GPA on a 4.0 measuring scale. Their GRE score must also be 280-310 to be considered strong contenders. IELTS /TOEFL scores are also needed.

Still, checking the required percentages from the chosen university's portal is best. Plus, sign up immediately if you need help excelling in the GRE, IELTS, or TOEFL. We will provide exam tips, face-to-face guidance, learning resources, and more.

GRE is the USA's mandatory entrance exam for MS in Computer Science. Students must have a GRE score of 290-310 or more, depending on various institutions' requirements. Besides this, students must also submit IELTS/TOEFL scores and SOPs. Enquire beforehand from the chosen US institution's portal to learn everything.

(As mentioned above), GRE is necessary for students seeking MS in Computer Science in the USA. They must secure a GRE score of 290-310. Of course, some institutions may want more than this score tally. So, it's best to clarify through their website or the student's help desk before committing.

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    Discover the keys to success in computer science education in the USA. Equip yourself with essential skills and seize lucrative opportunities in this thriving industry.

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