GMAT Exam Fees In India

A Complete Guide for Indian Students About GMAT Exam Fees

What Are The GMAT Exam Fees In India?

The GMAT exam fees in India are about INR 22,800. It is about $275. If the applicant wishes to change the centre of examination, or if he wishes to reschedule the test, the applicant will have to pay extra charges. If post payment, candidates do not show up for the test, even in such conditions, the candidates will be charged the full amount of INR 22,800. Online version of the test might be different for the candidate compared to the centre version of the test.   

Latest updates in GMAT

In the latest version of GMAT, the test duration has been reduced by 30 minutes. These changes will be levied from April 16, 2018. GMAC, who controls the examination rules and system, has reduced the test duration from 4 hours to 3.5 hours. This new format is made visible in the Tutorial Screens and the Quant and Verbal Section. It is a computer adaptive test which is conducted with the intention of assessing the students' analytical, writing, quantitative, verbal, and reading skills. The scores obtained based on these skill analysis tests on English writing can enable the students to understand their skill levels and undertake admission to a graduate management program.  

GMAT online exam

GMAT online version examination is conducted through a remote proctored version. This online version has been modified from the originally centre-based test designs. Such modifications have been made to help students meet their goals with ease. GMAT online examinations provide the students with even more choices and flexibility which helps them to perform to their level best on the test day. Such examinations and their modifications enable the candidates to confidently meet their business school goals. For example, GMAT 2022 was organized in online mode. 

Availability of GMAT online exam

GMAT exam is available to be delivered from the comfort of the home or any other private locations that the student finds comfortable. GMAT 2022 was conducted via online mode. Students are provided and made convenient with online appointments all year round. GMAT online mode examination is still available for the candidates who are willing to take the test. The online exam is available to eligible takers 24 hours a day. The students can take the services for 7 days a week. Online version of the test can be taken once in every 16 calendar days in a month. 

GMAT Eligibility 2023

The age limit of a candidate who is willing to take GMAT 2023 is a minimum of 18 years. If the candidate is underage as in if he is aged between 13-17 years of age, in such a case, the candidate will be needed to provide a written proof of consent from the guardian, parent or a legal guardian. GMAT does not provide an upper age limit for candidates who can apply for the examination. No eligibility in terms of educational qualification, has been decided by the GMAC for students to be deemed eligible to undertake GMAT educational qualification.    

GMAT Age Criteria

The eligibility criteria of GMAT 2023 were prescribed by the conducting body of the GMAT. There is an age criterion which is set by the GMAC for candidates who can apply for GMAT examination in the year 2023 and the age limit for the candidates are at least 18 years of age. If they are between 13-17 years of age, then such candidates will need to provide written proof of the guardian’s consent from their legal guardians or parents. According to GMAC, there is no upper age limit to apply in GMAT 2023. 

GMAT Exam Fees

Registration for GMAT 2023 examination can take place in online mode by the eligible candidates. They need to fill the GMAT registration form which is available on the website all year round. The GMAT fee is around $275, and in India, candidates are charged with approximately INR 22,800. Candidates are charged extra fees if they are willing to change the centre of examination or if they are willing to change the date of examination. If the candidate does not turn up for the examination after registering for it, the candidate will not get a refund of the payment done already.    

Grades And Scores

Grades and scores range from 200-800. Scores of two-thirds of the total test takers ranges from 400 to 800. The unofficial scores will be visible immediately after completion of the exam. Candidates are also provided with an opportunity to accept or cancel those scores. Around 75th percentile score or 650 score is considered to be a good GMAT score for the candidates. Such a score can make the candidate a competitive applicant for the MBA colleges and finance programs which are being offered by the business schools.

GMAT Score Validity

GMAT Score Validity stays for as long as five years from the year of examination. This needs to be taken into consideration before submitting the application in a business school. It is tough to secure a score of 700+ in GMAT. After five years, if the student wishes to apply for any business schools, then the student will have to apply for the examination again and sit for the exam again. With the new score, the candidate will have to apply for business schools.  

GMAT Registration 2023

To register for GMAT, students will need to visit the official website of the GMAC and then the candidate will need to click on the registration link. Personal data of the candidates needs to be provided at the time of registration. Details need to be verified before submitting them. With payment being done, the registration of the candidate for GMAT 2023 stands confirmed.

GMAT Exam Pattern

The GMAT 2023 test consists of 4 different sections. Each section has multiple-choice questions. Separate time limits are assigned for each section within which the candidate has to answer the questions. Scores of the test are made available immediately after the test. 

GMAT Preparation

Regular practice of questions from each section is to be done. 

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The online version of the GMAT costs $300 USD, while the testing-center version costs $275 USD

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