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Why Study Economics In The UK?

The UK has a long heritage of educating world leaders, many of which choose economics as their primary focus. The United Kingdom has been an excellent country for exploring natural beauty and educational purpose. Individuals belong to third world countries tend to experience limitation of opportunities for economic like subjects that prevent them to expand their educational base. United Kingdom is one such country that provides opportunities for higher studies, especially rare subjects to embrace multiculturism and diversity.

With social policy and financial markets making up part of many economics degrees, United Kingdom is currently offering appealing courses in economics along with accommodation to explore the culture, cuisine. it can open up careers at the highest level and support them to reach their dreams while living in a foreign country. Hence, having such rare degree will be recognized and respected around the world and provide an opportunity for employment, research and post doctorate. Hence, the students must opt for this option in country like United Kingdom where the students can explore their life as well as career. However, the students unable to consider such course due to financial constraints and hence, they unable to consider this as options.

UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) ae currently offering scholarship unlike other countries in order to improve the educational skills and knowledge base. The amount for the scholarship is approximately 11000 dollars in order to address their financial constraints. UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) website to find out more about the funding available if you are studying in the UK as an undergraduate student. 

Popular Economics Courses In The UK

The economics course in the United Kingdom that can ensure opportunities for employment and higher studies are following:

  • BSc (Hons) Economics
  • BSc (Hons) Economics and Finance with Year Abroad
  • BSc (Hons) Economics and Finance
  • BSc Econ (Hons) Economics, Finance and Management
  • BSc (Hons) Economics and Finance with Industrial Experience
  • Entrepreneurship Courses
  • Statistics & Probability Courses
  • Data Visualization Courses
  • Data Analysis Courses

Duration Of Economics Courses In The UK

This course economic study is studied full-time over one academic year or part-time over two years. However, all of the bachelor courses are offered to the individual students for at least 3 years and data-based courses are offered for 3 to 6 months or 1 year. The students require minimum 85% of the courses in order to eligible for the course.

Undergraduate Students:

The bachelor degree takes three or four years to complete an undergraduate degree.  The undergraduate usually explore their three years in the college campus to expand their knowledge and research skills. 

Graduate Students:

While bachelor degree takes three years at least, some of them are also considered to be four years. These are considered as the graduate degree and sometimes, they are used interchangeably as the graduates or undergraduate. In economics subject, the students usually spend 3 years in their college to obtain graduate degree with minimum exposure to the research. Other than UG and PG there are various 1-to-2-year diploma courses available that are sometimes considered to be graduate degree for some of the students. Colleges may be autonomous because they are empowered to examine their own degrees and hence, their graduate and undergraduate degree may differ.  

However, interchangeable terms are used for same course. In graduate level, the students are mostly provided with the knowledge of macro and microeconomics. However, the considerations are always given to other subjects such as politics, sociology, law, psychology, geography and history, at local and global levels.

Post-graduate Students:

The post graduate degrees are usually offered for two years. Some of the students are unable to afford high-cost degree in foreign universities and hence, they can apply for the post graduate scholarship offered by different countries in United Kingdom. The major focus of post graduate degree are econometrics because advanced econometrics draws upon your foundation knowledge in theoretical and applied econometrics, and explores applied econometrics in more detail.

The students who has successfully completed an undergraduate degree level course at a college or university can apply for this and able to gain research experience. Many postgraduate researchers work with people outside academia, for example in the public or private sectors. On the other hand, some of the individuals have experience of overseeing their project who will usually be a lecture, senior lecture. In economic degree, the students may be subjected to placement for overseeing projects and supervision or focusing on the department. 

Cost Of Studying Economics Degree In The UK

The cost of studying economic is high compared to other countries.  This is because UK courses are shorter and more intensive than those in many other nations and hence, it allows students to complete your degree more quickly compared to others. In this context, the students can seek scholarship and part time employment in order to broaden opportunities. 

Undergraduate Students: 

Undergraduate degrees are mostly expensive compared to postgraduate degrees because undergraduate degree requires extensive knowledge base while post graduate is an expansion of existing knowledge base. Therefore, for the undergraduate students, the cost of studying economics is 17000 to 34000 pounds. However, the individuals from other countries can also seek such degrees with the cost of 20000 to 40000 pounds in order to expand their career and explore their natural beauty.  23,000 per year for an undergraduate program. However, the current 2022/23 have reduced the cost for overseas students and improved the expansion of curriculum for the students. This is because   students studying in foreign countries are unable to afford such costly courses and may drop out in the middle of the year. Hence, Undergraduates who started their programme in 2022/23 or earlier, the fee for the year abroad is £4,625. They are provided with scholarships and other opportunities in order to meet their day-to-day costs. The common part time options are already present within the campus.

Graduate Students:

The undergraduate degrees are graduate degrees and hence, costing is same for the individuals to seek economic course in United Kingdom. 50% of the Home Undergraduate full-time fee of £9,250.  However, the cost of study abroad must be discussed with the coordinator before enrolling their name in the course.     

Post-Graduate Students:

Studying masters has been always expensive in United Kingdom because of high educational structure and skilled faculty.  Studying a rare subject like economic is expensive in both graduate and post graduate. The cost of studying Masters in Economics in UK's top universities can be ranging from 17,000 GBP to 34,000 GBP. In Indian money, it would be 16.17 lakhs - 32.34 lakhs INR.

However, students have options because can either choose to study in such highly well recognised schools or look for alternatives such as average rating colleges that can provide Economics degrees with cheap cost ranging from 11000 to 17000. The international students can also seek such program and the tuition fees for an international student in a top UK university is approximately £15,000 and it severe cases, it can be range up to £20000. For postgraduate programs, this is between £15,000 and £30,000, depending on the university. 

Cost Of Living In The UK

Cost of living in United Kingdom is, on average, 13.3% lower than in United States. This is because United States offers many scholarships that cover accommodation along with dormitory to live permanently. Consumer prices (including rent) in the United Kingdom are almost 8% lower than in the United States. While cost of living in UK is raising sharply in pandemic, a single person living in London will need around £1,500 per month. Family of four estimated monthly costs are 2,918.7$ (2,402.9£) without rent. A single person estimated monthly costs are 846.6$ (697.0£) without rent.

Economics Courses In The UK With Scholarships

The student living in the United Kingdom may not require extensive financial support but student Overseas requires a high financial support in order to expand the knowledge base.  Many students are unable to study abroad or drop out early due to the financial barrier and low education opportunity in their own country. The students now have an opportunity for a scholarship that is offered by the United Kingdom government. For example, Funding towards tuition fees for international postgraduates studying economics are mostly covered by scholarships.

Two scholarships of £13,000 per year and fifteen scholarships of £6,500 per year. The students can seek assistance for additional financial support through delivery work or other part time teaching. Fully Funded maximum of £31,088. covers tuition and living cost and   students obtaining 85% marks in all subjects can receive this scholarship. London School of Economics and Political Science is currently offering scholarships to the students. As a guide, General Course students should budget for the following over the 39 weeks they will be in London, but bear in mind that this is only a guide and excludes one-off costs such as flights.  The scholarships will be awarded primarily on the basis of financial need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Obtaining a Masters in Economics can be a valuable investment for your career, particularly if you're interested in pursuing a career in the field of economics, finance, or policy analysis.

In the UK, a Masters in Economics can be particularly beneficial, as the country is home to some of the world's top universities with reputable economics programs. Additionally, many of the UK's largest companies, including financial institutions and consulting firms, require advanced degrees in economics for many of their top positions.

A Master's degree in Economics can also be helpful in securing higher-paying jobs and advancing to more senior positions within an organization. In addition, it can provide you with advanced analytical and quantitative skills that are highly valued in a variety of fields.

The duration of a Masters in Economics program in the UK can vary depending on the specific program and university.

Most full-time Masters in Economics programs in the UK typically last for one year, which includes both coursework and a research project or dissertation. Some programs may also offer part-time options that can take longer to complete.

There are also some specialized Masters programs, such as the Master of Research (MRes) in Economics, which may take two years to complete. These programs often focus on research skills and may be particularly useful for those who are interested in pursuing a career in academia or research.

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