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Masters in Architecture in UK

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Masters in Architecture in UK

Masters in Architecture Overview

Do you aim to pursue a Master’s in Architecture in the UK? Congratulations on choosing a top-notch destination for studying abroad!

The spectacular marvels of English architecture, like the Shard or the amazing skyline of Birmingham, captivate our attention even in the busiest moments of our lives. This is due to the style, poise, and futuristic design that the United Kingdom holds a strong arm. Hence, studying the course of a Master’s in Architecture from any of the top universities in the country is a brilliant idea.

The best universities of architecture in the UK offer certain amazing programs that not only promise supreme quality education but also a fruitful career. Further, architects are in huge demand throughout the country, and pursuing a Master's in this outstanding land will open the door to numerous attractive opportunities.

In today’s comprehensive post, we aim to walk you through certain amazing insights about pursuing a Master in Architecture in the UK. We will break down everything you need to know about the top universities you should consider, essential requirements, the application process, employment opportunities after pursuing the program effectively and the like.

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Why Study Master’s in Architecture in UK?

The United Kingdom is known to be one of the best study destinations for international students in the world. Studying Masters in Architecture UK will enhance the prospects of your career by leaps and bounds. A professional degree in architecture from some of the top universities in the country is much more than just mastering the best ways to design buildings. It's also about feeling a sense of achievement and cherishing what you've designed and executed in your career after pursuing the course.

Here are certain significant reasons to pursue a Masters in Architecture in the United Kingdom –

  • Trending Courses – A degree inarchitecture from a top university in the country offers numerous attractive courses on the subject. Whether it is the creative side of design sketching or the mathematical edge of architecture, you can easily excel in all crucial aspects as a successful architect.
  • International Experience – The United Kingdom is the hub of remarkable architectural studies, and numerous international students dream of graduating from the best architecture universities in the country. Thus, it is a golden chance to make friends across the world and network remarkably while studying the best courses inarchitecture in Great Britain.
  • Design Exposure – There are countless universities for M. Arch in the UK offering various programs. This implies the study resources, experts, and design exposure you get by pursuing a program from any of the top universities will be unlimited.
  • Post-Study Work Permit – On the completion of the course, one can apply to extend their visa for 2 yearsto find their dream job. This will give you ample time to settle in the country.
  • Become a Member of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) – When you graduate from a top university of architecture, you will become a vital member of the elite group of RIBA. This is an architects association that determines the course of architectural study in the UK and overseas.

Again, the country is home to some of the highest-ranked global institutions and universities for architecture courses. Architects earn handsome salaries in the country, with increments every 12-16 months. Further, the universities in the country offer a rigorous curriculum that enables students to develop essential practical skills and have enough industry exposure.

Best Architecture Universities in UK for Masters

The UK is the proud home to various colleges and universities offering a supreme education quality in their M. Arch programs.

Check out certain best architecture colleges in the UK for Master’s that you may find worth exploring. These universities feature among the top ranks, as indicated by QS World University Rankings –

Institution’s Name Courses Offered and Duration Total Course Fees (in GBP)
University of Cambridge M St Architecture £39,000 or INR 39 Lakhs
Apprenticeship for 4 years
University of Manchester  M. Arch for 2 years £47,000 or INR 48 Lakhs
University College London  MS in Architectural Computation (1 year) £27,460 or INR 27.4 lakh
M. Arch (1 year) £29,260 or INR 30 lakh
M. Arch (1 year) £24,980 or INR 26 lakh
University of Edinburgh M. Arch for 1.8 years £25,000 or INR 25 lakh
Newcastle University M. Arch for 2 years £42,000 or INR 43 lakh
University of Sheffield  MS in Digital Architecture and Design, £22,000 or INR 22 lakh
Sustainable Architecture and Studies and MA in Urban Design  
Architectural Design for 1 year  
University of Liverpool M. Arch for 2 years £10.000 or INR 10 lakh
Oxford Brookes University M. Arch for 1 year £15,000 or INR 15 lakh
University of Reading  M. Arch for 2 years £23,000 or INR 23.5 lakh
University of Bath M. Arch for 2 years £37,000 or INR 37 lakh
University of Westminster  MA Architecture for 1 years £13,000 or INR 13 lakh
University of Strathclyde M. Arch in Architectural Design £19,000 or INR 19.5 lakh
University of Salford  M. Arch for 1 year £15,300 or INR 16 lakh
Queen’s University Belfast MSc in Advanced Architectural Design for one year £23,150 or INR 23 lakh

Please note the fees mentioned above are all approximate figures. Please check out the university websites diligently. You will be able to get the final confirmation. Additionally, the fees mentioned above are for every year.

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Top Architecture Courses in the UK for International Students

The Masters in Architecture in UK is greatly sought after by international students in the UK. This is hugely due to the brilliant campus placement opportunities offered by incredible colleges and universities to their architecture graduates. Specifically, the course lasts one year, but certain institutions may extend it to two years based on a curriculum.

International students come to the country to study Masters in Architecture in the country. Most universities tend to offer three kinds of degree courses – MS, M. Arch, and MA.

Certain renowned Master’s courses in the discipline are –

  • Architecture MA (Hons) taught at The University of Edinburgh
  • Architectural Engineering (with placement year) Meng (Hons) taught at the Loughborough University
  • Structural Engineering with Architecture M. Eng (Hons) taught at Queen’s University Belfast
  • Architecture M. Arch (Hons) taught at Cardiff University
  • Architecture MSci (Hons) taught at UCL

Other courses offered by renowned UK universities in various degree options are –

  • Arch
  • MA: Architectural Studies
  • MA: Interior Architecture
  • MSc: Architecture and Environmental Design
  • MSc Architectural Engineering: Environmental Design

Cost of Studying Master’s in Architecture in UK for Indian Students

If you want to pursue Masters in Architecture at the best universities in the UK, you can expect to pay anywhere between £16,000-42,000 or INR 16-42 lakh per annum. Certain additional changes that you may need to incur are the following –

  • UCAS (Universities & Colleges Admissions Service) Application Fees – £20 or INR 2000 (approx.).
  • Student Visa ApplicationFees – £350 or INR 35,000 (approx.)
  • IELTS fees- £150 or INR 15,000 (approx.)
  • Health Insurance Costs – £270 or INR 27,000 (approx.)
  • Accommodation fees – £130-160 or INR 13000-16,000 every week.
  • Costs of food – £10 or INR1000 every week.
  • Costs of Telephone – £50 or INR 5000 every week.
  • Expenditure of Household - £10 or INR1000 every week.
  • Books and Study Materials - £10 or INR10,000 every week.
  • Miscellaneous Expenditure – £45 or INR 5000 every week.

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Available Scholarships for Students to Study Master’s in Architecture in the UK

Numerous scholarship opportunities exist for students who want to pursue architecture in the United Kingdom.

Let’s take a look at the same –

Name of the Institution Scholarship Scholarship Amount
Cardiff University Vice Chancellor’s International Scholarship £ 2000
University of Cambridge Apprenticeship Fees £22,000
University of Sheffield International Postgraduate Scholarship £2000-3000
University College London Alumni Scholarship £10,000
University of Bath Dean’s Award for Academic Excellence £6000
Newcastle University Vice-Chancellor’s Excellence Scholarships -Postgraduate 50% or 100% coverage of the tuition fees
University of Edinburgh Chevening Scholarship Covers tuition fees
Oxford Brookes University Oxford Brookes University Scholarship £2500
Loughborough University Commonwealth Master’s Scholarship Full coverage for the tuition fees
UK Government Commonwealth Masters Scholarship Full tuition fee coverage
The University of Nottingham British Council Scholarship for Women in STEM Varies
University of Westminster Great Start Scholarship Partial funding or £2000
The University of Strathclyde Mature Student Hardship Fund £500-1000

Please note all these course fees and salaries are average amounts and subject to change based on different conditions.

Admission Requirements of Masters in Architecture in UK

The needs and admission requirements of top universities for Masters in Sustainable Architecture in UK depends upon the university you’re applying to. The eligibility hugely differs based on the university of the architecture you're applying to, full-time or part-time.  

But, some of the most essential requirements of the best universities for architecture in the UK are –

Eligibility Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject with 60% marks or UK 2.1 or 50% marks/ UK 2.2. Certain institutions can require anywhere between 65-69%.
  • A high CGPA score of 8/10 or 6.5-7.
  • A personal design portfolio
  • Proof of English Language Proficiency through TOEFL or IELTS scores. This score can be

6.5-7.5 for most universities granting admission to applicants.

Essential Documents Required

  • Portfolio of samples and design work which aredone for companies and in educational courses. New work can be added to this portfolio at any time. This can incorporate sketches, diagrams, and explanations.
  • SOP or Personal Statement that can beused to explain the candidate’s prior education and professional experience while stating why a specific program and the country will help them pursue future goals.
  • Resume or CV.
  • Letter of support akin to referral letters, although majorly crafted by employers, speaking about how the aspirant will benefit from the course and their performance in the professional sphere.
  • Academic transcripts of the school of graduation. This should incorporate mark sheets and scores in undergraduate degrees and other courses.

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Job Prospects after Master’s in Architecture in the UK

The United Kingdom is one of the best employment markets for those who are completing a Masters in Architecture, full-time or part-time. Individuals who study in UK and successfully get a degree in architecture can expect average salaries between 22,000-45,000 GBP or INR 23-45 lakh annually. This hugely varies based on the specific job role in question. Top recruiters are Broadway Malyan, Zaha Hadid Architects, Foster and Partners, Adamson Associates Architects, Balfour Beatty, and the like.

Individuals who are working as architects can expect median salaries of 33,000 GBP or, on average, INR 34 lakhs per year. On the other hand, project architects can earn up to 37,000 GBP or INR 37 lakh annually. Design architects can also earn up to 33,000 GBP (on average INR 33lakh respectively) every year. Project managers can earn up to 40,000 GBP or INR 41 lakh annually, while interior designers can earn up to 28,000 GBP or INR 28 lakh annually. On the other hand, interior designers earn up to 28,000 GBP or INR 28 lakh per annum.

Senior project architects and 3D artists get salaries of 41,000 GBP (INR 42 lakh approx.) and 26,000 GBP (INR 26 lakh) annually. Additionally, interns can start from 23,000 GBP or INR 23 lakh annually.

You can opt for any job you wish and work in certain best architecture companies in the UK. Here are some of the best architectural firms to work for in the country –

  • Foster + Partners
  • BDP – Building Design Partnership
  • Zaha Hadid Architects
  • Allies and Morrison
  • Sheppard Robson
  • Grimshaw
  • Hawkins/Brown Architect

The best part about pursuing a Master in Architecture in the UK is that you will learn from the best in the field. You will also be learning with the top students and from some of the most ancient universities in the world. This also implies that you can master the past, present, and future of design and architecture from the UK. Further, a structurally well-developed country hosts countless opportunities for the graduates of architecture in aspects of career and scope. Here's wishing you all the luck to a prosperous future ahead!

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Frequently Asked Questions on Masters in Architecture in the UK

Masters in Architecture in the UK is a 1–2-year post-graduate degree program available in 3-degree options -M. Arch, MSc, and MA. Have a look at certain best universities to study M. Arch in the UK –

  • University of Cambridge
  • Cardiff University
  • University College London
  • Loughborough University
  • University of Salford
  • Ulster University
  • University of Edinburgh
  • University of Sheffield
  • University of Liverpool
  • University of Nottingham
  • UWE Bristol

With the right work experience, as a qualified architect, one can expect to earn between £30,000 - £45,000 every year. As you gain more experience in the field, you can expect to earn more quickly. Architects who have even more years of experience can expect a salary of up to £70,000 a year.

The needs and requirements for MA Architecture in the UK depend upon the university you are applying to. The eligibility varies based on the top universities of architecture in the UK. However, certain most essential eligibility requirements are –

  • Professional Bachelor’s in Architecture or relevant fields
  • High CGPA score
  • English Language Proficiency Requirements
  • Work experience and LORs
  • SOPs
  • A portfolio
  • Valid Passport and Visa

The United Kingdom is perhaps the best employment market for those pursuing their Master’s in Architecture. Graduates can expect average salaries between 22,000-45,000 GBP or INR 22-45 lakh per year, based on job role in context. Certain top companies are Broadway Malyan, Zaga Hadid Architects. Foster and Partners, Balfour Beatty, Adamson Associates Architects, and the like.

The Master’s of Architecture in the UK is a full-time 1-2 years course. M. Arch, MS, and MA versions are available for the subject at this level.

The UK job market is flourishing with lucrative career opportunities for Indian course graduates who are completing M, Arch from a recognised university in the UK. Here are certain most famous job roles that may open after course completion –

  • Design Architect
  • 3D Artist
  • Architectural Design
  • Architectural Intern
  • Architect
  • Interior Designer

MBA in Real Estate and Urban Infrastructure, an MBA in Construction Project Management, and an MBA in Construction Economics and Quantity Surveying are certain best courses for architects.

An MBA in architecture is a mix of business management principles with specialised knowledge in construction and architecture. The subjects in an Architecture MBA course may include –

  • Business fundamentals
  • Architecture and Design management
  • Construction management
  • Real estate development
  • Leadership and professional development
  • Technology and innovation in architecture
  • Legal and regulatory aspects
  • Sustainability and environmental design

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