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Master of Public Health in Australia

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Master of Public Health in Australia

Why Study Public Health In The Australia?

The excellent education system of the country is the primary reason to pursue public health courses, and also the education system is supported by the affordable living and a friendly environment. In the English speaking world, after USA, Australia is the island nation that is considered to be the second most preferred international students designation to pursue courses. Healthcare industry in Australia is witnessing raid growth with increasing job opportunities, and the country is also known for some of the finest universities that is renowned internationally. In addition to this, universities for study in Australia has experienced academicians and top notch infrastructure that accelerate delivery of programs of public healthcare. Another added advantage of pursuing public health course in the country.

While studying up to 20 hours a week, international student also has the opportunity to work, so that they can offset the living expenses and gaining work experience at the same time. A wide range of career can be pursued by public health graduates across policy and researchers position at public and private health providers, non-government organisations, research centres, academic institutions and government ministries.

The people who are involved in taking public health study as career path are mostly referred with some rewarding roles and mainly because it is not very easy to find such jobs as it gives the opportunity for making an intensely positive difference for a number of individuals lives, this is therefore, one of the key benefits of working in the public health sector.

Meanwhile, public health sector is found to have some misunderstandings and myths, as anyone who works for the public sector is not a voluntary worker and not even, he/she works for the assembly of the government, therefore it can be said that a public health worker is someone who works for the people and their wellbeing. It is also considered that public health job is a low-income career which is the most common myth amongst all. On the other hand, the monetary reward is one of the greatest benefits if working in the public health sector.

Popular Public Health Courses In Australia

Some of the most common and popular health courses in Australia which are mostly opted  by the Australian students are Bachelor of Medical Studies/Doctor of Medicines, Bachelor of Nursing, Master of Information Technology Digital Health, Master of Public Health in Health Policy Systems and Practice while other courses also includes Master of Global Health/Master of infectious disease Intelligence, Master of Public Health-Epidemiology, Master of Public Health in Health economics and Economic Evaluation, Master of Public Health(Global nutrition and active living), Master  of advanced service management, Bachelor of Health Sciences, Master of Public Health Diploma, Bachelor of Science(Physiotherapy), Bachelor of Arts in Phycological Arts, Graduate certificate in Clinical Ultrasound, Bachelor of Veterinary Science, Bachelor of Science in Immunology, Bachelor of Applied Science in Physiotherapy, Graduate certificate in occupational health and Safety, Diploma in Fitness and health promotion, Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine, Post Graduate Diploma in Health Science, Bachelor of Pharmacy, Bachelor of Veterinary Biology and Doctor of  Veterinary of Medicine, Bachelor of Dental Science, Bachelor of Nursing- Leadership Management.

Public Health Courses Duration In Australia

Duration of public health courses varies from University to University, and the duration for the part time courses is four years, and the minimum duration for the full time courses is 1 years and the maximum duration and two years full time. The table below demonstrates the public health courses (masters curses) offered by different universities with different time duration.

Name of the University

Time duration of the course

University of New South Wales

1-year full time

Australian National University

1-year full time

University of Western Australia

1.5 years full time

University of Queensland

1.5 years full time

University of Wollongong

1.5 years full time

Monash University

2 years full time

Australian National University

2 years full time

Deakin University

2 years full time

Deakin University

3 years part time

Deakin University

4 years part time

Cost Of Pursuing Public Health Course In Australia

In Australia, public health courses are one of the most affordable programs for the international students. There is a difference between the cost of pursuing a bachelorette of public health and masters in the public health courses. The cost of pursuing public health course in Australia is not the same because of the variations in the tuition and other fees paid to different Universities by the intentional students.

Hence, the computation of cost of studying the public health course would depend to a great extent on the fees that are charged by the institutions. However, despite the costs incurred, it is assured that the availability of world class material and human resources that constitute the education system of Australia would provide the students with maximum utility.

The tuition fees of pursuing public health courses in Australia depends on the Universities rom where the students opt to pursue the course. It is because the tuition fees charged for the course varies and differ from university to university. However, sometimes the variation can be offset because of the campus facilities and infrastructure enjoyed in some of the best destinations of the world.

However, several other expenses are required to be factored in the goal of studying the public health courses in the country. These expenses include pre arrival expenses and different class of expenses include visa application fee, program application fee, health insurance cover, air travel ticket, TOEFL fees and IELTS fees. Therefore, the cost of pursuing public health courses in Australia includes the tuition fees that incorporates different expenses, and the cost of living expenses incurred for the entire duration of the course. Apart from the tuition fees and other expenses, international students such as Indian students are also required to compute their cost of living. The living cost in Australia can be demonstrated in the table below.

Expenses Type

Estimated Costs to be incurred by the Indian students


3.02 to 21.02 lakhs

Share rentals

1.67 to 18.68 lakhs

Guesthouse and hostel

2.85 to 27.6 lakhs 

Eating Out and Groceries

3.21 to 7.62 lakhs


50000 to 3.66 lakhs

Public transport

1 lakh-4 lakhs

Cost Of Living In The Australia

Living standards in Australia is high, but with the ethnic composition of population in the country, the living cost is diversified. The location and spending habits also forms the basis of overall living expenses in the country. In Australia, price have been rising in the recent times because of the global inflationary trends brought due to the disruptions in the supply chain resulting from the coronavirus pandemic.

Rising price implies that the cost of living in the country is also increasing, and it is indicated by the data from the Australian Statistics Bureau that lesser degree of inflation is being experienced by some other cities in the country. When estimating the cost of living in the country while pursuing the courses, it is advised to the international students that they factor in inflation rate so as to determine the total cost of living.

It is important to consider wide range of living expenses that would be required by the international students when perusing their courses in Australia. One of the major categories of costs comprise of everyday expense, and everyday expense includes internet and phone, eating out and groceries, electricity and gas, car maintenance, public transport and entertainment. Health insurance is another cost that is required to be incorporated when computing the total cost of living.

These costs include  individual cost to cover health insurance, and it requires to acquire overseas health student health cover as a part of the procedure of visa application. Airfare should also be incorporated, and when applying for Australian visa, it is required by the student to have a return airfare. Some other costs include cost incurred on study abroad materials including books, amenities fees, student service fees and taxes.

Public Health Courses In The Australia With Scholarships

Cost of pursuing masters course in public health in Australia can be unnerving for many, however, the government of Australia contributes in nursing and attracting talent besides private organizations or institutions offering scholarship. The financial burden on pursuing international degree can be mitigated by way of several scholarships. For the international students, there are various public health scholarships offered by different universities in the country.

These scholarships include western Sydney international scholarship, Ellse and Jack Middleditch PGCW scholarship, Deakin Global health leader scholarship, Singapore health Bursary, Menzies international academic support package, The university of Adelaide college international scholarship, The university of Adelaide college high achiever progression scholarship,  The Eynesbury college high achiever progression scholarship, higher education scholarships, Conacyt Mexican scholarship program and alumni scholarship.

In addition to this, some of the other scholarships or awards to pursue master’s degree in public health includes Harvey Sutton Public Health Scholarship, Maria Sklodowska-Curie Actions Scholarship, Australian Development Scholarship, Australian Global University Award and Monash Merit Scholarship.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Master of Public Health in Australia guarantees a lucrative career in the country. Further, the Australian universities house some of the best academicians, thus providing an assurance of learning lessons from the best minds. A Master's in Public Health in Australia can attract a career with an average salary of AUD 127,000.

Here’s a look at some of the universities offering Masters in Public Health in Australia:

  • University of Melbourne
  • University of Queensland
  • University of Sydney
  • Monash University
  • University of New South Wales
  • University of Western Australia

It is crucial to know about the requirements and apply to any of the universities mentioned above.

Here are a few reasons Australia is the best place to pursue Masters in Public Health:

  • The country has an excellent infrastructure, thus ensuring the best experience for international students
  • The job market in Australia is booming, and there are enough high-paying jobs available in the country
  • The universities in Australia are listed among the top 100 universities as per QS World University Rankings 2023
  • A Masters in Public Health guarantees jobs with an average salary of AUD 127,000

If you have an interest in the subject, take the necessary steps and start applying to the universities offering this course.

The country offers high-paying jobs to students graduating with a Master’s in Public Health. Students get the opportunity to learn about public health from the best minds at the best universities. Further, the country has ample job opportunities for public health students, and that makes the discipline even more popular.

Australia hosts some of the finest universities in the world offering master's in public health. However, the Australian National University has been at the top of the list among students willing to pursue the course. The university holds a global rank of 30 and has the best infrastructure and the best minds to help students overcome the odds.

Students willing to apply to Masters in Public Health must have a minimum of 60% in a relevant field. In addition, the candidate must also have some relevant work experience of at least two years to get a call from one of the prestigious universities in Australia. The country accepts international students for this course in two intakes.

Here’s a look into the admission requirements for Masters in Public Health in Australia:

  • Bachelor’s degree in any health sciences domain with a minimum of 60%
  • English proficiency test scores
  • University admission test, if applicable

Ask for help from one of the education consultants to learn more about the process and prepare accordingly.

The Australian universities offering MPH need a score of 61 with at least 54 in all communicative skills in PTE to grant admission to students to MPH. You need to prepare well to get the minimum score and confirm a seat at one of the finest universities.

You need to prove your proficiency in English if you are coming from a non-English speaking nation. To get admission for MPH in Australia, you need to have a 6.5 in IELTS or 90 in TOEFL.

There are various scholarships for international students applying for Masters in Public Health in Australia. The requirements vary from one scholarship to another. However, if you have a Bachelor’s degree with minimum marks and good English proficiency test scores, you can go ahead and apply for one.

You can complete studying Master of Public Health in Australia in one year if you study full-time or two years if you study part-time.

The tuition fees for Masters in Public Health in Australia vary from one university to another. The average tuition fees vary from AUD 30,000-50,000.

Follow these steps to apply for a student visa in Australia:

  • Share your Confirmation of Enrolment
  • Share translated copies of all documents
  • Get your health check-up
  • Complete biometrics

You can ask an educational consultant to help you with the process.

The average salary of MPH graduates in Australia ranges between AUD 68,000-147,000. You can be assured of a lucrative career once you complete the course.

An MPH in Australia can open a wide range of career opportunities, such as:

  • Medical and health services manager
  • Health educator
  • Community health worker
  • Public health management analyst, and many more.

Student Reviews on MS of Public Health in Australia

  • Complete Guidance Throughout

    Excellent work.

    Priya, Delhi
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