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Masters in Mechanical Engineering in USA

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MS in Mechanical Engineering in USA

Why Choose MS in Mechanical Engineering in USA?

When considering pursuing an MS in mechanical engineering, it's essential to recognize why the USA stands out as a premier academic destination in this field:

  1. Lucrative Salaries: According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), mechanical engineers in the USA enjoyed a median average salary of $95,300 in 2021, with prospects for further increase due to high demand in the job market.
  2. Abundant Employment Opportunities: The USA offers a plethora of job opportunities for mechanical engineers, making it an attractive prospect for international students. States like Michigan (32,520), California (28,450), and Texas (20,840) boast the highest employment rates in this field, promising ample prospects for aspiring professionals.
  3. Diverse Course Offerings: American universities provide a comprehensive curriculum in mechanical engineering, covering a wide array of subjects such as advanced dynamics, elasticity, and manufacturing engineering. This interdisciplinary course structure ensures that students acquire the requisite knowledge and skills aligned with the evolving demands of the industry.
  4. No GRE Requirements: Many universities in USA offer MS programs in mechanical engineering without mandating GRE scores. Instead, they consider alternative academic metrics for admission. Institutions like the University of Dayton, California State University, and the University of Bridgeport exemplify this approach, providing accessible pathways for aspiring mechanical engineers, including international students, to pursue their academic aspirations.
  5. Global Recognition: The USA consistently ranks high in world university rankings for its mechanical engineering degree, further enhancing its appeal to international students seeking quality education in this field. Institutions renowned for their mechanical engineering masters and related disciplines, such as biomedical engineering, attract pupils from around the globe, offering a rich academic experience and valuable networking opportunities.

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Top Universities in USA for MS in Mechanical Engineering

According to THE World University Rankings 2024, the top ten MS in Mechanical Engineer colleges in the United States are listed below:

-Top 10 MS in Mechanical Engineering Colleges in USA


THE World University Rankings 2024 – Mechanical Engineering

Stanford University




Harvard University


Princeton University


California Institute of Technology


University of California, Berkeley


Yale University


Johns Hopkins University


University of Pennsylvania


Columbia University


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Eligibility & Admission Process of MS in Mechanical Engineering in USA

For international students aspiring to pursue MS courses in mechanical engineering in the USA, understanding the complete eligibility criteria is paramount. While specific requirements may vary across universities, a standard process is generally followed. Here's an overview:

  1. Bachelor’s Degree: Indian students must hold a bachelor's degree from a recognized university, preferably in a science or engineering program. Having completed coursework relevant to mechanical engineering, such as materials engineering, fluid mechanics, and mechanical systems, can enhance the application. Additionally, a minimum GPA of 3.2 or above is typically required.
  2. English Language Proficiency: Proficiency in English is essential for students seeking to study in the USA. Most universities require applicants to submit scores from English Language Proficiency (ELP) tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE. The minimum expected scores often range from TOEFL IBT—80+ to IELTS—6.5, ensuring that you possess the language skills necessary to succeed in your studies.
  3. GRE Score: While not universally required, some universities, including prestigious institutions like Purdue University, may mandate GRE scores as part of the admission process for MS programs in mechanical engineering. One should be prepared to fulfil this requirement by achieving competitive GRE scores.

Students, including those from India, should thoroughly review and meet these eligibility criteria when applying for master's degrees in mechanical engineering in the USA. By ensuring compliance with these standards, students can enhance their chances of securing admission to reputable institutions and pursuing their academic and professional goals in this dynamic field.

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MS in Mechanical Engineering Courses in USA for International Students

For someone seeking MS in Mechanical Engineering courses in the USA, there are abundant opportunities offered by prestigious universities across the country. Here's a glimpse into what these programs entail:

  1. Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering: Pursuing an MS in mechanical engineering in the USA opens doors to advanced studies in this field, catering to students with a science degree background. These programs provide a comprehensive education in mechanical engineering, covering diverse topics such as energy science, energy systems, heat transfer, and more.
  2. Engineering in the USA: Renowned for their academic excellence and cutting-edge research, prestigious universities in the USA, including Michigan Ann Arbor and New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), offer MS programs in mechanical engineering. These institutions consistently rank high in world rankings, attracting students from around the globe.
  3. Interdisciplinary Courses: Many universities in the USA offer opportunities to explore interdisciplinary courses, allowing students to integrate concepts from mechanical engineering with other fields such as computer science. This approach fosters innovation and prepares students for diverse career paths in the ever-evolving engineering landscape.
  4. Michigan Ann Arbor: The University of Ann Arbor stands out for its robust mechanical engineering program, offering state-of-the-art facilities and renowned faculty members. Students benefit from a dynamic learning environment and opportunities for hands-on research in areas like heat transfer and energy systems.
  5. New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT): NJIT offers a range of MS courses in mechanical engineering, emphasizing practical skills and real-world applications. With its strategic location near major industries and research centers, NJIT provides with valuable networking opportunities and hands-on experience in the field.

For one aspiring to pursue an MS mechanical engineering, universities in the USA offer world-class education, cutting-edge research opportunities, and a supportive academic environment to help them thrive in their academic and professional endeavors.

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Cost of Studying Masters in Mechanical Engineering in the USA for Indian Students

For students eyeing an MS in mechanical engineering in the USA, understanding the associated cost factors is crucial. Let's delve into the specifics:

-Fee structure of masters in mechanical engineering in USA

The tuition fees for pursuing a Master's in mechanical engineering in the USA can vary significantly from one university to another. Some institutions may charge up to $53,000 per year for the program. Moreover, fee structures may differ, with some universities adopting semester-wise or per-credit-hour billing methods, with costs ranging from $1000+ per unit or $9,401 per credit.

-Living Cost for masters in mechanical engineering in USA

In addition to tuition fees, you must consider the cost of living in the USA, which typically ranges from $10,000 to $20,000 per year. This encompasses expenses such as accommodation rent, transportation, miscellaneous expenses, and lifestyle choices. Choosing the best student cities to live in the USA can also impact living costs.

As an international student pursuing an MS in mechanical engineering, including those considering esteemed institutions like Purdue University, it's essential to factor in these costs when planning your academic journey. By understanding and budgeting for both tuition fees and living expenses, you can make informed decisions and ensure a smooth transition to studying engineering in the USA, maximizing their educational experience while managing financial considerations.

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Scholarship Programs for Masters in Mechanical Engineering in USA

When considering studying in USA, it's important to acknowledge the financial investment required, but fortunately, there are numerous scholarships available to ease the burden. Here are some top-notch scholarships offered by leading institutions:

  1. MIT Scholarships: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) stands out for its generous financial aid packages. MIT provides scholarships to 6 out of 10, with an average amount of US$22,647. Additionally, families with annual incomes below $90,000 may have their tuition covered entirely.
  2. Top Universities: Institutions like MIT, located in West Lafayette, and other top universities in the USA offer various scholarships. These scholarships help alleviate the financial strain of tuition fees and living expenses, making education accessible to deserving candidates.
  3. Course Details and Admission Requirements: Before applying for scholarships, one should thoroughly research the course details and admission requirements of their desired programs. Understanding the minimum IELTS score or other language proficiency requirements is crucial for successful application.
  4. Several Scholarships Available: Apart from MIT, many other universities in the USA offer scholarships based on academic merit, financial need, or specific criteria related to the field of study. These scholarships cover a range of expenses, including tuition fees, accommodation, and study materials.
  5. Application Fee Waivers: Some universities also offer application fee waivers, reducing the initial financial burden of applying for admission. This gesture demonstrates these institutions' commitment to promoting diversity and inclusivity among their student body.

While studying in the USA may come with a significant financial commitment, the availability of scholarships and other forms of financial aid ensures that deserving ones can pursue their educational goals without undue financial strain. By taking advantage of these opportunities, one can fulfill their aspirations of studying engineering and other disciplines at esteemed institutions in the USA.

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Salaries after MS in Mechanical Engineering in USA

Here's a tabular representation of salaries after for Mechanical Engineers in the USA:

Job Title

Average Salary (USD)

Job Description

Mechanical Engineer

$80,000 - $120,000

Designing, developing, and testing mechanical devices and systems for various industries such as manufacturing, aerospace, and robotics.

Manufacturing Engineer

$70,000 - $110,000

Improving and optimizing manufacturing processes and systems to enhance efficiency, quality, and productivity.

Robotics Engineer

$90,000 - $130,000

Developing and implementing robotic systems for automation in industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, and logistics.

Aerospace Engineer

$85,000 - $125,000

Designing, testing, and maintaining aircraft, spacecraft, and related systems for commercial, military, and space exploration purposes.

These salary ranges are based on data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics and reflect the earnings potential for individuals with an MS in manufacturing engineering from universities in the USA. Salaries may vary depending on factors such as location, experience, and specific job roles within the broad field of mechanical engineering.

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FAQs on MS in Mechanical Engineering in USA

Pursuing a master in mechanical engineering in the USA can be highly rewarding. It offers access to top-notch education, research opportunities, and a dynamic job market. With renowned institutions, cutting-edge facilities, and ample resources, pursuing MS in the USA can significantly enhance your career prospects in the field.

Yes, many colleges in the USA offer a full-time program in mechanical engineering, providing flexibility for pupils who may not be able to attend classes on campus. These programs typically offer the same quality education and curriculum as traditional on-campus programs.

The tuition fees for MS programs in mechanical engineering in the USA vary depending on the university, program duration, and whether you are an international or domestic student. On average, tuition fees can range from $20,000 to $50,000 per year.

The duration of mechanical engineering in the USA typically ranges from one to two years for a master's. However, this can vary depending on factors such as whether the program is full-time or part-time, and if the student opts for any specializations or research projects.

As an Indian student aspiring to study MS in Mechanical Engineering in the USA, it's essential to start by researching colleges and programs that align with your academic and career goals. Consider factors such as curriculum, faculty expertise, research opportunities, and financial aid options.

Mechanical engineers in the USA have a wide range of job opportunities across various industries, including automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, energy, and robotics. They can work as design engineers (designing machines), project managers, research scientists, and consultants, among others. With the USA being a hub for innovation and technology, mechanical engineers can expect rewarding career prospects with ample growth opportunities.

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    Personalized approach helped me navigate the complexities of studying mechanical engineering in the USA. Their scholarship insights made studying abroad affordable and rewarding."

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    Exceeded my expectations with their comprehensive support for studying mechanical engineering in the USA. Their scholarship suggestions made pursuing my dream degree a reality.

    Sandeep, Noida
  • Empowering Aspirations

    My guiding light in pursuing mechanical engineering in the USA. Their scholarship suggestions and university recommendations made my dream achievable.

    Prakash, Noida
  • A Guiding Light for Studying Mechanical Engineering Abroad

    Navigating the prospect of studying mechanical engineering in the USA was overwhelming until I stumbled upon this guide. It meticulously outlines every aspect of the journey, from choosing the right institution to financial planning and scholarship opportunities. The detailed analysis of universities, combined with insights into the admission process and potential career paths, offered me a clear vision of my future academic endeavors. 

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