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Duolingo Eligibility Criteria

Discover who can take the Duolingo English test

Duolingo Eligibility Criteria

Who can take the Duolingo English test?

Thousands of organizations around the world recognize an affordable and convenient language certification test, the Duolingo English Test. Any individual can take the Duolingo English Test online on their personal computers. The Duolingo English Test, which can be taken online from any location at any time, is available to aspirants who desire to demonstrate their proficiency in the language. There are no set requirements for eligibility, whether they are academic or not. The only prerequisite is that children under the age of 13 should be supervised by an adult for attending the test. It also assesses all four language skills, reading, writing, listening, and speaking, just like the conventional study abroad exams IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE.

Duolingo Test Requirements

The candidates are required to have a computer, a reliable internet connection, a quiet, well-lit room, a passport, driver's license, or other government ID, and 60 minutes of free time. A candidate's computer is required to have a front-facing camera, speakers, Windows or macOS, and a microphone. 

Duolingo Exam Eligibility Criteria

There are no academic transcripts or certificates needed to take the Duolingo English test. Anyone who desires to assess their level of English proficiency can take the test from anywhere in the world. There is no prerequisite education needed for attempting Duolingo. It is open to students in grades 6, 8, and 9. One of the test's most significant features is that students are able to take Duolingo if they want to apply to all levels of study abroad.

Age Criteria To Take The Duolingo English Test

Any individual who wants to take the Duolingo test can take it. There are no rigid age restrictions or age criteria. However, in order to take the test, anyone under the age of 13 must have their parents' consent. The same information can be provided during online registration.

Academic Qualification To Take The Duolingo English Test

Officially, Duolingo has not established any prerequisites for academic achievement on the test. In order to take the exam, candidates are not required to demonstrate their academic credentials. Anyone from anywhere in the world is able to register, make payments, and take the test. There are no academic transcripts or certificates needed to take the Duolingo English test. Anyone who intends to assess their level of English language proficiency can appear for the test.

How Often Can I Take The Duolingo English Test?

A person may use Duolingo as many times as they like, but they are only allowed to use it twice in a 30-day period. The test could be taken again if the results were not satisfactory. Retaking this test is not subject to any particular requirements. In addition, one cannot apply for a new test until they have received the results of their initial test.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The English language test offered by Duolingo is accessible to everyone. Any individual who wants to measure their English language abilities can take it. There are no restrictions on age or education. Students who are applying for higher education at institutions that acknowledge the Duolingo score usually take the test.

If individuals register for it, they are permitted to take the Duolingo English Test twice in a period of thirty days. The number of times individuals can take the exam again is also unrestricted. Users have the option of having the exam results sent to as many colleges as they would like for no additional charge, and the score will be valid for two years. After finishing and submitting a test, users are required to wait for the results before taking another one.

The Duolingo exam has no set maximum age requirement. Candidates under the age of 13 must have parental consent in order to take the test.

More than ten nations, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, China, New Zealand, Qatar, Thailand, Japan, Ireland, and European nations, such as Spain, Austria, Germany, France, Italy, and Hungary, have approved of Duolingo.

Candidates are required to be alone in a serene, well-lit environment. Their ears should be uncovered and visible.  The face needs to be clear to see. Earphones and headphones are not permitted. There is no room for extra items, such as cell phones, notes, or textbooks. It is not acceptable to memorize or copy responses from other sources. Candidate communications should be kept private. No writing tools or paper must be present. Candidates are not allowed to take their eyes off the screen or to leave the test window for any reason. The candidates should not make use of any type of predictive input or spelling or grammar checkers.

Any web camera software from a third party should not be used by candidates. They must unplug a second monitor and stop any software that permits remote access or screen sharing. They should only use one mouse and one keyboard to type. Candidates are required to speak on the topics covered during the graded speaking section for at least 30 seconds. They should not take the test using someone else's name or ID information.

On a scale from 10 to 160, scores are reported. A general description of the candidates' skills is included in the overall scores. Sub-scores assess competence in particular fields. A Duolingo score of 110 or more is considered good. A score of over 120 is regarded as excellent. This is particularly noteworthy in light of TOEFL, IELTS, and CEFR scores. For IELTS, a score of 7 is deemed acceptable, a TOEFL score of 86 is deemed adequate, and a CEFR grade of B2 is considered ideal. Despite the fact that several universities are lenient with regard to TOEFL and IELTS scores, the Duolingo score can never fall below 110.

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