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What is loan assistance?

Studying abroad can be an expensive affair. Every year, millions of students apply for education loans to fund their studies in the absence of a scholarship. However, securing a loan with a reasonable interest rate can be pretty challenging, especially if you're unaware of various bank loan schemes.

Fortunately, has your back! We have years of experience finding the best loan options to ensure you can study abroad without facing any financial constraints. So, partner with our experts and let us handle the paperwork to secure your loan ASAP.

How can abroadvice provide you with loan assistance?

Get hassle-free loan sanction at record time

Pre-visa loans guaranteed

When applying for a student visa, you must submit proof of finances to guarantee you can finance your studies and stay in the country. Therefore, if you fall short of the required funds, can help you secure pre-visa loans.

Check all eligibility criteria

You can rely on to ensure whether you're eligible for an education loan or not. However, the criteria can vary according to the bank or loan scheme. Hence, our experts compare all available options to provide the best solution.

Get merit-based benefits

When you apply for our loan assistance service, we always provide merit-based benefits like reduced interest rates, better loan amount and more. So, if you have an exceptional academic record, enjoy these additional perks at no extra cost.

Secure short-term loans

Applying to competitive exams, language proficiency tests, and institutes abroad can be financially draining for many students. That's why our short-term education loans are the best option to cover all application costs and travel fees.

Quick loan approvals

If you’re in a hurry to get your education loan approved, you’ve come to the right place. guarantees a minimum of 72 hours to sanction a loan if you meet all the required conditions.

Avail loan certificates

Since you must show proof of finances to secure your admission and apply for a visa, always provides loan certificates without delay. Once you confirm the loan, you can submit this document as proof of finances.

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How does our loan assistance service work?

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To receive an education loan, you must have:

  • Confirmation letter from an institute abroad
  • Academic transcripts
  • Passport photographs
  • Photo ID proof
  • Proof of residence
  • Last six month's bank statement
  • Income proof of the co-applicant
  • Proof of collateral provides a list of all the documents required to process your loan application well beforehand, so you have enough time to gather everything.

At, we understand the need to secure an education loan ASAP to secure admission to an institute abroad. That’s why we offer a loan sanction period of at least 72 hours as long as your documents are in place.

The general requirements to apply for an education loan are:

  • You must be a citizen of India
  • You must be at least 18 years of age
  • You should have a confirmed admission letter (optional)
  • Your co-borrower should be an earning member

At, we can help you find education loans that cover your entire student journey, including:

  • Admission application fees
  • Standardized & language proficiency test fees
  • Course fees
  • Traveling expenses
  • Study material purchases

With the guidance of our experts, you can find loans that provide 100% financing.

Generally, lenders require students to fund their study abroad partially. However, at, we can help you find loans that offer 100% financing. Therefore, you won't have to pay any margin money to avail of financial assistance.

At, you can get secured and unsecured loans. Therefore, it is not necessary to provide collateral to secure financial assistance. However, collateral in the form of land deeds and property can help you secure a greater loan amount.

Once we receive your application, it takes us a minimum of 72 hours to sanction an unsecured loan as long as all the documents are in place. However, the disbursement time for a secured loan can be 8-10 working days.

To apply for an education loan on, you must:

  • Figure out the loan amount you require
  • Send in your application on
  • Submit all the documents needed for loan processing
  • Check the loan offer letter to confirm the loan amount
  • Sign the loan agreement

We always ensure a hassle-free experience so you can concentrate on the admission process. offers repayment tenure according to your convenience. The minimum tenure is usually 12 months, while the maximum is 15 years. Moreover, you don't have to start the repayment process as soon as you complete your course. We also offer a grace period of 3-6 months if you require some time to gather your finances.

Ideally, you should apply for an education loan at least 6-8 months before the beginning of your course. However, if you have not received an admission letter from the institute, you can apply for a pre-admission loan.

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