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Minister Simon Harris Vows College Fee Reduction Amidst Challenges

Simon Harris, the Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science Minister has promised to the third-level students of reducing their college fees by up to 250 a year from 2023. In his opinion, this is the only way for the education department to help students tackle the cost of living crisis.

Even the Irish Times mentioned expecting to see a proposal on lowering the 3,000 student contribution charge for students in third-level in the Cabinet as early as this month. However, there is serious doubt about the plan to be really taking place since Tanaiste Vardkar clearly mentioned last week that priority should be given to the increased core funding for higher education over the reduction of student contribution charges.

Higher Education Minister Simon Harris Promises to Reduce College Fees Amidst
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In a conference organised by the Irish Universities Association, he even called out the reduction on the 3,000 student contribution charge and enhanced Susi grant and leaving out a "small bit of money" for the core funding to be a big mistake.  

Later, Mr Harris, in an interview with the RTE Radio One's This Week programme on Sunday, was asked if he still intends on lowering or eliminating the 3000 fee. After much thought, he replied that he must also be conscious of the whole process.

  • Ashwini Kumar
  • November 24,2022
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