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100+ Popular IELTS Essay Topics

One popular English test for individuals who wish to study or work in an English-speaking nation but do not speak the language as their first language is the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). The Writing element of the IELTS exam, which requires applicants to write essays on various themes, is one of the most crucial sections. To assist you in preparing for this section, we've put up a lengthy list of more than 200 IELTS essay ideas that address a variety of IELTS writing task 2 subjects.

Now, let's look at these topics, arranged into categories for your convenience.

Topics for an IELTS Essay on Culture and Tradition

  1. In the midst of the quick changes taking place in today's society, people place importance on maintaining their cultural traditions.
  2. How does commercialization affect the legitimacy of cultural practices?
  3. Do you think that using cultural activities as tourist attractions to get money eventually results in their extinction?
  4. The only way certain traditions may be maintained is if they are used for commercial gain. How do you feel about this point of view?
  5. How much funding should be set aside by governments to preserve and protect cultural heritage?
  6. Is it appropriate for governments to devote a larger percentage of their spending to enhancing public services? Kindly clarify your stance.
  7. Do you think it is justified to demolish the monuments and build new ones?
  8. To what degree does the expenditure of extra funds on monument upkeep result in noteworthy advantages?
  9. Do you agree or disagree that modern technology is contributing to the rise of a global monoculture?
  10. How much does technology help to maintain cultural variety, or does it undermine it?
  11. The topic of discussion is the value of cultural diversity in human civilization and whether there would be more benefits to a single global culture.
  12. What methods may people and groups use to make sure that their cultural customs are passed on to the next generation?
  13. Research has been done on how cultural traditions affect a person's identity and morals.
  14. Is it feasible for cultural customs to become outmoded and irrelevant in today's world? Please support your response with specific examples.
  15. Can people fully embrace the traditions and rituals of a culture that is different from their own? What difficulties might they run into?

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Topics for the IELTS Essay on Environment

  1. Certain individuals maintain the notion that the most effective way to address global environmental issues is to raise the cost of fuel. What position do you take on the issue?
  2. Several animal species are currently in danger of becoming extinct due to things like deforestation, illicit hunting, and habitat degradation.
  3. In your opinion, what are the main obstacles that industrialized countries have had to overcome to become prominent contributors to the global warming phenomenon?
  4. What are some possible tactics that governments can use to lessen the effects of climate change?
  5. The country's overpopulation problem has become a major worry, resulting in the emergence of a number of consequential.
  6. The issue at hand concerns whether or whether the government should impose strict limits on the distribution of fresh water, considering that it is a limited resource.
  7. The world's main energy source today is fossil fuels. In some countries, the use of renewable energy sources is gradually replacing the use of fossil fuels.
  8. Who bears the primary responsibility for solving environmental issues—individuals, governments, and big businesses—or are all three parties equally responsible?
  9. What are the benefits and drawbacks of using nuclear energy instead of fossil fuels?
  10. Is it possible to achieve sustainable development, or are environmental preservation and economic expansion incompatible?
  11. This essay will look at the consequences of deforestation on the environment and provide ways to lessen those effects.
  12. What is the appropriate incentive level for people to adopt eco-friendly habits like taking public transportation or reducing their meat intake?
  13. How can the community reduce plastic waste and encourage recycling? What part should businesses play in this effort?
  14. The use of electric cars (EVs) has become more popular to lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and air pollution.
  15. Should governments provide more money for the improvement of public transportation networks to reduce the number of privately owned cars on the road?

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IELTS Essay Topics on Media

  1. The tendency for violence in society has been proven to be significantly influenced by how violence is portrayed in the media.
  2. Upsetting events, including armed wars, food shortages, incidents, and criminal activity, make up the majority of news coverage.
  3. Is there a perception that the media mistreats celebrities, or is this viewed as an inevitable result of their higher status?
  4. In what ways has the media unintentionally exposed young people to violence and negatively impacted their development?
  5. How do you feel about media companies' misleading advertising techniques?
  6. How do modern kids see the influence of computer games? Does it help their growth or make things worse for them?
  7. There are others who maintain the opinion that professional athletes are paid significantly more than people in other important professions.
  8. How much does advertising affect consumer behaviour by encouraging pointless purchases rather than offering insightful details on cutting-edge goods that improve people's lives?
  9. Crime novels and TV crime dramas are becoming more and more popular all over the world. What elements play a part in this tendency that has been noticed?
  10. Do media outlets view it as their duty to promote ethnic diversity and representation in their content?
  11. The introduction of social media has resulted in notable changes to the way people interact with news and information.
  12. Is it appropriate for governments to impose regulations on the accuracy and substance of news and information shared on social media platforms?
  13. The social ramifications of "fake news" and how it affects media outlets' credibility will be discussed in this article.
  14. Do you think the media ought to cover social and political issues objectively?
  15. Research has been done on the effects of free online content availability on traditional media outlets like newspapers and magazines.

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IELTS Essay Topics Related to Education

  1. What are some possible approaches to tackling the issue of educational inequality amongst economically developed countries?
  2. Should educational establishments think about dropping music and art courses from their curricula in favour of more applied courses like computer technology?
  3. Is education considered a basic right, and should it be available to everyone, regardless of their financial situation, without exception?
  4. There are differing perspectives on the main advantages of a university education. This assignment calls for the presentation of a personal opinion together with a consideration of several points of view.
  5. Is it better to incorporate educational activities into kids' free time or to reserve them for unstructured play and relaxation?
  6. This essay aims to compare and contrast coeducational schools with single-sex schools, highlighting their advantages and disadvantages.
  7. There is a viewpoint among some people that the traditional teaching style is better than an approach to teaching that incorporates experience learning. What position do you take on the issue?
  8. Considering the personal benefits of a university degree, should individuals bear the full cost of their education instead of society as a whole?
  9. Is it a good use of taxpayer dollars to teach computer literacy to those 65 years of age and older? Please share your thoughts.
  10. What are the causes of the current decline in university students' preference for science courses across many nations? What effects does this trend have on society?

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IELTS Essay Topics on Society

  1. The majority of societies have a high rate of homelessness. How much do you agree with the stated percentage?
  2. More and more modern women choose not to get married, citing their desire for financial independence as their reason. How much do you agree or disagree with this point of view?
  3. The advantages and disadvantages of globalization are multifaceted. Please list the key benefits and drawbacks as you see them, and then explain.
  4. Is it necessary to maintain traditional lifestyles while contemporary civilization develops?
  5. There has been a discernible trend in recent times for people to move from rural to urban locations.
  6. The value of introducing the next generation to history from all cultures and backgrounds cannot be overstated.
  7. There is variation in the ways that people spend their money. Is this spending considered a wasteful use of money or a necessary social obligation?
  8. Is it realistic to expect that national boundaries will disappear in the near future, or will they remain in place indefinitely?
  9. Do people generally feel happier while they are teenagers, or are there happier times in adulthood, even with more responsibilities?
  10. In terms of societal worth, do those who come up with original ideas contribute more than those who copy others?
  11. Is it better for parents to grant every wish their kids make?
  12. How technology affects workers and their ability to balance work and personal life, particularly with regard to the ability to work remotely.
  13. How much of a negative impact do social networking sites have on people and society as a whole?
  14. Can offering free education for six years in underdeveloped countries possibly significantly lower poverty and improve basic literacy skills?
  15. Does patriotism serve as a preventive measure against dishonest politicians seizing power and starting domestic battles, or does it mostly contribute to international conflicts?

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IELTS Essay Topics for Food and Eating Habits

  1. Chemical additives and preservatives are frequently found in processed foods and prepared meals. In what ways might this be advantageous, and do the benefits outweigh the drawbacks?
  2. The incidence of childhood obesity has become a major problem. What do you think are the underlying causes of this problem, and are there any feasible solutions to address it?
  3. As modern society moves so quickly, many people have started replacing traditional meals with fast food. What are the advantages of this trend that outweigh its disadvantages?
  4. There is curiosity about the impact that the media's portrayal of a thin ideal for women has on society, particularly with regard to body image and self-esteem.
  5. Some people argue that fast food ought to be outlawed to lessen the possible negative effects of consuming it daily.
  6. Fast food is becoming more and more accessible and affordable in many countries. Does this phenomenon have more negative aspects than positive ones?
  7. How much of the consumption of junk food may be attributed to the main cause of the unhealthy lives that young people in the modern world lead?
  8. Is it appropriate for governments to think about imposing extra levies on food and drink items with high sugar content?
  9. Given the rising prevalence of child obesity, this investigation explores the methods that society might use to address the issue of children's poor food choices and sedentary habits.
  10. How much has the general well-being of children been affected by changes in their diets and habits over the course of multiple generations?

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IELTS Essay Topics on Communication and Personality

  1. A growing tendency is for people and organizations to prefer technology communication methods over in-person contact.
  2. Do you think achieving success after completing formal education or academic performance during one's educational path has more relevance in life?
  3. How much do you agree that in-person communication will become outdated in the future?
  4. An increasing proportion of people in today's culture indicate they would rather communicate online than through face-to-face engagement.
  5. How much has the use of informal language and shortened communication styles in modern text messaging led to a decline in spelling and grammar skills?
  6. Do modern celebrities—especially those who post on Instagram and TikTok—become more well-known for their lavish lifestyles than for their achievements, and does this have an impact on the kids who look up to them?
  7. Is it best for people to have a strict division between their personal and professional lives, or is it acceptable for co-workers to enjoy themselves together in society?
  8. The emergence of contemporary technology has greatly expedited the acquisition of copyrighted books and music, which raises relevant considerations.
  9. Why do certain kids use smartphones so much, what are the causes for this, and how do you assess the positive or negative effects of this behaviour?
  10. Is it necessary for people to take risks in both their personal and professional lives or should they prioritize being cautious?
  11. Nowadays, hunting is driving many animals to extinction. What steps may be taken to address this issue?
  12. Nowadays, the average weight of people is rising in several countries. What brought about this predicament? How can this be resolved?
  13. The wealth disparity between rich and poor is widening. What challenges does this bring about? How can these issues be resolved?
  14. Nowadays, more people than ever before are under stress. What stresses me out, and why? What steps may be taken to solve this issue?
  15. Kids these days are on social media a lot. What possible issues would this raise, and how might they be resolved?

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IELTS Essay Topics about Crime and Punishment

  1. Addressing the rising criminal activity rates presents difficulties for several nations. To what degree do you agree?
  2. A proposal has been made to substitute community service for jail time for particular types of criminals. How much do you agree with this specific point of view?
  3. How much of the decline in crime rates has been attributed to technology?
  4. What disadvantages or restrictions are connected to the increasing trend of higher adolescent crime rates in particular societies?
  5. Is there a connection between a nation's general crime rate declining and a greater police presence?
  6. Studies show that a sizable fraction of young criminals experienced abuse at home from their parents. Consider the implications of this occurrence.
  7. Several researches have shown a favourable relationship between a lower socioeconomic status and a higher likelihood of participating in criminal activity. How do you feel about this assessment?
  8. One very important topic is the role of stable family structures in a country's efforts to reduce crime.
  9. Is the major strategy for reducing traffic accidents the imposition of harsh fines for driving infractions, or are other steps necessary?
  10. Should society focus on improving educational opportunities or is incarceration the most effective way to address the problem of criminality?
  11. Children who use computer games only have negative effects. How much do you agree or disagree with that?
  12. Advertising is primarily to blame for the increasing sales of consumer items in today's society. How much do you agree or disagree with this?
  13. The secret to operating a successful business is effective marketing. How much do you agree or disagree with this?
  14. The best approach to combat obesity is to promote healthy eating among the populace. How much do you agree or disagree with this?
  15. Salary is the most significant determinant of job satisfaction. How much do you agree or disagree with this?

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Additional IELTS Essay Topics You Should Not Ignore

  1. Our increasing reliance on mobile phoneshas disrupted our social lives.
  2. Should people emphasize asking elder people for guidance instead of younger people?
  3. The issue at hand concerns whether society's increasing reliance on mobile phones is a positive or negative development.
  4. Is it necessary or superfluous for employees to wear uniforms to work?
  5. When was the last time you lived apart from your parents? Please give a brief description of your current living situation, followed by a discussion of its advantages and disadvantages.
  6. There is a difference in people's choices for their career path. Some people tend to be more inclined to stick with one job for the duration of their lives, whereas others are more likely to change careers.
  7. Research is being done on the effects of illegal internet downloads on the music industry, specifically on musicians.
  8. Does the amount of time people spend reading for pleasure correlate with the level of creativity that people who watch television, for the most part, have?
  9. How can educational establishments improve the level of student participation in history classes?
  10. Why do more and more people opt to put off getting married and starting a family until their thirties, and what are the possible ramifications of this trend?
  11. If you had to travel through an urban setting, which would you rather use for transportation—a car or a bicycle?
  12. What is your inclination regarding employment: small businesses or giant corporations?
  13. Do you agree that the best way to reduce traffic congestion is to provide free public transportation that is available around the clock?
  14. Is music regarded as the universal language of people, and if so, how much do you agree with this statement?
  15. How the spread of virtual currencies has affected the financial system, and how desirable is it overall?

Parting thoughts,

One of the main components of the test is the IELTS Writing Task, which assesses your ability to express ideas, assess arguments, and compose coherently. You can gain a lot of knowledge about the kind of questions you might be asked and how to respond to them by reading this blog's articles on a variety of essay themes. Remember to rehearse frequently, develop a concise essay format, and concentrate on fulfilling the task's particular requirements.

Your chances of performing well on the IELTS Writing Task will be significantly increased with proper preparation and practice, regardless of the topic you choose to write about—culture, the environment, education, or anything else.

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  • October 26,2023
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