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Non-EU Students Might Have to Bear Tuition in Bavaria

The German state of Baden-Württemberg created a 'no-fee' state for students travelling to Bavaria to pursue higher studies in 2011. the state had remained gratuitous in terms of providing free education to international scholars. 

Nevertheless, with time and growing debt, the state is on the verge of reconsidering its gratuity. 

Almost every university that wore the free-education tag till 2014 had to undergo an unfamiliar change – the reintroduction of tuition fees for students in the autumn of 2017 in the Bavarian state.

Non-EU Students Might Have to Bear Tuition in Bavaria
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The marked transformation was set in motion owing to the critical financial condition of the state. Bavaria was making its best efforts to reduce debts, convincing the Ministry of education to admit that they could no longer afford free education. 

In the same vein, non-EU students might have to save Euro 1500 for their semester expenses for studying in Bavaria. 

Naturally, the new rules ignited an uproar among students on inequality grounds. Introducing rules that respond to universities charging enormous fees to non-EU students would hurt the pre-existing inequalities. Abolition of tuition fees was once created as a rule that gained enormous support and appreciation. And now, with the re-emergence of the government wanting to charge international students for studying in Bavaria, it would develop a two-class system in the classrooms. 

Although the 'helplessness' of the country's debt is highlighted, student support association heads of Bavaria blame the politicians for playing their cunning parts in securing students' academic future by introducing fees. 

The southern home that was once considered to have the best institutions offering free education is now on the verge of extinction. 

  • Lika Fouzdar
  • November 30,2022
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