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Parent Groups Come Together to Reduce Wastage

Madam Jannet Tan has launched an initiative along with other parents of the CHIJ (Kellock) primary school to reduce the excessive wastage of school supplies. After Madam Tan learned from friends with older children that teachers barely used the school textbooks, she launched a WhatsApp group chat in 2019 to gather parents interested in finding a proper solution to this issue.

Every year, an average family in Singapore spends approximately SGD 400 buying textbooks, supplies, uniforms and other school essentials for the new school year. However, financial struggles due to the ongoing global pandemic have made it challenging for many parents to spend so much on back-to-school supplies.

Fortunately, Madam Jannet Tan’s WhatsApp group became the perfect solution. Seeing the excessive wastage of school supplies, Madam Tan decided to gather the parents of CHIJ (Kellock) primary school so everyone could help each other.

Parent Groups Come Together to Reduce Wastage
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The group allowed parents to donate or sell pre-loved uniforms, books, and other supplies at highly affordable prices. This sustainable method to mitigate the rush of buying school supplies right before the term starts is a great initiative to reduce the excessive waste Singapore experiences yearly.

Following Madam Tan’s idea, more parents’ circles have been inspired to recycle school supplies and develop more sustainable ways to reduce wastage and save back-to-school expenses.

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  • Sweta Singh
  • December 14,2022
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