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Student Economy SEK gain 3.5-4 Billion from International Students

Recently students from Sweden have attracted strong responses from students who are planning to study abroad. Its easy visa processing, excellent universities, and advantages of European higher education combined with a comfortable exchange rate make it one of the best study destinations.

According to the public agency,  the country's education sector has put findings as a "considerable "export sector that levels with the income from Sweden's music exports, adding SEK 2.7 billion in 2019. As the tuition fees got introduced for non-EU students in 2011/12, the report analyses the period. It led to the finding that so-called freemover-students are actually the ones responsible for 90% of the annual income the country gains.

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Student Economy SEK gain 3.5-4 Billion from International Students
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A 30% of economic impacts are made up of tuition fees that include travel, food, and entertainment costs, making up the remainder. The average contribution of each international student is around SEK 140,000 (%$13,500) during the 2020/21 academic year to the Swedish economy. Besides the economic benefits, students who establish themselves in the labour market contribute to the competitiveness of the country through their added expertise and competence.

  • Shimpy Siswdiya
  • December 8,2022
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