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Tech Talent Shortage in the UK Stifles Industry Growth

The techies warn the UK government of the stifling growth in the tech sector cause of labour and talent shortage. And TechNation’s Liz Scott addressed this as a real issue that requires rectification. Surprisingly, technophiles link the labour shortage concerns to the lack of indispensable digital skills of workers instead of job vacancies. According to sources, the UK secured 2 million job positions for budding technocrats with negligible employment, proving the nation’s inability to produce enough digitally-skilled employees. 

Since then, the news channels have flashed several headlines preaching the government’s approaches to funding schemes for providing digital skills training to aspirants. Nevertheless, schemes like degree apprenticeships, boot camps, and apprenticeships fail to address the gap. 

On that note, the government and the government figures speak different languages. On one hand, the education minister Michelle Donelan detailed how employers desperately want their employees to acquire in-demand digital skills. While on the other hand, data cited a drastic drop in the number of apprentices who once took up an apprenticeship to upskill. Moreover, data released from the Recruitment and Employment Confederation and KPMG services confirmed job failings. 

Tech Talent Shortage in the UK Stifles Industry Growth
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Tina Gotschi, the principal of the National College of Digital Skills in London, stressed the unavailability of digital jobs, which is the future of today’s students. She pushed the issues further by saying, “Most jobs that students will do in the future do not even exist today”. 

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The national college of digital skills was established to address the digital skills gap among students in the UK. However, no substantial methods have been deployed to fill the gap, with a shrinking pipeline of students coming through this. Moreover, acquiring digital skills requires a heft financial investment which is a considerable concern. 

Although business sharks are making notable efforts to fund schemes and offering financial incentives to tech aspirants, Google’s managing director, Ronan Harris, asks people to be excited to learn and enhance their digital skills as technology is a creative outlet that breaks your barrier to survive in a modern ecosystem. 

  • Ashwini Kumar
  • November 22,2022
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