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8 Cheapest Countries to Study for Indian Students

India is one of the countries that has a maximum number of students pursuing their higher education abroad. In fact, the report suggests that Indian students are expected to spend $85 billion on abroad education by 2024. The opportunities the foreign countries provide and the high quality of education are the main reasons Indian students choose to study abroad.

However, students are concerned about the tuition fees and often take a step back from living their dreams. But what if you get a high-quality education at affordable fees? There are many countries that can fulfill your dream. This comprehensive post will take you through eight countries that can offer high-quality education at affordable tuition fees.

1. Germany

Germany has surpassed many in terms of education and has been on the list of all students aspiring to study abroad. The country has attracted a lot of students thanks to its reputable institutions and low cost of studying. Germany makes sure that international students do not feel out of place in their country and also has formulated policies to ensure the safety and security of students. In addition, the universities offer a wide array of courses to students and have been appreciated by many across the globe. If you are planning to study in Germany and looking for the cheapest country, you can keep Germany on your list. The country has all the resources to offer the best education to international students.

2. France

High standards of living and a lot of globally acclaimed universities make France a popular study-abroad destination. Needless to say that the country is a favorite among international students. Despite being an expensive country in general, France is known for its low tuition fees and has attracted many students. Students are mostly keen to find a university in Paris as it is one of their favorite cities among them.

The country has proved to be affordable for international students, with tuition fees ranging between INR 203,875 to 326,200 a year. But the private universities have the option of charging fees as per their choice, and the fees range between INR 244,764 to 815,880 per year.

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3. Mexico

Mexico is known for its unique characteristics; thanks to the Mayan pyramids and uber-cool beaches appropriate for surfing, you can find everything in the country. The country is famous among international students for its ease of migration and the best quality education at affordable prices. One of the key advantages of studying in Mexico is the availability of high-quality education at affordable prices.

Students might be concerned that Mexico being a Spanish-speaking country might make communication difficult. English, is one of the popular languages in the country, and Mexico has English-speaking people as well. Popular cities in the country include Puebla, Mexico City, and Cancun and students have preferred these cities to study. Tuition fees at private universities range between INR 239,283 to 478,566 for students from India.

4. Norway

Norway has earned the reputation for being the most affordable country among international students. The quality of education is the best in Nordic countries. However, Norway has earned the first position among them for offering free education to all, including international students. Students from various countries come to Norway for higher studies. The country has been one of the countries popular for its cultural diversification.

The fact that the country offers free education makes it the cheapest country for Indian students. However, the cost of living in Norway ranges between INR 956,826 to 1355503 a year. The country offers a lot of programs for students aspiring to study in the country.

Cheapest Countries To Study For Indian Students
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5. Poland

Poland is a country popular for its natural beauty and for having beautiful places like Krakow, Warsaw, High Tatra Mountains, Poznan, and Kazimierz Dolny. Poland is a country that is popular for its beautiful landscapes, but it has also come close to being a country with some of the globally acclaimed universities. The country is popular for offering high-quality education at affordable prices to students.

With a rich history and tolerance towards people from various cultures, Poland has made its mark in the world and is preferred by students across the globe. Indian students applying to public universities in Poland will need to pay tuition fees ranging between INR 163,162 to 489,358, including living expenses. So, if you are searching for the cheapest county to study for Indian students, you must keep Poland on your list without any doubts.

6. Denmark

The universities in Denmark have earned a reputation among international students for offering a massive number of programs. In addition, the country is popular for providing high-quality education at affordable fees. Denmark is undeniably, one of the cheapest countries to study abroad. The country has earned accolades for its gender and economic equality and for a well-developed welfare system with a focus on taking care of all citizens.

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With the highest GDP and lowest crime rates, Denmark is one of the countries that international students dream about being in. Indian students willing to study in the country can expect tuition fees to range between INR 487,167 to 1299112, depending on the program. You can choose from the many programs offered by universities in Denmark and start pursuing higher studies.

7. Argentina

Andes Mountains, Salinas Grandes, and Quebrada de Humahuaca are some of the amazing landscapes in Argentina. The country is known for its beautiful landscapes and for its cities like Buenos Aires and Cordoba. The second largest country in South America is mostly popular for its position in football, but the country has also made it to the list of cheapest countries to study abroad, thanks to its affordable tuition fees.

The country is popular for its quality of education and has grabbed the attention of many international students. Indian students willing to study in Argentina can expect the tuition fees at public universities to be between INR 398,900 to 558,460 and at private universities to be between INR 398,900 to 1196700. Keep the country on your list if you are willing to study abroad.

8. Malaysia

One of the countries that have made its name for being a popular education destination is Malaysia. Malaysia is good economically and is known for having the best education system supporting students from various walks of life. The country deserves to be on the list for its high-quality education and low tuition fees.

The tuition fees at public universities in Malaysia range between INR 1,61,944-3,64,374, and at private universities, between INR 1,21,458-7,69,234. The country has all the traits to be the best country to study abroad and deserves mention in this list. 

Many students dream of pursuing their higher education abroad. However, finding the right country might be difficult. You need to look into a lot of things before zeroing down on a country for your higher education. The ones listed above have all the resources to offer high-quality education and are the cheapest among all. Hence, start preparing yourself and pursue your dream of studying at one of the finest universities in the world.

  • Rishabh Jain
  • June 5,2023
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