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Irish School see Enrolment of 7300 Ukrainian Students

There has been a tremendous spiked in the total number of Ukrainian students getting enrolled in Irish schools. The number is expected to reach almost 7,300. The latest update showed that the figure reached 7,285 from 6,797 a month ago.

Since schools from Ireland started embracing refugees in early March, steady growth has been seen in terms of numbers within just a few weeks of Ukranian getting invaded by Russia.

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Irish School see Enrolment of 7300 Ukrainian Students
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70% of enrolments have been found in primary schools, out of which 5,047 children had left their home country due to the conflict.

Several teenagers arriving in Ireland, especially those close to finishing school, are choosing to study online with their own teachers. 1247 is the greatest enrolment that happened in Dublin for any country. Due to the unavailability of a school place and hotel accommodation, many children and their families are concentrated along the south, south-west and west coasts.

Families or whom it was possible to have shifted to places with schools having spare capacity. REALT is the main network between language teams and regional education. Hence, it is a common point for all families looking for school places. This seems to continue operating since schools are shut down for the summer.

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  • Ashwini Kumar
  • November 24,2022
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