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Ukrainian-Speaking Center Opens in Batumi

The Georgian government has shown immense support to students and academics fleeing Ukraine due to the devastating Russia-Ukraine war. According to statistics, more than 800 Ukrainian students have enrolled in Georgia educational institutions, especially in Tbilisi and other regions. On top of welcoming these students with open arms, the Georgian government has developed additional schemes and initiatives to help the Ukrainian students settle well in the country.

In a recent announcement, Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili shared the decision to open a Ukrainian-language sector in Batumi. This decision will allow Ukrainian students to study in their native language in Batumi.

The government launched the first Ukrainian-language sector in Tbilisi on April 11, where several Ukrainian students expressed their desire to study in their native language. Currently, more than 300 students are enrolled in courses conducted In the Ukrainian language.

Ukrainian-Speaking Center Opens in Batumi
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Mikhail Chkhenkeli, the Minister of Education and Science of Georgia, had taken the initiative to introduce a similar sector in Batumi, where more than 100 Ukrainian students wished to continue their studies in their native language. Chkhenkeli has highlighted the government’s desire to provide quality education to these students. As a result, the best teachers who fled Ukraine and arrived in Georgia have been selected to teach the students interested in pursuing courses in the Ukrainian language.

The Georgian government will be responsible for paying the teachers' fees according to the national curriculum's hourly fees. Furthermore, the government has arranged for psychological support for the Ukrainian students and made arrangements so that students can use the same textbooks they’ve used in Ukraine.

  • Shreya Singh
  • December 12,2022
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