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Duolingo English Test

Guide for Indian Students

Duolingo English Test

Why is Duolingo useful?

Duolingo which produces apps for learning and offers certification for language is a company of American educational technology. Via the language learning app, students can practice grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and skills of listening. The major benefit of the learning app is that via its bite-sized and quick lessons, users can gain points. The outcome is with earning the points, a new level is unlocked and there is the achievement of real-world communication skills. The courses that are offered in Duolingo, efficiently and effectively teach the skills of listening, reading and speaking.  

Personalized learning is another useful concept of Duolingo. Collaborating with the best of language science and AI, lessons are tailored to assist the learner to get the knowledge which is just appropriate for him/her. Duolingo makes the learners stay motivated. The fun challenges, gamified version, and reminders from the friendly mascot improve the habit of learning the language of the learners. Engaging with playful characteristics does not make the learning boring for the learners and the outcome is effective learning. The major advantage of Duolingo is that it has the scope of learning anytime and anywhere. 

How to use Duolingo?

First, the learner must set the profile, and choose the language which he/she wishes to learn. Then the learner must set the weekly goal and start the learning process. There are various modules for each course of study. These modules are grouped to form the skills. Duolingo assists the learners to complete various modules by dictating the order of learning. The new modules become active when the previous modules are completed. This is also applicable to individual lessons under each module. The learners must complete lesson 1 before moving to lesson 2 for a better understanding of the course.

There are also options if the learner wants to avoid the lessons with which he/she is familiar. In this condition, learners can press the Key button on a category to skip the familiar lessons. However, the student has to pass the test to skip the lessons. When the learner starts to learn a new language, there is the option of testing out. Here, one can start with the basics or take the entry test to evaluate the fluency level. 

How to prep Duolingo English Test?

Duolingo English Test is required to check the skill of English language of the learner. For preparation for the Duolingo English test, the students can learn and practice via reading materials which are high levels like international magazines, and newspapers, practicing writing on the regular basis. Watching English movies and communicating with people who have English as their native language will assist the student to prepare for the test effectively. Some resources are free online will be helpful for the phase of preparation. To familiarize yourself with the real test, there is a sample test on the Duolingo site. 

What happens after taking Duolingo English Test?

After completion of the examination which is online, the candidate gets an email to achieve the result within 48 hours. The student gets a notification via email that the score is ready. Within 30 days, the candidate can give 2 certified tests. The score of the Duolingo English Test is valid for 2 years. After getting the score, the candidate can send the score to educational institutions. There are no limitations to sending the score report to as many institutions as possible. 

Why do you want to work at Duolingo?

The reasons to work at Duolingo are involvement in the job that works towards the betterment of the people, aspiration and experience of the person in education, global presence and workforce of Duolingo, diversity of programs, and constant improvement of the products.

What are the pros and cons of Duolingo?

The benefits of Duolingo are that it is easily accessible and free and the learner has the scope to learn more than one language simultaneously. However, there are some disadvantages to Duolingo. It focuses more on the English speakers than the others. Duolingo provides benefits majorly to beginners than learners at the advanced stage of the study. Via, Duolingo, the learner can only learn some phrases and vocabulary. This is more useful for kids than adults. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Duolingo makes money via its business model that depends on the premium offering of the subscription, in-app purchases and advertising.

There are 10 leagues in Duolingo. They are Bronze, silver, gold, sapphire, ruby, emerald, amethyst, pearl, obsidian, and diamond.

The Duolingo English Test is computer-based. The test is designed to assess the language ability of the candidate. The proficiency of the candidate is evaluated via the holistic score on a scale of 10-160. The score of the exam is complete and it is not given section-wise. The top programs ask for a score of more than 120 on the Duolingo English Test. Top universities like the University of Chicago, Yale University, Columbia University, and Duke University along with other top universities accept the score of the test.

The validity of the Duolingo test result is 2 years. After receiving the score, the student can send it to the educational institutions as many as possible.

There are options to change the language in Duolingo. To achieve this, the learner must click the language flag that is in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Then, a drop-down list will be visible. From the drop-down list, the student must click “add a new course”. From the language page, the learner will click the drop-down from the right hand. Then a base language will be selected to which the learner wants to learn the course.

Duolingo is an effective way to learn a language. However, a student can't learn all the goals of a language by just relying on a single course, app or method.

In the Profile tab, the learners will select Settings. Then he/she will tap “Manage Courses”. The course that the learner wants to remove must be selected and then confirm via tapping on “Delete Course”.

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