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Duolingo English Test Registration

End-to-end guide of duolingo registration

Duolingo English Test Registration

Duolingo English Test Registration

Duolingo English Test Requirements

There are certain requirements of a candidate before registering for the exam. It is mandatory to have a government-issued photo ID, a driver’s license, or a passport before appearing for the examination. A well-lit room is also an important requirement.

Hardware/Software requirements

Some of the other prerequisites needed include a strong internet connection, speaker, microphone, and a camera which is front-facing, along with a fully functional computer with a browser, such as Opera or Chrome. 

Duolingo English Test Registration Process

The Registration Process of Duolingo English Test is a very simple one. It is not necessary for a candidate to register at a test-center, like other English proficiency tests. This is because it is an online test which can be attended from home or workspace. It is also not necessary to book the exam in advance. It should be purchased by the candidate and he/she can take the test when he/she is ready. Overall, the procedure is really seamless and easy to comprehend. The following steps should be obeyed to fulfil the registration process- a Duolingo account should be created by entering the age, email ID, and password of the candidate.

In the next step, the registration process asks to select the activity a candidate is interested in, which includes- undergraduate university admissions, school building, high or middle school admissions, graduate admissions like MBA or PhD, and a promotion or job application. After selecting the desired option, the candidate has to click the “Create Account” option. In the following step, after completion of the account, the website directs the candidate to the registration page for the exam where he or she is supposed to choose between “Take the Test”, “Purchase the Test,” or “Try the Test”. “Try the Test” option gives a candidate a quick 15-minute access to practise exams, which aids in his/her preparation.

“Take the Test” option must be opted by the candidate when he/she feels prepared to go for the test. “Purchase the Test” option shows the price of the Duolingo English exam, after viewing which a candidate can buy the test. The test must be taken within a period of 90 days after purchasing it. 

Duolingo English Test Rules

The Duolingo test requirements are stricter since it is attended by candidates in online mode. Thus, it takes great pride in its stringent security measures, which it utilizes to convince colleges of its dependability by- utilising a combination of AI or artificial intelligence and computer vision to confirm the test taker identity; instantly cancelling the test of a student if he/she chooses to access a different browser; and offering the colleges a writing sample and video from each applicant's session to give them a comprehensive understanding of the language proficiency of the candidate. 

The criteria for the Duolingo test, which students must follow while taking it, are- the candidate should be alone by themselves in an empty, dark space; no headphones or ear buds would be permitted at the time of the test; throughout the entire test, the face and ears of students should be exposed and clearly visible; examinees are not supposed to have any external materials, like a notepad, electronic devices, or textbooks; they are not permitted to talk to anyone at the time of the test; it is not recommended for the examinees to glance away from the computer screen while taking the test; and it is also not recommended to close the test window under any circumstances in the browser.

The candidates should keep a free time of 60 minutes, so that they can settle properly before starting the exam. If any of the regulations mentioned above are broken by the examinee, then, the supervisor is authorized to automatically invalidate the test results of the candidate. The candidate violating the rules and regulations may be permanently prohibited from the examination, depending on the seriousness of violation.

Duolingo English Test Registration Fee

The cost of the test is just $49, that is, it would be ₹3605.20 for Indian students. The prices fluctuate depending on the US/India exchange rate at the time of purchase of the test.

Duolingo English Test Cancellation or Rescheduling

After registering for the exam, the test-takers have 21 days within which they are required to appear for it. Candidates who choose not to take it within this span of time would not be given a refund. Thus, it is necessary to appear for the test within the 21 days span.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To register for the Duolingo test, there is not any maximum or minimum age requirement. For children, below the age of 13, who are interested in taking the test, there is a requirement of obtaining parental approval. After registration, the candidates can take the test within a specified period of 21 days after purchase. The registration process that is required to be followed has been outlined below and it is to be done while fulfilling the registration requirements.

The examination fee of Duolingo is $49, which translates to INR 3605.20.

The Duolingo test must be registered through the official Duolingo website. 

Yes, passport is a mandatory requirement for Duolingo English Test.

There are no set dates for taking the exam. A candidate can take the exam anywhere and at anytime. The registration for the exam can be done a few minutes prior to the test.

The Duolingo English test offers a refund if a candidate wants to cancel subscription. It is necessary to choose between "Report a problem" or, "Request a refund” which helps in defining the situation of the candidate. The form must be completed and sent for refund. A message saying "Thank you for sharing your concerns" confirms the refund of the candidate. 

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