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GMAT Practice Test

A Complete Guide for Indian Students About GMAT Practice Test

GMAT Practice Test

What Makes a Good GMAT Practice Test?

The best practise tests are adaptive and computer-based, much like the real GMAT exam. They follow the same guidelines, have the same format, and ask the same questions as the real exam. They each run for two portions of 75 minutes each and two parts of 30 minutes. The Graduate Management Admission Council, or GMAC, creates the GMAT practise exams. The only examinations that employ the top-secret GMAC algorithm for adaptive testing and scoring are the official GMAT practise exams, which are the most realistic simulations of the real test.

Tips for Taking Official GMAT Practice Tests?

In order to get the most out of your practise exams, there are a few things you must and must not do. As previously said, the purpose of mock exams is to prepare you for exams; hence, the following dos and don'ts all adhere to this theme:

  1. Take the tests at the same time of day that you would take the real GMAT; for example, if you have reserved a morning slot, attempt to take all of your practise exams in the morning.
  2. Take no more pauses than you will need to complete the GMAT.
  3. In between tests, don't stop them if you start to feel weary or for any other reason. Take the mocks all at once.
  4. Avoid spending unnecessary time on queries. Be sure to stay within the time allotted for the GMAT.
  5. Do the same on the practise exams if you want to take AWA and IR before Quant and Verbal on test day. Try to maintain the sequence that works best for you.
  6. Overall, make an effort to make the mock exams as similar to the real GMAT as you can.

Free GMAT Practice Tests: Final Thoughts

Candidates who will soon be taking the Graduate Management Admission Test are strongly encouraged to practise with simulated exams online. We put our knowledge to the test with a series of practise exams. The actual GMAT examination is modelled after the practise test, which helps students evaluate how well they have prepared for the test. By using free online GMAT practise tests, you may both have a better knowledge of the actual test design and reduce the amount of anxiety you feel before the exam. These practise examinations are important in that they give experience working under time constraints. Students may get a thorough review of the whole exam curriculum by completing a variety of practise exams. By proceeding in this way, they will be able to successfully remember the knowledge and do well in the examination. Students become used to the format of the question paper and its breadth through the use of mock tests.

Features of GMAT Practice Test

GMAT practise exams are accessible at all times and are simple to comprehend. Every GMAT practise test is designed to help students prepare for the exam and raise their chances of being chosen. With the aid of these GMAT practise exams, you may evaluate your level of readiness for various parts and identify areas that need work. There are plenty of questions on the GMAT practise exams, all of varying complexity. Here are some of the key elements of this exam that are discussed:

  • Students get access to GMAT practise exams whenever it's convenient for them, 24 hours a day.
  • To familiarise the students with every sort of question, the GMAT sample exams include questions of all degrees of difficulty.
  • The GMAT online exam series is accessible in clear, understandable English.
  • Students get a unique performance report and an all-India rating after each GMAT practise exam to help them evaluate their preparation.
  • Along with GMAT practise exams, they also provide topic-based examinations and old papers.
  • There are questions in the Verbal Ability, Integrated Reasoning, Mathematical Aptitude, and Essays sections of the GMAT practise exams.
  • Every online GMAT test series has a timer to help students keep track of how fast they are going.
  • It needs to provide advice and shortcuts so that students can finish the questions faster.

Subjects Covered in GMAT Test Series

  1. In the analytical writing segment, the applicant will be given themes to write about or may be given a text about which questions will be posed. The applicant will be required to respond in light of the text. The passage's subject matter might be any area of interest; hence, the curriculum for this part is broad and diverse. The key is to focus on the response format rather than the arguments made. It's best to maintain a neutral perspective since your writing style, not your opinion, is being evaluated.
  2. The most recent addition to the GMAT syllabus is the Integrated Reasoning component. In this phase, the applicants' capacity to assess data provided in graph or table format is tested. Twelve questions make up this section.
  3. The quantitative section is divided into two parts: data sufficiency and problem solving. There will be 18 questions in the segment on data sufficiency and 18 questions in the section on problem solving. The questions will be of an objective nature and contain multiple choice responses.
  4. 36 multiple-choice questions will be included in the verbal skills portion. Critical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, and Sentence Correction make up this part. The candidates' comprehension of the written word, reading comprehension, and understanding of the connections between ideas presented in the text are tested in this portion.

Benefits of Taking Free GMAT Practice Test

The GMAT is a barrier that you will need to overcome if your goal is to get an MBA from a prestigious business school, whether that institution is located in India or elsewhere. Your performance on this examination will determine whether or not you are admitted to the schools that you have in mind for your future. However, the advantages of taking the GMAT extend far beyond simply being accepted into an MBA school. It will have a significant impact on the course that your career takes for a considerable amount of time. Aside from that, it launches your career at a higher compensation level, gives you an edge over others, and also provides other job alternatives so that you have something to fall back on if things don't work out.

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