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GMAT Preparation

Develop a Study Plan for GMAT Exam

GMAT Preparation

How to prepare for GMAT?

To prepare for GMAT, one needs to understand their capabilities. The students will need to choose a study strategy that is appropriate for them. It is very important to understand one's capabilities while preparing for GMAT. These include understanding the best ways in which the student can learn and understand, whether the student understands online courses or an in-person instruction suits them better. Depending on this understanding a student can conclude the structure of the lesson that one will  undertake.

Students then will need to understand if self study is needed or online courses can be helpful. Depending on this understanding will the preparation for GMAT be developed. Self-study can help the student  to get familiar with the format of the exam,  and they do not need to get worried on the day of the exam.  One can spend more time on the practice exams to understand the structure well. One can study early in the morning or study late in the night. Depending on the time when students can study well,  an effective time table can be developed  which will then be followed regularly to attain a good score in GMAT. one also needs to take a break between studies. 

Tips For The GMAT Exam

Students who are applying for GMAT exams, need to develop a study plan and follow it. The study plan may include the amount of time that the student will devote per day in studying each paper And the amount of break that they will take between studies. When a timetable is made, students now need to focus an understanding on the test sections and then consider again the study plan that has been made. It is best practice to know the structure of the exam beforehand.

Every GMAT exam has 4 sections to it which includes, Analytical writing assessment,  integrated reasoning,  quantitative reasoning and verbal reasoning.  under analytical writing assessment section, 18 to practice measuring their ability to think critically and share their ideas. Students need to pick GMAT preparation materials very wisely. As such a preparation kit will simulate the real test taking experience of the student  and prepare the student for the real day. GMAT scoring has the same scoring algorithm as the actual test and the GMAT preparing tools. 

GMAT Preparation Strategy

To prepare for GMAT, students need to keep track of time that they are investing for their preparation. This is an important step,  because time is often short and limited for the applicants. Once the student has practiced enough and understood the exam structure and the question patterns, the student needs to keep track of time so that he can train himself to efficiently solve the problems in shorter time duration next time when solving similar problems.

When students have limited time, they need to pace themselves which is a paramount task to get success in GMAT. One needs to refine the verbal skills. It is important to execute the practice regularly. One should not get stuck on the past  GMAT questions. One also needs to complete each section of the test while practicing them. One needs to invest more than two and half minutes on one question. If one gets stumped, then the student needs to make a strategic guess to make an effective GMAT preparation strategy.   

GMAT Study Material

GMAT study material can be obtained from every book which offers GMAT solutions along with past questions, for example "GMAT Official Guide 2022 Bundle". Top GMAT Quantitative Books can also provide help to students preparing for GMAT tests. Books like GMAT Foundations of Math, 7th Edition can also be provided to the students to study and gather information from. "GMAT Critical Reasoning Bible, 2021 Edition" can also be studied by the students.

This book discusses the GMAT verbal section. The students who applied for GMAT can also study from Kaplan GMAT Test Prep. Magoosh Best Overall books can be used by the students. GMAT Official Starter Kit Best Free Course can be conducted by the students. The exam will teach the students to become a better decision-maker and communicator. The books will teach the students to face the various pressures that they are going to face in the real business world. They will learn to persuade the high-level argumentations.       

Section-wise preparation tips for GMAT

Sections of GMAT include mathematics, verbal, integrated reasoning and the essay. Verbal Reasoning Section include 41 questions which include 75 minutes to 36 questions which can be completed in 65 questions. Thus, one needs to solve related questions as fast as possible.

The Quantitative Reasoning Section also needs to be solved within 62 minutes. The number of questions that one needs to solve The Quantitative Reasoning Sections. To solve the arithmetic and integrated reasoning questions during the exam, one needs a lot of time to invest on them to solve such problems. One needs to reduce the time one invests during the exam, so that they can solve more problems in less time accurately and score more.  

How is the GMAT score calculated?

The overall composite GMAT score is calculated based on the combination of the subscores from the subsections of the test like the GMAT Quantitative Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning sections. Each subscale has a distinct cutoff scoring system.  Each section on the scale  is Reported on a scale of 6-51 points. A composite score of the scale is graded on a scale of 200-800 points. GMAT being an adaptive test, the scores are not based on the number of questions being answered solely.

GMAT keeps giving harder questions as one proceeds with the questions on the question paper. Each section has a different score range for example, verbal and quantitative scores range from 6-51. Scores of students who score less than 6 or scores above 51 are very rare. Thus, generally students score within the range of 6-51. One can miss 15-21 hard questions if they cannot answer them. If such questions can be ignored, then focus can be kept on the rest of the questions.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can prepare for the GMAT on your own. Many students have successfully prepared for the GMAT without the help of a formal classroom or private tutor.

There are several resources available to help you prepare for the GMAT, including official GMAT study materials, practice tests, and online resources. The official GMAT website offers free study materials and practice tests, as well as paid resources such as the Official Guide for GMAT Review and the GMATPrep Exam Pack.

Additionally, there are many online GMAT preparation courses and study materials available. These courses typically offer video lessons, practice questions, and other resources to help you prepare for the exam.

To prepare for the GMAT on your own, you should create a study plan and stick to it. You should also take practice tests to gauge your progress and identify areas where you need to improve. With discipline and dedication, you can achieve a high score on the GMAT and gain admission to the business school of your choice.

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