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TOEFL Online Course

What is TOEFL Course?

You might need to take the TOEFL exam if you are an overseas student hoping to enrol in an institution in an English-speaking nation. The official name of the examination is the Test of English as a Foreign Language, or TOEFL. It evaluates your proficiency in speaking and understanding English by looking at your reading, speaking, listening, and writing skills in the language. The test is utilised by institutions to make sure students can move on and achieve on their chosen course in a nation where the curriculum is taught in English. All of these skills are ones you’ll need to complete your academic studies. 

The TOEFL test is often given online, however a paper-based version may be available if the testing facility lacks an internet connection. Over 27 million people worldwide have taken the TOEFL test to gauge their level of proficiency in English. Students who want to study abroad frequently take the test, as do scholarship applicants, people asking for visas to study or work abroad, and others learning English who want to measure their progress. You may find out if you need to take the TOEFL there, along with the minimal grade needed to apply for the course, so keep an eye out for them when researching requirements for university courses.

More than 130 countries’s educational institutions and governmental organisations take TOEFL results into account when evaluating applicants for certain jobs or courses. Some courses may demand a minimum TOEFL score for admission, allowing you to enrol in the course in addition to meeting the other requirements. Depending on the school and the course, the minimum score requirements can range from 61 to 100. 

What subjects include TOEFL online course?

The TOEFL online course consists of all four sections including reading, listening, speaking and writing. 

Why You Chose TOEFL Online Course?

The selection of TOEFL online course has its own range of advantages including:

  • Available worldwide: With testing offered in more than 200 nations and territories, the TOEFL iBT test is accessible practically anywhere in the world.
  • Accepted and Preferred Worldwide: Universities take notice and recognise your readiness for success when you choose the TOEFL iBT test to demonstrate your English ability. The TOEFL iBT test is the top English-language exam in the world for study, work, and immigration, and is recognised by more than 11,500 universities and institutions throughout the globe.

This means that the TOEFL test will be helpful wherever you decide to apply, and you won't have to worry about your language skills whether you participate in exchange programmes or switch colleges. Naturally, you should verify to make sure the institution you want to attend is not one of the rare ones that won't accept the test.

  1. Test your way: Select whether you want to take the TOEFL iBT test at home or a test centre. The option of the Paper Edition is now available in some nations. Choose the testing choice that best suits your needs by learning more about your possibilities.
  2. There is a lot of free learning material: There are several preparation tools available, some of which are free, due to the popularity of the test. You may find a tonne of exercises, books, videos, and online courses, including those provided by ETS, which administers the TOEFL, by simply conducting a quick Google search.
  3. The test has a detailed scale of assessment: This indicates that there are acceptable variants of the responses as well as right and wrong ones, in addition to context. For instance, because the speaking portion of the test is evaluated by three to four teachers rather than just one interviewer, it is evaluated more objectively. Another illustration is the continued use of multiple-choice questions, which raises your likelihood of choosing at least part of the correct responses. As a result, both students and universities view the TOEFL as a fair test.

How to Prepare for the TOEFL Exam Using Online Practice Resources?

Stress is nearly usually a part of taking the TOEFL. A particular score is required. For the test, you pay a lot of money. For months, you have been preparing. It could be a busy or noisy testing facility. Maybe you didn't get much rest the night before. None of these can be changed, but starting your TOEFL preparation early is one of the finest things you can do to lessen your stress on test day. 

What is the exam pattern of TOEFL?

Four sections—Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing—along with the overall score make up the TOEFL exam format for 2023. Candidates are always recommended to practise continuously, since the more TOEFL Sample Papers they practise, the better their results will be. The ETS, the organisation in charge of overseeing the TOEFL exam, determines the format of the test. The TOEFL test pattern was taken into consideration when creating all of the study materials. 

Results for the TOEFL will be published online six days following the test's start. The sum of the points for each of the four skill areas yields the overall score. In addition, candidates have the choice of up to four universities to transmit the score report to while registering for the TOEFL. ETS provides the official score reports to the universities the student has chosen as soon as the TOEFL results are made public. The new TOEFL Exam Pattern is available below for candidates to review.


Questions & Duration



Questions: 30-40

Duration: 54 to 72 minutes

Reading 3 or 4 passages and answering them


Questions: 28-38

Duration: 41 to 57 minutes

Listening to conversations, lectures, classroom discussions and answering questions based on them.

Break: 10 minutes


Questions: 4 tasks

Duration: 17 minutes

Candidates are asked to express their opinions on topic that are familiar to them based on tasks of listening and reading.


Questions: 2 tasks

Duration: 50 minutes

Candidates need to write essay responses.

Tips for higher score in TOEFL exam

The tips for higher score in TOEFL exam are as follows:

  • Become a good note taker
  • Take practice tests
  • Read every day
  • Listens to podcasts
  • Learn to touch type

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