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Know All About TOEFL Exam 2023

TOEFL measures English proficiency for foreign university enrollment.


What is TOEFL?

TOEFL or the “Test of English as a Foreign Language” is an effective standardized test that is usually used for measuring the ability to speak the English language and also helps in measuring the ability to write the language. This is necessary as this ensures the Enrolment of the students in different foreign universities.

The test is a standardized test and it has been accepted by approximately 11000 universities and has been accepted in more than 190 countries and has been accepted in a similar number of territories. It has been observed that the test is necessary to ensure that proper admission is being provided to the students through a fair trial. Understanding the English language speaking and writing ability of the students helps in improving the future career of the students and also helps the students in getting admission to different foreign universities. 

What is the TOEFL Full Form?

The full form of the TOEFL test is the “Test of English as a Foreign Language”. This is an effective standard test that is usually taken to understand the overall potential of students who are non-English speakers in speaking, reading, and understanding the English language. This helps in understanding the overall potential of the students that are non-English speakers in understanding the capabilities of the students. This helps in determining the potential of the students that have aimed to study in different foreign universities and have aimed to increase their overall potential of speaking the English language. 

Level of Exam

The level of the Exam is usually analyzed through reading capacity, overall listening capacity, speaking capacity, and the total writing capacity of each candidate. In order to determine maximum reading ability, different scores of advanced, high intermediate, intermediate, and below low intermediate are analyzed. 

The advanced score of reading ability ranges from 24-30. The high-intermediate score of reading ability ranges from 18-23. The low and below-low intermediate scores range from 4-17 and 0-3. The Listening ability can be analyzed through the advanced score of 22-30, and the high intermittent score of 17-21. The listening capability can be analyzed by the low intermediate score of 9-16 and the below-low intermediate score of 0-8.

The speaking ability can be analyzed by the advanced score of 25-30, the high intermediate score of 20-24, the low intermediate score of 16-19, the basic score of 10-15, and the below basic score of 0-9. The Writing ability can be analyzed by the advanced score of 24-30, the high intermediate score of 17-23, the low intermediate score of 13-16, the basic score of 7-12, and the below basic score of 0-6. 

What is Exam Pattern?

The exam pattern of TOEFL is sectioned into different sections such as reading, listening, discussion, and speaking. The reading exam is taken for 54-72 minutes and here the candidates are required to read different passages and are required to answer different questions. The second section is listening ability which has a time duration of 41-57 minutes. Here the candidates are required to answer different questions on different brief lectures that have been given in the classroom. After these two sessions, a 10-minute break time is provided to the candidates.

After this, the speaking ability of the students is measured. This test duration is approximately 17 minutes and here the candidates are required to explain a familiar topic through the help of materials that have been read and listened to by the candidate. The pattern of the exam has been kept in this way so that the ability of the students can be analyzed and this would help the students in understanding the requirements of foreign universities. 


The overall duration of the test is approximately 3 hours. However, it is advised that the candidates take 3.5 hours for the exam including 30 minutes of check-in time. This helps in ensuring that the candidates are being able to check in on time and are able to take the test properly. This also reduces the tension and stress among the candidates and helps them in cracking the exam.  

TOEFL ibt fee

Although the fee structure of the test varies, it can be stated that the overall fee structure of the test ranges from 180 dollars to 325 dollars. The fee includes the total registration fee for the examination, the total score report, and the four score reports that had initially been sent to the selected institution. 


As per the data found in 2023, the TOEFL fee in India varies among different examination centers and locations. Primarily the fee is 190 dollars or Rs. 14,242.11. This has been calculated by taking $1=74.96. Additionally, extra charges are required for other services such as late registration, reviewing of scores, and exam rescheduling. 

Score Range

The candidate receives a four-scaled section and also receives a total. Score range. The score range of each section ranges from 0-30. This helps in achieving a total score that ranges from 0-120.

TOEFL Test Centers

There are specific test centers for the examination and these are Council For American Education, Defence Colony New Delhi, and NIMT Information Centre. All the test centers are selected based on the chosen criteria of locations by the candidate. This helps to ensure that every candidate is being able to take part in the examination. 

TOEFL Helpline Number

The phone number of TOEFL is 1-609-771-7100

The Toll-free helpline number of TOEFL is 1-877-863-3546.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No specific academic qualifications criteria have been mentioned by ETS for the candidates in order to take part in the TOEFL examination. No specific eligibility criteria have been developed by the examination committee either.

However, it is important that the students that are preparing for the TOEFL examination must have passed the 10+2 examination from a well-recognized board of education. This is the most important and basic criterion for candidates to partake in the examination.

In order to pass the TOEFL examination, an individual must follow specific steps which would ensure that the individual are being able to understand the concept of the examination. The most basic criteria of the examination are to understand the format of the examination, to analyze the baseline score of the examination, to effectively calculate the total number of hours that should be invested for study etcetera.

Apart from this, students are also required to create an effective study plan and acquire high-quality educational resources which would help the students in learning and practicing the content. Moreover, the students are also required to evaluate their key strategies and should focus on their weaknesses.

It should be noted that the TOEFL examination can be given at infinite times however examination cannot be given in a consecutive two times within the time span of 12 days. After one test, an Individual must wait for 12 days to be eligible for another attempt.

The overall test requires 3 hours to complete. However, an additional 30 minutes is required for checking in.

A good TOEFL score stands in a range above 100 and the average score lies between 85-95.

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