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TOEFL Exam Registration 2023

Step-by-step guide for seamless TOEFL registration.

TOEFL Exam Registration

How to register for the TOEFL?

In order to register for the exam, art first, candidates are required to create an ETS account. After creating an account, they need to sign in to their account for the registration process. The date and location of the test need to be selected. In the subsequent sections, ID I formation needs to be filled out.

Then the Free Score Recipients Page is opened. On this page, the candidates can select up to four institutions that shall receive the TOEFL score of the test without any extra payment. From the search box, the desired institutions can be selected. After that, they have to agree to the Terms and conditions and proceed with the payment option. After the payment, the registration is complete.

How to Register for the TOEFL Online?

The steps for TOEFL online registration:

  • First, go to the ETS home page and select Test and Products.
  • Then select the language and click on Register for the test.
  • Select the registration online option.
  • The online registration form needs to be filled out and saved.
  • After that, the form of personal information needs to be filled
  • Then, choose the TOEFL test and select the session.
  • Finally, after reviewing the entire registration summary, proceed with the payment process.
  • A request for email confirmation can be done.

How to Register for the TOEFL Offline?

In order to register for TOEFL offline, it can be done by calling 91-124-4147700  to complete the registration steps. After the completion of the payment, the registration is done and participants receive their TOEFL registration number.

Applicants can also register in person by going to the official address in their locality and getting the registration done. Finally, it can also be done by sending a mail. A payment receipt needs to be attached with the mail to complete the process and get the registration number.

What is the Planning for TOEFL Registration?

Before planning for registering for TOEFL, participants must first select the date on which they are able to give the exam. Usually, multiple dates are available for TOEFL. Hence, they should register only after planning the date on which they can attempt. The candidates should also plan to prepare themselves for the exam.

Since it is a costly exam, it is often advised to prepare properly all the sections before sitting for the exam. All participants must be well prepared for the exam and have the motive to go study abroad before they plan to register for the TOEFL exam. The mode of registration, that is online or offline mode should also be decided beforehand. Based on that candidates can proceed with the registration process.

TOEFL Registration deadlines

The last date of registration is seven days before the TOEFL test. However, late registration is possible with an extra payment of 40 US dollars. It can be done two days before the test. In case candidates want to reschedule, they can do it four days before the test with an extra charge of 60 US dollars. Usually, it is asked to pick a test date and complete registration process at least two to three months from the chosen dates.

Your ID requirements

The general ID documents that are required for registering for TOEFL should be original documents and not photocopies of documents. It should be carried in hard copy since no mobile phone or electronic version of the ID is accepted. It should be a government-issued id which is a national, state, or province identity card.

This document should be recognized by the country where the candidate is a resident. The ID should not be expired. Valid documents are only accepted. On the ID, the full name of the candidate, date of birth, and a recognizable photograph of the candidate should be present. Finally, it should also include a signature which should match the present signature of the candidate.


The most convenient date and location should be decided to book the test. After completing the registration and payment process, the booking of the test is confirmed and confirmation is sent via the mail. It is advised not to change the dates after booking the test unless any emergency strives in.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Registration for the TOEFL test can be done by creating an account on the ETS website. After logging in with your user id and password, all the required data should be filled and then the payment should be made. After payment, the booking is considered and registration is confirmed. Candidates can request a confirmation mail that is sent via the email id provided during the registration process.

For applying for TOEFL 2023, the official website needs to be visited and an account should be created for each candidate. After creating the account, every student must register for the test by filling out the form which contains details like the place and time of the exam, personal details, agreeing to terms and conditions, and finally making the payment.

The amount for the TOEFL test varies for different countries IN India it is 180 US dollars, in Germany it is 245 US dollars and in the US it is 195 US dollars. Depending on the resident country of the candidate, they should make the payment and get confirmation booking of the test. In this process, the application of TOEFL ends.

The cost of TOEFL varies with country of resident:

Country of resident

Cost in US dollars

United States








South Korea


The maximum mark that can be obtained in the TOEFL exam is 120. There are four sections, reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Each section consists of 30 marks.

The TOEFL score is valid for two years after taking the test. After this time span, the score obtained expires and cannot be used for any admission purposes. The candidates have to give the exam again.

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