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TOEFL Scores & Results 2023

Learn about TOEFL iBT scoring and proficiency levels.

TOEFL Scores

What is your understanding of your TOEFL Ibt scores?

The candidate will receive a total score and four sealed section scores. The score in the section ranges from 0-30. On the other hand, the added score ranges from 0-120. There are four or five proficiency levels for each section. 4 skills are measured by the 4 sealed section scores. They are reading, listening, speaking, and writing.

4 levels of reading skill are advanced with a range of score 24-30, high intermediate with a score range 18-23, the score range 4-17 denotes the level low intermediate and 0-3 means the level below the low intermediate level of the reading skill. There are also 4 levels of listening skills. The advanced level of this skill is denoted by a score of 22-30, a score range of 17-21 refers high intermediate level of listening skill, a low intermediate level of the skill remains in the score range of 9-16 and a score range of 0-8 depicts the below low intermediate level of listening skill of the candidate.

To measure the speaking skill of the candidate, the advanced level is denoted by the score range of 25-30, the high intermediate is 20-24, the low intermediate is 16-19, basic 10-15, and below basic is denoted by the score range of 0-9. The writing skill of the candidate is evaluated by scores like advanced level of the skill is denoted by the range of 24-30, high intermediate has the score range of 17-23, low intermediate is 13-16, basic level is 7-12 and the score 0-6 defines the below the basic level of writing skill.

How is the test scored?

The TOEFL tests are not scored at the test centre, rather it is scored by the centralized scoring network. The writing and speaking sections are evaluated by the combination of both the AI scoring and various trained human raters. The outcome of the calculation is offering the appropriate and complete picture of the ability of the candidate. This mechanism of scoring decreases the rater bias that occurs with interviews face to face. The scoring system provides consistency and the highest quality scores to the candidates.

Who accepts home edition scores?

TOEFL Ibt Home Edition is the same as the TOEFL Ibt test that is taken at the test centre.  Therefore, the scores can be accepted and utilized in the same way. Approximately all the universities who accept the TOEFL score, recognize both the home edition score and the score that is achieved via giving the examination at the test centre equally. 

What is a good TOEFL score?

The average score that is good for the candidate is around 90 for study abroad. Anything that is above 100 is regarded as a good score for TOEFL.

What is a good score for graduate and professional programs?

A good score for the graduate and professional program falls in the range of 310-315 range which will assist the candidate to enroll in the grad school of preference of the candidate.  

What is a good TOEFL Ibt Score, according to ETS?

The TOEFL program and ETS do not establish any passing or failing. There are own standards of passing for individual institutions or organizations. 

TOEFL MyBest Scores and retaking the TOEFL?

MyBest scores show the best overall performance of the candidate that is based on the combination of the highest scores in each section from all the tests that were taken by the candidate within 2 years. The advantage of the TOEFL MyBest score is that the candidate can meet the requirement of the score for the institution. It can be met by taking fewer tests and meeting the goals sooner. MyBest score is accepted by various universities and institutions.

It is recommended that the candidates check the requirement of TOEFL score that differs with different universities. If the candidate takes the paper edition of the examination, then MyBest scores will comprise the scores from the paper edition tests. In this context, MyBest score will not include the scores from the tests that are taken from the test centre or in the home edition.

How does TOEFL scoring work?

For the TOEFL Ibt test, the score ranges from 0-30 for each of the 4 sections. The proficiency level of each of the skills assists the host to assess the skill of the test taker. Reading skills of a candidate in differentiated into advanced (score range 24-30), high intermediate (score range 18-23), and low intermediate (score range 4-17). Below low intermediate (score range 0-3). The proficiency level of the listening skill is categorized into advanced (22-30), high intermediate (17-21), low intermediate (score range 9-16)), and below low intermediate (0-8).

There are 5 levels of proficiency for the skill of speaking. Advanced (25-30), high intermediate (20-24), low intermediate (16-19), basic (10-15), and below basic (0-9) are the respective divisions of the skill. The writing skill of the candidate is evaluated by the test score of the candidate. The proficiency level of the skill is advanced (24-30), high intermediate (17-23), low intermediate (13-16), basic (7-12), and below basic (0-6). 

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Frequently Asked Questions

The typical TOEFL score is 90. It might be between 85 and 95. A TOEFL score of over 100 is regarded as good.

Many institutions need applicants to deliver a TOEFL score of 90 or 100 total points on the Ibt or on the PBT which is 580 or 600. Therefore, a score that is above 90 on the Ibt or a score that is above 580 on the PBT is considered a good score. Therefore, a TOEFL score of 650 is a pretty good score for the candidates.

The average TOEFL score is 50th percentile. It resembles the total score of 84 on the Ibt and the PBT, it is somewhere between 550 and 589. Therefore, it is considered that as a general rule, a score greater than 580 is a good score for the candidates in TOEFL. A TOEFL score of 500 is not a good score to secure a place in the top universities.

Yes, it is possible to score 105 in TOEFL and it needs a lot of hard work. Improving the skills the computer, learning how the questions work, building skills of memory, acing the essay, and learning time management will help the candidate to get the desired score.

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