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7 Effective Tips to Succeed in PTE Exam Preparation

The Pearson Test of English (PTE) exam is one of the major tests for students planning to study abroad. It is used to evaluate a student’s ability to listen, write, read, and speak English. The test was introduced in 1982 and was originally developed by the University of London. Presently, the test is recognized by 3000+ universities across countries like the UK, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.

The University of London developed the PTE General and PTE Young Learners in 1982. The Examination Board of the University later joined hands with the Business and Technological Council and was named Edexcel. Later in 2005, Pearson PLC took over Edexcel and presently is the only private examination body in the UK.

The test is of two types: PTE Academic and PTE General. The academic is for non-native English speakers willing to study in foreign countries. On the other hand, the PTE general is for people willing to work in a foreign land. The academic test lasts for two hours and is graded between 10 and 90. You will get the result within 48 hours of taking the test.

Let's gain more understanding of the PTE and how it helps students get admission to top universities abroad.

Understanding the PTE Exam

The PTE can seem tough. But if you are aware of the test format and have an idea about all the sections of PTE, things will seem easy. The two parts of PTE, academic and general, have unique aspects. The former is mainly for students willing to study abroad, while the latter is for the ones who are willing to work in foreign countries.

Let’s look at 7 tips to ace GRE: 

1. Know the Exam Format & Requirements

The first thing you need to know is the exam format and requirements. It is impossible to prepare for the test if you don’t know the sections of PTE. As mentioned earlier, PTE is divided into two parts, PTE Academic and PTE General. You have to be well-versed in both test formats.

There are a few countries that consider this score to grant you visas. So, to be on the safer side, know what is considered in both PTE academic and general tests. Let’s start with the PTE academic test format:

You will come across 20 questions when you sit for PTE academic. These are not restricted to multiple-choice questions. You will be asked to write essays to prove your writing skills. Here's how the PTE Academic test is divided:

  • section 1: Speaking and writing (54-67 minutes)
  • section 2: Reading (29-30 minutes)
  • section 3: Listening (30-43 minutes)

PTE tests your English proficiency from all aspects, and you need to learn all about the language before sitting for the test. 
PTE general is mainly for the ones applying to work in an international country. Here’s a look into the test format:

  • written section
  • verbal section

Look for the right study materials and start preparing if you are planning to pursue a career abroad.

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2. Develop Time Management Skills

Time management is the most crucial aspect of PTE. The time limit to complete the test is 3 hours. You have to attempt 70-80 questions in the test that will evaluate your English speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. It is not easy to answer 70-80 questions in three hours, and you must have good time management skills to crack the test.

The PTE scores depend on how well you analyze each section. So, it will take time to go through all the questions, understand, and respond to them. Hence, it becomes crucial to work on your time management skills. It is wise to work on the difficult questions first and keep the easy ones for last. That way, it will be easy for you to manage time and attempt all the questions. 

However, to achieve it, you need to practice a lot, understand the various questions and identify the sections that seem easy to you, and target them when you sit for the final exam. It is wise to check for practice papers online and work on them to enhance your time management skills. 

3. Enhance Your Language Skills

PTE is all about assessing your English proficiency. Hence, it is crucial to be well-versed in the English language to achieve the right score to get called by a popular university. It is not about honing writing skills; you also need to work on reading, speaking, and listening skills. You will be tested on all these areas in PTE. You can enhance your listening skills by watching American TV shows or news channels to understand their accents. 

The other two aspects - reading and speaking - need a lot of practice as well. While most students feel they are good English speakers, the reality is very different. You will fail to prove yourself in the test if you don’t work on these aspects. English speaking is not only about saying a few words; you must be able to communicate well in English to score well in PTE. Similarly, when you are asked to read a passage, you have to read and understand what is being conveyed.

So, to score well in PTE, practice reading and speaking at home. Stand in front of a mirror and practice speaking to improve your skill.  

4. Practice Regularly

There’s no alternative to practice. Now, when it comes to practice at home, you might not be able to evaluate yourself properly. Hence, it is highly recommended to look for study abroad consultancies and sit for mock tests. It will help you understand the loopholes and work on them before it’s too late.

That said it is equally crucial to practice regularly at home. The types of questions in PTE are tricky, and without a lot of practice, you will fail to crack the test. The test scores determine your admission to a global university. Hence, it is important to pay attention to the changes in PTE and work on practice papers regularly.

Practice papers are available on the internet. Look for the right websites and check the dates before working on them. It is wise to look for the latest question papers to gain a proper understanding of the question patterns and practice well for the final test. 

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5. Use Effective Study Strategies

It is important to plan how to study for the PTE exam. You have to make a plan and follow the same properly to put the nail in the coffin. Each section deserves special attention. So, if you are working on your writing skills, read books to enhance vocabulary, work on making short sentences, and pay close attention to punctuation. Also, you have to ensure all other parameters of writing are met to ace the test.

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You will come across various study materials that can help you with all these aspects. Now, divide your day and keep a dedicated time to work on each aspect. Don’t take watching web series very seriously and spend all your day browsing through Netflix and other OTT platforms. Instead, keep a fixed time to watch web series to improve your listening skills. 

Look for tongue twisters and practice them to improve your speaking skills. Don't get puzzled by so many things. Instead, relax and make a great plan to achieve your goals and confirm a seat at one of the prestigious universities abroad.

6. Familiarise Yourself with Test Strategies

It is important to be familiar with test strategies to ace a test like PTE. You have to score 75 or above to qualify for the exam. Hence, it is important to attempt the questions that can get you a 75+ score. It is recommended that you keep your answers simple and work on your vocabulary to ease through the process. Also, you must write in the correct sequence and keep the answers short. While there are no foolproof strategies to ace PTE, the ones mentioned above can take you closer to the goal. Candidates are also asked to understand their mistakes and work on them before it’s too late. You have to understand how each question is important and work on the practice papers properly.

There are many websites offering help with PTE; go through each of them properly before signing up for any of them. It is crucial to refer to correct study materials and learn all about all the sections of PTE to score well in the papers. 

7. Seek Professional Guidance and Support

You cannot qualify for PTE without the right support. Hence, it is important to look for the right help available on the internet. There are websites with years of experience that can help you overcome the odds and help you ace the papers. Professional guidance and support will help you understand your weak areas and help you work on them for better results. The websites arrange one-on-one sessions for students to help them overcome the odds. You can clarify all your doubts and pave your way to success once you seek professional guidance and support.

The professionals are well-versed in the various test strategies and can also help you plan things well to ease the process. It is wise to get help from the experts as PTE has a major role to play in the admission process. Adding on, the professionals can also help you choose the right courses and apply for visas. You will also understand if the college you are applying to is perfect for you or not. All colleges do not offer all the courses. Hence, it is essential to find the one that can help you secure your future.A PTE score can confirm your seat at one of the universities abroad. The exam tests a student’s ability to speak, read, write, and listen to English. With more than 3000 colleges accepting the PTE score, there's no way to deny its significance. Further, one needs to be well-versed in English to get admission to an international university.

To end,

However, there are many who do not pay heed to the details and fail to score well in PTE. The tips mentioned above can help you prepare for the test. But you have to follow each step religiously if you want to fulfill your dreams. From knowing the exam format to enhancing all your skills, you must look into all aspects to ace the exam. Invest time each day for your PTE preparations. Take the necessary help from professionals and be well-versed in aspects of PTE.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it easy to score 75+ in PTE?

Ans: It is not easy to score well in PTE. A 75 on the exam indicates that you are good at English. However, it is important to take into account the time you have to invest in preparing for the exam. PTE Academic is tough, and you have to work hard to achieve the score necessary to guarantee a seat in one of the finest universities.

2. How can I prepare for PTE at home?

Ans: Most students look for the best ways to prepare for PTE at home. You can do the same if you are well-versed in the PTE exam format. There’s no foolproof method to prepare for PTE at home other than practice. Practice speaking English at home, write all sorts of documents, and join English-speaking groups to prepare for PTE.

3. How to prepare for PTE in one month?

Ans: PTE Academic is tough, and you have to work on many things to ace the test. However, if you have one month to prepare, this is what you must do: 

  • Week 1 – Understand the exam pattern
  • Week 2 – Complete the entire official material
  • Week 3 – Revisit the difficult sections
  • Week 4 – Revise your notes

If you follow the above steps, it will be easy for you to overcome the challenges and score well in PTE. 

  • Kritika Sharma
  • June 26,2023
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